What Time is Nighttime

Tuesday, September 11th

What time is nighttime?

5pm? 6pm? When the sun goes down?

Who will win the debate?

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So many negative buzz didn't see any. My place tonight at eight. True modern assembly debate last night. And that's that the keyword. And activate the debate is the word night. When is it officially night. She says after 6 o'clock. Missiles and I I know it is somebody who really we couldn't we couldn't decider dirty you agree. That I say be they say icing night is. When the officials sunset happens. So Nate changes. In the summertime. Now. 5 o'clock. Are you doing though. Evening is back when you say. My gosh it can't leave its. Like a clock at night what time what's the what's the earliest time you'd use that race. You would say I got at 4 o'clock at night now 5 o'clock yes but it's a bit to eat it it's evening and he's going to be some of the race not the little roll sunset now that I can you Iger right and I. Five. As she says six. Close enough for team jail because it's like that's like that's when the news is dynamite okay then that's at 10 o'clock news is yeah I know it's I mean if Obama will blow really at the national news is at 630 so wouldn't that be when night is. She's a well no I think it's still 6 o'clock this filing our lives based and David mere era. He in this skinny ties to the Internet and a step up and not. That I have a clock is definitely. UIE kids just say when the sun sets it's like. And there's no different so you by the way where's you know like defined. Anything in your life no defined opinion is no defined that is defined. Death and then those assets and. And that's. Actually nightly news that night until the song goes up. So yeah alarm clock who added that you don't hear alarm clock for wet AM PM when the sun goes down. It's not an option Kenny just AM or PM yeah but OK so when he's day. It's morning afternoon night best of those the phrases used pots 11 o'clock in the morning what are you doing to lunch or you say holy crap at 2 o'clock in the afternoon to get out. Sounded old do something or you say it's 5 o'clock at night those of the three windows. Us rush hour seriously get a break it down adjust to morning and night like he wants to do with and you just do what you would set the alarm far. If it's 6 o'clock woody in a set at 4 AM or PM. PM okay night PM means afternoon. It's prime Scott's. In his age she still he's in the sun I outsold its okay not. I'm still gonna win the stars John. I you know independent power on nine that you're going to kind that are at. They are Italy and you're telling your friends. After it hurt at that clock you don't bite out are you being at 7 o'clock. In the evening. Larry and I caught in the afternoon. Afternoon sounds weird when you say 77 afternoon. All have an. It's seven in the afternoon because that darkness night well anything's after an afternoon Andrea it's true but it doesn't feel right. You think solicit the guy. OK I'd advise him go ahead. Legally defined in the New York State is about thirty minutes before sunrise it's thirty minutes after response bad. Linda legally deaf and this. The definition midnight it is thirty minutes after sunset or thirty minutes before regret that would be officially nineteen net written right here. Are a bit our country am I trust those in high. Tired they hire lawyers in a New York State to define this stupid to be the protections of the light out in the North Carolina today. And and I don't want it not a good idea that you do things than. You do.