What they're teaching in babysitting class

Friday, July 13th

This is how much you should be paying your babysitter

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99 about six joining us you keep us employed I'm sorry for calling you a jerk. Pesos from say that Italy they didn't hear you would you say the only and one half of that and his sense of acknowledgment apology. Good evening I'm not yeah you know once I. They live and learn Kanye we live in the. We just if you missed there were a good judgment zone pursue any center Arthur port soon to be fourteen year old to be babysitting course. Through the community center. They did not realize how old. Late in the game I was to do such a thing. Greg these tags and her mom she let it affect every and that it's probably did he would start yet yesterday by this is all yesterday. They get into an expert on her that it. It's miserable almost fourteen. Like you don't teenagers and arm loans. I'm in a room with 410 year olds without hack Annika and easily the oldest one here and it. They extension. So she took it in that stuff losers is more than one this is to be one and done. Not just won a case you get this pamphlet spoke with. Dumb I mean fifteen pages. She's I would Neiman thing to teach them some of the list. But MP eleven I don't something happened in class it. What was the one question okay what if it's not working out and you wanna core. You're quick your babysitting gig yeah like there's all these things that you know. Tell them scenarios of what you should do in this scenario so this is one of the scenarios I guess was brought up in class and what if it's not working out and you wanna quit. And. Normally I'd say. Don't quit put the work in in giving your all and in all encouraging stuff but I've a feeling that she was taught to quit because. The parent or the customer doesn't want a baby sitter for their kids who doesn't want to be there. All I agree I I just feel like at the end of the thing. At the end of babysitting. Missing he can you. You okay can you do next to staying you have to say you have to teacher to say and I'm. I really feel like I can't. Babysit anymore. For you're Angel and I need to I need to I'll try to find someone else for it and I can't do it. Hi baby sat for a family. And the kids will her. Re easy and meanness these are some talented I love kids and I'm always loved kids. And I told my mom ma I want it quick and she's for your not equating. Leave them on an alerts you're not quitting. Kids they're fine. And then need to be sympathetic to my stress is about. Isn't allowed to cry really. Study answered to the question aliens I am out of now this is what it's as would she go out and her notes are pretty good. And what if it's not working out and you want a quack. Kiki do you love me are you writing and say you never ever leave from the as I mean yeah I've. Keeping your loved me a conflict Wednesday. Those the lyrics to the new. Most spiral to break some. How. I checked out on page eleven. I mean you. Steven did you come right here ouster he. So what's happening on social media mostly into the camera now I think it was Sierra member. And I'll once you step that girl in common. If this he. Did a video dance to that song and now everybody cancels the media's copying that video it's like. The flaws Harlem shake or the flaws spangler sticky antiviral. And in the newest viral stance is that of a teenager you've probably seen. Insider I think. Saw where I guess his weaknesses and you apparent when you go to babysit him. Okay how much. This I was lower it to how much you should charmed me she. All in what they're telling the kids to charge per babies saying oh I was like while all who really he asked me. It's official how much to charger babysitting or courting the babysitting course any starter chuck. Are you paying your baby sitter watch you should be good. And how outfit I need this these people at epic train innings babysitting training to negotiate my contract because again. Good. Teaching these kids what to charge K gas went eight bald. In mesa do that except any less fallen holds the minimum wage according to them this is an hourly rate group. Mike. And scared to ask. Ten bucks an hour but minimally ultimately just like ten something so I'd say eleven dollars an hour. Fifteen an hour. Let's say it's a fifteen critics and yesterday is babysitting. For a they said. You should charge. Fifteen dollars and hope my god but do not except. Less than a lap while. Lesson you both are. Currently legal to work for less and one so yeah baby sitting when I was babysitting I absolutely worked. Less than minimum wage because it's under the table money that's the explanation that parents who give me charged minimum way did you when you. I never Davies that you've got that kind of amusing talking to you guys it was pretty good I'm looking at a list can pass on facing I. Did. Oxen our. And this is the best party keeps even better. Holiday. Letters holiday Pei yeah it's how. You look at what holiday. We get holiday do our whole wall we get time off but this holiday pay a much. And the kids in that in the class relate but we would never work on Christmas or anything and the teacher was like well. Valentine's Day is that as a holiday for grownups in the growth Alexander senate if you're asked. Debate sit on holidays like Valentine's Day. You ask for her. Rommel. Bergen all adequate MB babysitters flat when he boxed in our that's our than I make here that's the one kid by the way. I increase it by yeah well it is by two dollars per it and cast of three kids would be like 26 dollars an hour. Holy crap replica that's what I make here of how well. And days. Supports. 46 dollars an hour for three kids. So one dinner date just going out CD not even including a movie probably Daryn back with C four hours and you know. Let's hear the only candidate Lula downtown for hours. You're looking at a hundred bucks to her baby sitter yeah. Months baby sitter hundred bucks dinner. I'm glad I. Oh no let me charge just be really bad books to not just like the teacher said. It stayed firm on your price. Going home his mind god in seen. Holiday hey baby. A protocol to do to Dubai as tiger ahead. I'm telling you and making edit the hair pretty cool I Wear red. Our team three Euro a good learned like eight I eighty I I may lead lap and added an hour. After Gerald silence he had fifteen an hour add to per kid right. So. Thirteen times to set an extra 26 in our C should be making 3041. Dollars an hour. Yeah. I am I sitting course. Believe that they are telling them that he added an hour it's. Unreal I meeting. Quite when I hit Bartlett now we're a nice. Per night right he would do by our just skimmed toy box yeah that's an hourly pay it. Did they say that I'm buying it attacked my and they pay I need array. That's an income apostles. I. I agree with me you are right thank you.