What this millennial is doing to already achieve financial freedom

Friday, June 15th

Can you honestly say that you are your kid's Financial role model?

If not, that's ok. We found someone who they can emulate.

Meet 23 year old Elizabeth who already is on her way to financial independence

What is she doing that your kid (and even you yourself) can do to get rid of the money stress in your life?

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When you origins as they you are there Romano why it makes you feel bad Greg and I aimed doings of the brightens. But winning to being their financial role model. Kenya live up to that title it is seven figures I insanity but there is each week we tap into financially savvy people and learn from that. While the way with little nuggets of financial knowledge that weakened put into action. And feel better about her financial future so we can be better role models for our kids. Think you to our sponsor family first credit union when it comes to financial education and learning and learning go hand in hand and family first is here to help you in the greater Rochester community. We've got good people over there OKT Gaby passion with Elizabeth thanks to send our lady of mercy high school graduate just recently graduated from Isabella Graham Hart school of practical nursing and I know you're thinking. She seems Julia. What is she didn't teach me about finances. I'm telling you she is the person you hope your kids well I mean like Elizabeth thank you for being on the podcast. Think you know and I think he can tell us a little bit about yourself and then millennia of I'm 23 years old just got my ELP and elections licensed practical nurse. Sell and I Josh got my third job. At Monroe community hospital and started to enhance three months ago. I think it's pretty accurate to say that your take on finance says your perspective on money is a little bit unique for somebody your rates. I knew the truth they Irish. Will move to go to our 401K. ET put a link to your savings you have to look at. Everything objectively is this where you know. Our work it took an honest dollar of their fingers as to start that saint started when you're young you know. When you first get that job. Immediately start at retirement account plane fifteen per sat and you're not gonna miss the 15% in your first paycheck. If you're right there's you know you've never seem at this goes in mid air moving in that building and every paycheck you that. You know that balance that and that rule you know the interest to get on top and it's Harry balloting. And you don't even guys missing because you've never slow. Your relationship with money really starts from your childhood right the environment you grow up and you either love money your hate money based on how your parents managed their money and talked about money so when your house what was it like. Well I don't break. Most children and I never gotten our last month and up and kind hero income from that mutual ours where aches back. I am contributing to the house alone you know. And being fat and being that kind saying you know. You show me half here ask your parents paid EU must pay money. If my kid for you frustrated by that thing on your friends know not really okay. He has I also understand he can't always get what you were written. That's that's why are things that recognize them you know. A lot in my generation tackled we can own the world you know it's our sprint taking go out and get it. It we really look you know sacrifice have to be made and we can't get everything he. You want that contrast that's how 35 bucks round forever 21 yeah you want. But is it worth you know two and a half three hours of where is it's the costs and a Suh. My guess it was mostly stay at home crowd he was a retired bank manager. On his banking. Office analyst. On my mom worked for colored ask. And out of our parent yeah yeah she got laid up and went back to school and and is now working against me safety. Oceans that are OK so. You saw your parents really working really hard. You had a little bit NF finance knowledge from your dad and work ethic from your mom who you know laid off and went right back to school which is so article back as an adult mostly I think it is. L comes back to San. I saw that they were sent pricing from. You know they were putting their time at our interior of getting the best that they can't learn rules and for my brother and OR EM. You know that sad I have my mother's time. You know my other raising costs rather than going out links back burner. It it really comes back to sacrifice we choose a sacrifice when one parent does stay at home you're gonna have to get not something. And learn the other will work place I'm now. Abilities. Nonetheless there may do say that your generation and at some generations after will be more savvy with their money because they've heard all the stories and made seen in watched a struggle with credit card debt specifically. Tear crap that you guys are dead diligent DI wires. There's so many resources out there are so many tools to access this information and you guys do crave it. Oh man we have allowed resource as of now populace and we've seen the struggles. Of our pan am and you know even some of our friends now learning older generations. My brother he's currently struggling pioneer and friends and I and helping. Your brother my brother. Don't really know about daughters are always the favorite. Now it's really no I don't now how you're raised and what they would've. My brother was raised in the same house but we seem to have two different values when it comes. OK so now let's say. Your brother is listening in people like your brother or lessening meant just digging grass. And take away what you took away. What advice do you give him what advice would you give other millennia o.s are insane people in that age. Every blaze and different and no. I have really leaned. And role I played down tier is aware of that dollars and is it worth my work my part in my time this and that's admirable honest I am Jack food sellers when app. On my brother does have an addiction to video games and how Allen that I was there once and lighten. You know he neck and World of Warcraft. I let it really came down to here is is this really wired the enjoyment and getting out at him. Will implicit though their hopes she is I think when we're young we all have our little vices and when you're young you don't. Really responsible for anybody else but yourself. So sure I used to go on these lavish shopping sprees every month to because hey nobody's tying him my money it's just me at what point. We like OK got to turn this off and I got to going to save mode you're going to planning mode I getting gated all the data. I always. Had had that mine a pat. At eighteen when I became legal adult I had written my way down. I had my health care proxy on a Mac and plunged mean I was you know. I haven't learned yet