Why is it so stinky in Perinton

Thursday, January 18th


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1752. Heinz. Is released to. Way before big. Contest that was a no I'd say nine the buzz 1000 or 17100. Tons. A day. Of garbage comes from New York City. Yeah yeah gray hair. I stayed put it at that landfill on her kids into some of that New York City pizza on those things ever vigilant yeah. Well is that sticky problem going on out parents in mass at an area because they giant high acres. 1000. Acre landfill that's now the size of that mountain. And Waste Management is that you know admit they manage his thing but there are a lot of problems for the residents. But one of their problems is that it's stink since they've been around for four months like nor more than it should so and bolt waste management and to people agree there's a big. Meeting like matured over 250 people showed up in that kind of thing who. Yeah horrible for those neighbors. Owens and all I gotta keep even imagine then the New York city's bench. The activist city itself smells bad and that's what they're garb. Up to the needs to sit there rat. And here's another from Waste Management talking about the garbage coming here in about 60% of the volume comes in here speed rail. And a one time it was a 100% truck if you wanna look at it we've taken thousands of truck trips off the road in the town preparing to an economist. All right makes sense right down you know all the extra stuff does to the earth but but again that was part of the deal that we would take that. He said I'm out of the audio we said back in the old days New York State used to have 202000. Don'ts. Number that term adult go go around I don't know about the country we go to the dump. And it just out there whose feet don't be distinct. And now in the landfill is more conscious way too you know. Put it back to the soil what it deteriorate in the put points in there and it's the ability you know when when everything breaks down in the earth releases gases in the they have. Machines that filter that in all of that they got it all figured out. But because there they don't have don't say anymore they decided to conglomerate all the dumps in the 27 regional landfills. And lucky us like yeah yeah I. So that it or Sam's Club but they're giving us the Q let us keep the landfill itself. Our parents ask spoke at the meeting the other night take a listen to what she said about her son and if school. His knees started absolutely elementary. The first. Experienced small. Acting school when and 15100. Children and yeah members. Not dear I'm yeah. School officials. Polluters we'll play outside I personally experience yeah KG. My Sunday. Terrorists is that was that parents concern is is not as. Kids don't really smells death and they donation and sell sick and they don't be don't care about this. Salad teenager. I was one below my herbal through late afternoon at a garbage Clayton little kids you walk into an elementary school classroom and you're like oh god. There's kids here. Is it dean jurists say see I don't think that's the concern that he. EC says series there's no indication that it's bad for sure of course they're gonna adolescent I live neared an end doctors at town I live near island down and have and down near the farm is is dairy farm. And all it was is and always distinct factory and hot summer. Like he's like thick air days. It would just smell like that there is part of the deal because we chose to live out in the country. So when I so I would say but you shouldn't move near a landfill if you don't want some of the possible. You know wind coming your way. Of the do you move Darian it's as bad and obviously you don't buy a house supports. It's now I must did not smell as bad as it does today. It was good to see the for sale sign and they smell and really this is this is it honey this is how to grasses all dead. Yes it was longer around with. Right breaking bad gas masks. Debate OK at the outing of that they ban the purchase OK so this doesn't give any smaller this landfill continues to get bigger so I don't know I'm just saying maybe should to move that close we didn't want smells. Like I never I don't know I mean I've ever seen one anyhow don't get used to some smells. Yeah. It weekends and I smell like a Ling and you look at Maryland. Really. Eat Frist both mentally and felony more once once will you now thanks sledding hill. Now we need most now Wisconsin priest is not Smart if it spills some. You know it's eloquently made it to wishers on. Him like that and carrots it's. When it's now I know what you're injuries thought thing it's mildly sauce. And that is a fantastic smile. Itemize. IRA Americans. My current address I bet that doctors wedding you know that you like robots. I grew up on one point brought right around the corner and I remember as a kid. I mean we used to build a bomb want to wait you had everything and and the thing is dump the net on the car batteries that is such a Arctic where you might think. I would I wouldn't let my kids. Women know there's a creek that goes on their articles and a lot and there's no way I would swim and they have power and want that so. Eating fish out of. But angry is there Harris permanently gel it's bad when Clinton couldn't. I mean. We don't know it is and we grew up almost Libya Bahrain. Doubt by. Yeah are you pleased who's calling from prison into the that the that the he does know how to show whether you spent support now all of us a couple of class. Thanks man. Okay Chris songs limit you to mourn and the guys. I. I used here. But only cut sure there are economic and get over asset and moreover and bolt are. On it. It around she got to say I asked Perry but aren't I hot day just like about the theory are. I won I won it urged to die out here equally funny thing I think it's progressively. Getting hurt. Yeah that's it and nobody buys her house and sizzle yeah I I. I'm not gonna Huntsman who got 17100. Tons of garbage coming from New York City every day sealed in containers and buried in the ground it's not getting smaller it's getting way bigger every day don't. No they haven't. What exactly that at any one airport. I don't even know about I came out and IQ. You know no cheap Arnold. And that's it. Realtor Dahlia case in the future yeah can album kids are going to be the stinky kids in school couldn't smelled and it adds it's eSATA I would like to elect a lot of it is money small so where diesels like money here. Sigh yeah it is also smells like. And fixing incidents more than I. Am today.