Who won the bet in the No Electronics Road Trip Challenge

Tuesday, July 10th

How long did Sandy's kids last with NO electronics on their 5 hour road trip?

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Morning said he nine abuzz since December and sandy so let him that we are all together and I was telling you and we had a soccer road trip in Lancaster. And I was going to challenge the chance I mean that I was going to I did it I challenged the kids know electronics let's have that good old fashioned conversation those fine road trip card get card games that we all played. Growing up. How long can they go without other electronics. By the way guys did not have any faith in my children. Will win a seat. Buffalo buffalo by bugs and at the buffalo. Out widget you and and the mall like 3 strange yes I am not sure which three series you. Know what you said. Not so that im almost immediately like not even joking probably. Before you hit a highway like 39 or four letter. Where you posted on other fees were paged. The dole revealed to them like. That's pretty funny because these drive. And here's and that that they didn't take me seriously at first as an acre this is what we're gonna do here is the goal all of our five hour road trip to Lancaster PA. We are not going to use our electronics. Can may just. Burst out laugh at credit I'd like. Okay right but okay crazy man you're seeing another year crazy things yeah I write non yeah irate. I'm serious. Serious give me electronics and let's see how far week can make. A further make it what's the what was the did you did you reset. The tripped. Him what does it and I down an hour on your car to see how long it would be. Where did you speak but before he left the driveway or did you time it by minutes. How neat it last in the exact. So. The local lasted longer one of undid your youngest lasted longer buy or no way by far he had no one definitely longer yet. Because once you're looking up to her sisters see what's cool look we Don and you know it's good competition two years is that your sister your older one is definitely. More soul shall mean you know we'd instant or whoever counts that she's Johnson she's topping our friends nonstop. The little ones this and while land she's apologies should I and the vigor she's playing the social. Actually a little girl like CNET banner on the world's loss not only that hurled bottles are countless and he's just skate forever I'm okay I didn't. Didn't get. I can't really electing lasted like yeah. We. We don't hold held within sight. Right our hotel is inside my nine year old. Tripped over the finish line and picked up her phone. Well let's see. Slime is gonna lay did you 100 boxers want. Now I really wasn't but I'm saying it to make them feel guilty. I. And the fourteen year old Leah colonies you lest you be out by next day. Pretty funny had to buy this morning. Good morning I guess I did ask if they can't eat at a that I chronic at all. She used an electronic device to record her children reaction to the news that no electronic. Why would he separate track. It's only my husband and he sends him. Out there. Yeah. Gary. Hart I want to point out. I'm. Based on the don't listen to Putin's museums in your morning.