You Too Can Be "The Next Millionaire Next Door" with Sarah Stanley Fallaw Ph.D.

Friday, April 26th

Our guest today is going to help you get millionaire status. Well, at least have a better understanding of how self-made millionaires got to where they are financially.

Their behaviors, the “rules” they follow, what their life is really like.

Dr Sarah Stanley Fallaw is an industrial psychologist, researcher, and president of DataPoints. She is continuing the research her dad Thomas J Stanly started back in 1996 when he published the bestselling book “The Millionaire Next Door”

Sarah has now co-authored the updated version “The Next Millionaire Next Door...Enduring Strategies for Building Wealth”

Get ready to soak in over 40 years of research of what it takes to achieve wealth.

A big thank you to Sarah for graciously giving her time to be part of our $even Figures Community.

Cheers to being a financially confident woman!