I love to suport local. #ShoppingIRL (in real life) at the Rochester Malls not only supports local businesses and employees but it also is great bonding time with my daughters.  If you have a teenager, then I'm sure you completely understand the struggle.

I need to see, touch and feel what I buy before I buy it.  Plus, ShoppingIRL nowadays is more than just buying stuff, it's an experience.


A day with my cute Italian mom


I think this is a Brilliant Back to School Shopping Challenge


The new #ShoppingIRL Dance Challenge


Who wore it best? Lord & Taylor personal stylist Denisse dresses Scott and me up for the charity event we're hosting (a complimentary service)


The moms who make the #ShoppingIRL experience so great


Personal shopper Cassidy shows us the Spring shoe trends


What’s the hot trends for Spring? We check in with Megan Young, personal shopper at Francesca’s


Getting ready for Spring #ShoppingIRL with Buzz listener Brenda and her brother JR


Who needs to fly to Florida when you can vacation like this


Peek at Gene London's History of Fashion the Hollywood Collection at Eastview Mall


"No Budget Challenge" - MY version of the videos that are going viral


The song you sing when the weather is gloomy and rainy


A day bonding with the kids #ShoppingIRL


Shout out to Sam at Old Navy and Enza, Ashley and Christiana at Justice 
Employees like them are the reason why I ❤️ #ShoppingIRL (in real life)


Our kids grow up too fast


Buzz listener Alyssa and I go Mother's Day Shopping