California Closets

It's "trendy" now to purge and declutter.  I say Amen to that trend!  I have always been one to need everything neat and organized.  My mood changes when I walk into a room in my house that is in disarray.  Which, as you can imagine, is a bit of a challenge being a mom of 2 kids.  Yes, my girls are getting older but yet they still somehow don't mind to live in disorganized chaos.

My solution, to make everyone in the house happy is call in the "Organizational Experts" aka the design team at California Closets.  You know that I am a frugal mom who is always on a budget but I say YES California Closets is worth every penny.  I have tried countless times to add baskets, hang shelves in an effort to create more space but it just doesn't compare to what California Closets can do.  Since there are so many configurations and options, they can work around your budget.  Plus, it's all custom made locally with a high level of quality and detail. 

A life free of clutter improves your productivity, it's good for you mentally, physically and financially.  Because it IS all connected. 


Take a peek at Sara's California Closets


When life gets a little stressful...go to your calm place


Small closet makeover. You can get all the bells and whistles or keep it simple like I did.


Designer Denise shows us the endless California Closets options (to help fit your budget)


The transformation is incredible! Here's what my closet looks like now AFTER California Closets


Here is my BEFORE video of my closet


Attempting to purge my closets like Marie Kondo