Carpool Conversations

The best conversations with the kids happens in the car.  And now that I got my new ride from IDE we are in the car all of the time! Our VW Atlas from IDE is mom AND kid approved!


I call it being friendly but my teenager on the other hand...


So fun to have buzz listener and Ide customer Debbie Peterson as our "Special Guest"


Carpool Conversations- Is 5th grade too young for this?


Carpool Conversations- I Can't Believe I Agreed To This


A car ride conversation I'm sure you've had with your teenager


Driving my first cool fast car with special guest Rich Ide and customer and Buzz listener John O'Neil


Telling your Italian Catholic mother you didn't give up something for Lent


The Latest Trends Don't Always Make Sense (to us parents)


Important Lessons About Men According To Grandma


Apparently I crossed the line when I reached for a stranger's baby


Is my daughter right? When I introduce myself to someone do I make them feel uncomfortable when I do this to them?


Now I know what word to use when my daughter gives me her "teen attitude"


Carpool Conversations: Outtakes


Am I wrong to refuse to just "give" my daughter a car when she's 16?


Trying to convince my kids that NO man looks good in cargo shorts


The "sales pitch" to get paid for doing chores


Anybody know what my kid is talking about??! I have no clue what she is asking for