Working Moms Can Have It All- with Michele Liddle

Friday, August 9th

Michele Liddle joins the conversation today. She went from working a typical 9-5 gig selling electric motors to owning a National Brand. Her story reinforces the message that we often hear, successful entrepreneurs identify a problem or a need in the community and figure out a way to solve it.

And man, in just 3 short years she is kicking butt and definitely defining success!  Her company The Perfect Granola has grown tremendously and continues to expand.

We talk about her secret to the perfect sales pitch, how she built her brand, and how she finds work life balance.

Michele is a mama of 2 beautiful daughters (who you’ll be able to hear in the background of our interview. Adorable! :)

You will love Michele, her enthusiasm, passion and genuine personality will leave you motivated to put your ideas into motion and strive to be a working mom who has it all.

Cheers to being a financially confident woman!