What is your Money Personality Type

Friday, August 4th

Uncovering your Money Archetype will help you achieve great financial success.
This week we cash in with expert Money Coach and Partner at Boylan Code LLP Lisa Powers
Lisa is an award-winning wealth strategist and business mentor helping entrepreneurs transform their mindset to achieve real prosperity.



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What drugs wells and sometimes is not your lack of talent or your capability. But limiting unconscious believes that sabotage your financial growth. What is this psychology behind it now. We all have the money personality type there are paid that. And quite often we can now move forward until we uncover which what we are so out today. We're going to determine your financial personality Tak 87 figures I'm your host the CD letters thank you so much to all of you for sending such kind emails about this podcast and how with helping you achieve your Y here and get financial goal I'm glad it's working for you and thank you to our friends at Jimmy first credit union for they're supports. How full educated team in our community that enjoys helping you live a financially healthy life okay so let's get to let what is your relationship with money how often do you think about it that day. What is your money archetype. We cache like they're actress Lisa powers elder line. Tax planning by training who went into personal finance and money coaching to help her clients. Achieve their goals she is the only business coach in Rochester or who is a partner in Iraq just a law firm. Boylan code Lisa I think you so much for joining us how things are hating me sandy. Approach from the psychology. Behind Manny if we feel like we're stuck stuck in a financial rotten we're not seeing the financial growth. That we want to what's the first. I think the starting point is understanding what to write this year I can't. You know you and I he has talked and I asked you to actually take an assessment data give T in my private clients when I'm working with them. Because too often in business and even in your personal life and this plays out for everyone I think it's not unique to business owners are business leaders. We're told to do things that we don't have any connection to what. Should be happening so we need to understand what drives us in order to have an appropriate response. We all are imprinted by experiences growing up and sometimes it's something really traumatic sometimes it's. It's and being a major you know you watch your parents go through divorce and the finance this fall apart jammed. That obviously has huge effect on people not just in the realm of money. I am I use money is a lands for how we look at things. By it you know it could be some theme that you don't think it is necessarily. Being in my any experience or a money decision but years later it well kind of surface forty. So in me just to be having a parent who said over and over again and we can't afford that no we're not getting that. And it and it wasn't necessarily. When I talk to adults that they couldn't afford it but it was a choice and so in the air mind they were told all the time no there's not enough there's never going to be enough and so. It's sort of permeates in becomes part of your personality and you can become someone who looks as though. The glasses always half and to move. So as a parent. We have to be more selective with how we talk about money we have to remember that it is laying out the framework for how our kids are going to. View money in the future of their relationship with money. Okay. Now let's talk about this money tests that you gave me that determines your money personality type. Mean this tester really is thought provoking it forces you to be self aware and be honest with your answers in think you've. Because you work. There eat personality type so packed. So we look at your top three personalities and then we look at the when it keeps you man laughs. What we found out about a year is that you are eat wonderful save for your top personalities but we colony Kenya later or they nickname for that is in her banker so you're spot on you know it's happening with your finances you probably could tell me the balances and we'll let me ask you. Probably could tell me the Alley to think that you know exactly what you lowing your mortgage if you know anything here chances are you may not all on your mortgage is so good eating. But it's out Deirdre and I'll be honest with you I don't wanna get to a point where Canucks forward. It takes to breaks my car or whatever maybe people who worry union leaders tend not to just have one place teeming heavier means savings. Yeah but I read gas you've had at least one if not to emergency stash is somewhere that perhaps years past doesn't even know it. There is money. That I set aside aimed at the minute and move it over. I pretend doesn't exacts. His head and for people who are not. It simulators that just doesn't even exist so if you're someone who is say a celebrity personality type. UTV. Extreme derive satisfaction out of buying expensive things you get pleasure just in the shopping. And I would gas it I said to you here it's gonna shopping spree with started having heart palpitations via I could have been okay but before kids I did an I don't think as much I think it's the fear of providing for them making sure that I do I do get anxious anytime I have to spend money that's where can start to hurt you because it shouldn't. You know there's there's a healthy focus where you're aware and you're paying attention and you're making sure that you do. And you know again nothing disclaimer I'm not financial planner. But obviously. You want to BC be I wanna be making sure that you've got your emergency fund and