I love to suport local. #ShoppingIRL (in real life) at the Rochester Malls not only supports local businesses and employees but it also is great bonding time with my daughters.  If you have a teenager, then I'm sure you completely understand the struggle.

I need to see, touch and feel what I buy before I buy it.  Plus, ShoppingIRL nowadays is more than just buying stuff, it's an experience.


Who needs to fly to Florida when you can vacation like this


How to create a beautiful tablescape that will "wow" your holiday guests


Peek at Gene London's History of Fashion the Hollywood Collection at Eastview Mall


"No Budget Challenge" - MY version of the videos that are going viral


The song you sing when the weather is gloomy and rainy


A day bonding with the kids #ShoppingIRL


Shout out to Sam at Old Navy and Enza, Ashley and Christiana at Justice 
Employees like them are the reason why I ❤️ #ShoppingIRL (in real life)


Our kids grow up too fast


Buzz listener Alyssa and I go Mother's Day Shopping