You're Invited! Dreams from Drake Birthday Bash

Thursday, May 23rd

The mission of Dreams from Drake is to provide local children and teens with various forms of support needed to move forward while experiencing the confusion and grief associated with the loss of a sibling or parent. The foundation’s hope is to make an incredibly difficult and painful time somewhat more bearable by providing these children and their families with resources needed to ensure that they go on to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

Dreams from Drake focuses on the spirit of giving to and caring for others, and believes in the motto “sharing is caring” which was among Drake’s favorite things to say.

In the spirit of sharing, you're invited to Drake's Birthday Bash.

The Birthday Bash is designed to provide all families with the opportunity to enjoy a day of “togetherness” regardless of socio-economic background, and that is why the event is free and open to the public.

They understand how important it is to enjoy life and family time because they have experienced first hand how quickly this can change. This year’s Bash is the day after after Drake turns 11 in Heaven. Although he can’t be here to celebrate with us, it is incredibly important for us to celebrate his spirit and his love for parties, giving, being with friends and family, and doing fun things!

June 2 from 4-6pm at the Total Sports Experience.