if you can bring for the kids for education. And retirement by. There's a healthy balance where you can see you know we are gene could top we are pretty where we're supposed to. It really is a KFC just I'd be running out to dinner it's not break the bank. Not as terrorists and this debt spiral you are doing every opinion that you can let element of the other top two for you or personalities called the ruler. In maverick. Have ideas that we've got to average in your sanity just let it really. Calm. But a ruler type personality. Is driven by trying to sneak seen this really great for everyone around them. If you're in and ownership and leadership position you're trying to make things better for your team you want things to work easily. You're so driven. To perform. If you combine that with the fear that you may have about spending. You can really set yourself up for exhaustion. And and health related issues because you're so driven to make sure war. And there's a pretty either as always worried that there's never enough ask who your top three are worried that there's never going to be an. They're coming your clients are like that. A lot because entrepreneurs do you tend to be incredibly trip in people's eye acie ruler a lot in the top three. E-business owners that I work. Okay. But again. There's no greater rock. Dance where let me see the top three through. You are very focused I'm making sure your CV and being frugal in making Smart choices I mean you're never going to purchase something. This extravagant on a whim that's just not in. In my husband now converting him now. I'm pulling him to the dark side who also let me ask you this is he's coming your private life who loves to play. Eight is he is he selling helix lounge has to make you laugh and lane and payment. Yeah asks our backgrounds are completely different and I begin a lot of relationships they probably are right. This parents probably struggling to make ends meet he pretty much moved out and is known and made it on his. Where I grew up in a very structured environment I some idea to work you know Kodak like every other person in Rochester save save save discipline and then we Matt. They the next week I guess we're trying to find a happy medium. Right that's where it's a good balance because you're always going to bring that had sat to whatever decision to your making together that. Okay well I've examined all the options. This is okay. He is and in the help being inject a little bit levity and fine in your life. Because when you've Caroline accumulate you Khamese serious. Content so. Worries if you take that extreme can really suck all the joy out of your life. I'm calling me not on no matter. It it's so here's the editing immediate task that your third richest man except the mavericks' late to be a little bit difference in the mavericks don't mind standing out from the patent. Your personality beyond who you are mavericks have a lot of tenacity when it comes to generating income. So no matter what your Dowayne. You have an inner talent for creating and so you never have to worry. It it won't be there. Without a doubt. That's reassuring but when there are opportunities I find myself doing this I don't ask for compensation. As often as I shed and I wonder is that an issue a lot of other women struggle with I hate to generalize that yeah. Yes I definitely see that up and again and I think part of that is conditioning. Moving part of it is just hard wired now you've. Told me before you've cramped they're really traditional feel we've write their expectations. And as a life as a mom I know my take here people. So it needs to be time just can take here you often take dead into the workplace to apps currently. I'm so so where do you draw the line or how do you ask for the compensation you deserve. Once you are aware and recchi and I youth. What's striking you know yeah. It is a challenge if you're not used to asking and I didn't you don't. And I'll share and recovering people pleaser a this isn't easy. But bring you can look at what you bring to the table knowing that you're providing value and no it's not about ego it really is. Look at all the things that I'm doing via. And so let me flip that Al if you. Needed to ask. Because it mattered to year ambling. Or you are trying to help out someone else which you have trouble and now it's so don't view deserves the same kind of treatment that you give other people. Gas since she champion yourself as Arianna do this yeah. Yes you're right we have to value ourselves yes more. An essay your assessment does it just opens your eyes of these little weak points with an analyst. I wanna highlight your strength okay because you have amazing strength. And then it's calling awareness to your challenges so that you can start to diminish them. Can you go full word without. Recognizing what year weaknesses are because you and I were talking that when you know that you need to take control of your finances would you do your first you know seek out YouTube video or I applaud price. Exactly. But can you even in reap the benefits of what you're learning if you don't know exactly where you stand. Think you can in the short term that the reality is you having green we are having green patterns yes and if you're not aware of what's going on. It's just like with anything that you're trying to change you try and starting new habit but if you don't address the underlying cause of what the problem ones. Or what the limitation was your gonna slip back into old habits. Probably pretty quickly getting this awareness. Is really the starting point. Because otherwise you're just trying to. You know for sure south into a framework it doesn't ants in my opinion. You know with me being an underlie attorney in tax tourney are individuals and folks I Gatti into. Eat money aspect in doing the pushing around it. Because clients were continually coming in to Simi or legal advice and enough filing any of it and then he'd come back in the worst situation. 