$even Figure$

A passion of mine is educating people about personal finance. I was extremely fortunate to be taught valuable lessons from a very young age. Spend wisely and save for the future. "Debt is not an option" is a phrase I often heard from my father Gaetano, who moved here from Italy at age 18 and vowed to make it on his own through hard work and perseverance.

No matter the age, or checking account balance there is always something to learn and that is why I started the $even Figure$ podcast/video series. My goal is to pass along the wisdom I got from my dad and to seek out the advice from other financially savvy people.

Family First Credit Union has been such a big supporter of the mission behind the podcast/video series.  They believe in financial education. The more I learn about them as a credit union and about the Family First "culture" the more and more I will sing their praises.  

They ARE looking out for your best interests. It's about you the member, and I appreciate that.


Family First 15 sec Financial Quick Tip: Most all financially savvy people do this


Family First 15 sec Financial Quick Tip


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