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Hi, Sandy here… If you’re like me, money is one of the biggest topics in your household: how much to save, the best way to manage debt, how much to pay for college…and the list goes on! That’s why I'm interviewing some of the top financial thought leaders in Rochester each week looking for tips and advice for our listeners about the smartest ways to manage their money. If you have a topic you’d like us to cover, let me know by emailing [email protected]!

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Make Your Kid Rich with a Child IRA

Friday, May 25th
We hear it ALL THE TIME "Will Social Security go away?" Well, chances are it won't be the best financial security blanket for our kids. So, as a parent you can...

Easy ways to save money

Friday, May 4th
A few episodes back Financial Counselor at Family First Credit Union Jodi Arbogast was in to help us go through our budget and uncover how much we REALLY are...

How to Best Prepare for the Unexpected

Friday, April 27th
We all need to be prepared for the unexpected but "especially when it comes to women...statistically speaking 80% of us will die alone" But how? What do we...