69 months later. And say how can we knew each of us but to do that we just didn't do acts for whatever reason and then we can have to start over and I'm so happy I often times one of many of them asked how daunting it's overwhelming it gets it's uncomfortable. So here in a simulator like beam where here is constantly worry wart about oats will I be OK financially. It's it's letting yourself flips that and say. In the past it was worry bore now wages and I'm very focused. And very good at managing my money so I can breathe a little fat and I actually can't have fun. Would you are you an accumulate. And accumulate. Yeah I I'm maverick. And Africa Patrick a ruler and you know and Ayman nurture. Thanks take care. We're cheap points aipac says questions you can ask him and it determined face you're so if you're someone who really he acts. There a sense of satisfaction. Of taking care of other people you feel good when you've done something for someone. It doesn't necessarily have to be a recognition piece you know you've done since he's filled gotten. You can't say now when someone asks you to do something then it's it's almost like a shot in your eat Al. They want me to help them OK I have to see. So for people who are nurture is if it's taking the extreme you can completely burn yourself out because you're constantly saying yes every line and anything around issue. That asks for yeah and you don't do and a teacher. At a pleaser. It before he's an accountant and not the man can't find this to ferret care. You know these categories. Are for our people are not just for women in just ten to work with women and but it definitely where patent. They have some of these same issues women however though who are nurtures in their top personality. Pieces can really. They're the ones in late last she does everything and she's used to family that sometimes and managed to know when it's. This is kind of patented just hurts to think yeah the end of their rope and you Carter and bad Mehmet and the mask fell off and she just snapped. Al. He is so that was something I really had to work. Honey work and that. Learning to think yeah. OK you know in Manger really prioritize and say you know what yes I care and I wanna help that you don't necessarily need to be the one it has. It's okay share responsibilities. I had to elect Al I have an amazing has spent his of idealism dad and I definitely was such a control freak that nurtured I have to be the when he does. Speaking from really good dinner get so you really can't go to wegmans due to grocery shopping it it Italian that I uniquely ha. With it in proceeded as a weakness if you did it. Oh asking for help all night you can't ask for help Europe helped her. Okay yeah. Yeah so that's one personalities straight and then the solution is to prioritize. Who's did you prioritize recognize that you're not being selfish and you actually. Goes to. Exercise or take a class or do some damage is not all of our struggle and that's what they you don't have to have that in your top three. But it's definitely something yeah is pretty common with people. You know summoned some of the others if beyond reach out and you know people heard me it's and I mean romantic in a levee daddy I mean romantic is in. They are all about themselves and it's all about these themselves the energy and do I enjoy it if if I do then I'll. To those people can be who rates. You know that they can be. Completely out of control his finances because it's all about living in the moment in his that's fine and learn how worried about tomorrow. So it's nice that they can be super optimists stack. Now they're not afraid they're now worried about saving for retirement has. Even think very tight in the coming generation they're kind of like that so do you see more romantic. Types coming and am. And definitely coming into the business world so you know when he things that this assessment is useful for is helping figure out who should be on the team. You know through romantics because you're so good about experiences this fabulous and say health. It's their person you wanna be around it's not being an effect meaning Diaz and you know they're the one that if you say. Let's hop in the car and definitely an exit she went. I can I yeah so so there really wonderful things about impulse of us. But he needs to be tempered okay times sometimes it really is. You can't live life to the fullest without necessarily bankrupt yourself I and I know you've talked about. It yeah. And hold them back is the solution for the romantic. Getting some getting awareness and some control okay like eight. You know you that you you going shopping street instead of bringing the credit card meaty takes some action. Here's how much I am today to go on a shopping yet as to think. You know there's so much happier in my hunger walk into this story that's a dirty word to anyone who's a romantic. I don't yeah analyzing our yeah. CEO like that's an idea where they often use okay Terry Manning didn't slam the door and make things like me you are. So with another eight prisoners. The detectives. I know there when he is an alchemist s.'s the inner idea in my change the world and someone like that cares so deeply and they kick you know you hear me think of our yes. That's the Dave. If winner earning money they'll typically make it an unconventional ways you you off him that and an optimist and a traditional nine to five job. Unless perhaps it's with the not for profit. So that they're able skewed. T something now course in general eyes I. I alchemist are another personality