spezzanos cheap weeknight meals

Cast Iron Pizza

Homemade Pizza is like a blank canvas ready to paint! This week, Spezzano's cheap Weeknight Meals throws together the EASIEST way to make a Pizza Pie! Sausage and Fennel for something different! BayTowne Liquor and Wine pairs up a crazy Chianti!
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Easy Tortellini with Shrimp and Peas

Here's a real Easy Tortellini with Shrimp and Peas recipe video and a great wine suggestion you can cook with and finish-off with the meal! Special guest Chef Scott D. Spezzano from Char at the Strathallen! Spezzano's kid shows him up with mad skills! Watch for the pan flip!! Thanks for the help...
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Spezzano's Cheap Weeknight Meals: Wine Braised Chicken Chorizo

Wine Braised Chicken and Chorizo w/ Chick Peas! Another Cheap Weeknight Meal from Spezzano.This quick, delicious meal goes well with fall! Plus the pairing of wine from BayTowne Liquor and Wine not only goes with the meal, but it also goes IN IT TOO!!
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