trait that if it's when your big drivers. You. Don't have any good connotations for the most part about money out and the thought of focusing on money. Well. I don't whine be greedy person and I'm not took the stand any kind of helping people. You can have a healthy relationship with many that doesn't involve being greedy or you don't whining. And Ruth. Does it make you materialistic. Hugh focused on making sure the pets savings through when you can no longer work yeah I so it's just again bringing that. Indian and helping heal their relations. And then was and one Muncie GAAP. Connector oh connector so connectors. These are people that you love to meet when you're out network here here cocktail party it percent net instantly. Test form some sort of action T eight. And you feel like you've known him for years and again my actors are focused on relationships. Don't. Maybe they think it's dirty maybe they just don't care there another personality type that is really no worry too much about tomorrow. I'm ninth inning taking Kara but if you have connector really driving you. You may find yourself being in a position or someone else is calling the shots with money. Immediate comfort thing where if you're your relationship the other person always makes the decisions he'd have to worry about it. But if that's taken to the extreme and be alien so he would attend a percent easily gives up back control group. And you might lean right it took an MB there's probably need the most amount of work. Now it really is began adjusts. Raising awareness and it's. And working on the things they acts helped them. So for example it connectors are tend to be really resilient people you know they can bounce around in different situations and find a couple of so none of these are inherently weak and I am more inherently strong okay. You know it's just the companies. In UN what you plate. We talk a lot about celebrity. Knowing mentioned celebrities are financed celebrities can be a lot like romantic. Celebrities off and are the type of people that. You notice them when they walk in there now remain to be pretty pursued the celebrities the one holes all the attention to. Yeah are gonna watch and Daryn back in would be in and muted. Raid in straight suits I OK there need be and designer ever thinks rest sparkly high heels designer bag. Police and I think it's celebrities feeling leaned. Yet it's I can't glitter on it you know in my daughter is younger she loved and Starr at the moment everything is coated in letters yes they were so worried Eric Rivera. I think it is just the aids. But it's back and thinks that celebrities linked to the beach beavis and attention. She's fabulous because they are also really good in business settings where you can create good experience for your clients know. New usually wonderfully marketing. They know how to bring client management time and make sure that they are actually taking care app there's a little bit of nurtured there. By that tendency to buy without thinking against them in fact and not for problems in the future. They're they're really amazing positives with. Every person now we act and it's just figuring out and he shouldn't try to have an equal blend of all of a man. I really just focusing on the strength and then trying to kind of DM and then as challenges NASA like we talked about the cumulatively. Lack of trust it's. Now knowing that you can trust yourself enough you'll make good decisions you're not going to be taken an easily. Yes you are. Accumulate as do tend to be much are now. I need you more celebrity now we go by simply. Can big lover anyway you might laugh at stunned the lender to miss it was. They see it maybe and again when it's your last allow his personality take usually that's a part of you that you kind of want it Q. Either intentionally decide owner something's happened on the way. Celebrities left in me and that at one point when you were younger you tried to take center stage in some when he nearly thank you. Do you think you Martin on middle child so I think all middle children say you've been great Garrett gets rid Ted said. We you're often overlooked. So maybe that's where comes. Yeah. And they do think that probably isn't. It it really it's it's such as fascinating tool for me because I do think. When people answer the questions honestly it's really good week I its key pieces AM and then when she now it's up TU what you do with. Married now it's time for the ROY return on investment what would you say is the one big takeaways from today. Learn what you drivers are seen completing your strength and in its challenges. You need anymore information are few and a work one on one with Lisa was the best way to get a hold our best bait is to either call me at boiling coat. The sun amber yeah so. You game coming up failing had 5852325300. Or if you prefer primary Linkedin profile is easy. No I mean who will generally be on the snow ice and trees on Linkedin kindly sent them handlers. Meaning he's being so. As we mentioned it today a lot of us struggle with being too much evade people pleaser going above and beyond putting in extra time and that always asking for the proper compensation cell. Since it's close to home for so many of us next week we're gonna bring in Melissa Campos had Dale Carnegie master. How would to be better after promoting yourself how to outshine every other employee Ab work and what do you do when a team member isn't pulling their weight how to complain. The right way. Next week and seven figures she thinks are good friends and family first credit you for your support to an if you ever have any personal finance questions or suggestions for topics. Reach out to me on Twitter at seven figures can't or email me CD ever Rochester best I've got a taxi next week.