that you're not my Powell like ninety hurt when I leave the studio bike and kayak. What was it to make you realize and in thinks so pragmatically. You know I think eighteen down till. My decision is what do I want from kits. And looked at my parents and I saw that they want the past. So when I have them I want happening I mean it's cooler. I have been dating a man went from forty years you know I'd rather how Olson a stable home and no student that rather than a range. Alan that can be taken away you know you could gag employers I'd rather have. Equity house liked her and same for McCain. So you're not you don't fall prey to see you know I mean I Linehan daddy I need that oh gosh I just saw that I and social media and I needed an airliner. Keeping up with the joneses is the biggest battle a lot of people struggle at. I think it really comes down to what do you really rules. You'll hear it Unita group are rare and you know I'm speaking out through shattered. The sacrifice is a big thing may you talk about do you find yourself just sacrificing. And V over the top luxurious. Which everybody has a different idea of what that is or her. Your time where I'm gonna work cartridges that your three jobs. I me at hand the gap sound okay I'll tell me of one right now. I I final you know rule I have shack place little things at. Firm. Currently condemned the killing and Fred double tomorrow now. And today. And it now over forty hours of overtime. Next to me she's I don't know how anger over her learn the eight hours current week after a man. And then then begin summer. And you do would you Don is that I had those kids should be happens to your body you should read I I you know I'm out icing sleep. Yeah I hit in on him. I'm going out and buying my little ball I can buy the ingredients or pat me. And unite left overs almost every. Day and make you feel. Every. L comes down you know he can't. Starve yourself. He can't. Go to such a budget that her penny pinching every single pool yes he you know you need to give yourself a little. A little cuddle. You need fifty bucks for gas. Well. It yourself 75. And if he used more accidentally you know he recovered used last it and eat. Parents pay for anything right now brain now my parents campaign. And OK I am not and wide open last year is going here. That I was going to be changing. My mother and at the top oh boy coming this week. About this plan on what we're looking Larry you know. Hope prove preview coming in and now I'm playing catch fire but yeah. My car is hurt me slowly going out the dollar. And anticipating that expansion Og. OK on my putting away I applied our attic. Both previous trip tried to have. I don't want be spending money in. To temptation to do you know anyone anti Obama and especially nice young is Angela make it's now via. I have now and looking at undercard that back that would money from. So I can you know it's like and get at that the money on and I can take it now and it's it's from Mike Barack. I don't stamp out an easy tough. Are you and as a millennial when he three. And you see your friends around you and I'm sure you do see your friends around you not living the financial lifestyle that you're looking right now as far as. You know thinking about the future and really being engaged in your finances. How hard is it for you to say and now I'm not gonna go out again for the third night in a row or whatever may be the. People I surround myself led aren't those who got the buyer and marriage they're not the ones who are going out the movies. And urging and the ones book Malvern my house in the last two or beat Dan apparently Boehlert. We'll find other ways rather than spending money a bench he. See now that. Is again and that is beyond your years because you eventually learn that that you have to drop the friends that it's kinda hold you down. And surround yourself where every year environment is what you. Aspire to be like right whoever you have around you but typically you don't discover that until. You get married in your spouse makes you discover that you have kids nearly way to man it back I'm a mom now. I didn't have trouble kind of adjusting tears you know call me I have money now. When I first got my job shark island spending and spending and spending and in now. Lara will you're naughty girl I was the worst thing you bought the elect move to guilt. There's the hill trying to intertwine. Com make it's feel like we're okay. With those purchases that we made. Move. An aunt and likeness and again. Ill as a pressure toaster. Or iron what. How. I am irony in all it was a little un and pressure current. And it turns Rolling Hills eight weeks well I don't think that's you know anywhere X from kitchen and I love and it. Okay it was something that. Yes it is expensive but it's practical OK don't give me something it's not practical and now to day you regret and you. Did I spent many and that. My problem down. Half moon again towns so much immense. Did you not make you pay for I paid my mother. Comfort you you realize how much. Hundred yeah. Where did it fifteen out in home. Allison or Elena was aware. At the time to him. Aaron Berry headed and that. I have learned for senior prom. Less expensive we'll see you mean decked out immediately he needs to make those financial blunders. And suddenly I sell learn and I still have the drastic that will you know maybe in my can only be apple knows that the passions yeah yeah that's what every woman sent out teach them. Six out but Eddie. And financially I'm sure a lot of moms are listening right now linked to at a discount that's such a deal compared to what they've spent. But we all have our moments of weakness sprayed it's almost like I have to chew. Try to stay away from those temptations can link you with your credit card because I know. Did I will go crazy. At the mall a liar. You know. If Annan can interest too much that tries may not I have to delete the app because I found myself at one point in my life for I was LE 9 I am a good look around my house and like. This how does it up like coach fare fifteen years. And then it would make me depressed in Allentown has and we got to redo everything I wanted to crumble we get is my new house. It almost is like if you recognize something. That does turn you in attempting to appoint you batted just laminated yeah. Don't know if I'd say eliminate some watch ads. You know racking. Restrict restrict that use restraint. It's similar to an if isn't addiction. Okay. A spa confounds things like that when you buying that there interfering. Or aren't that they IR. Affecting their life such mag won't tear it eke out looking angle is elect distracts you select the trample. Yeah it worth. And now maybe. The country. Make that tablecloth. You know reuse recycle Brittany yet don't call me. I'm not crafty out. I cheddar reuse recite gun and it looks occur out. There and. Every year on the and I loans amid thank you so mines and are being on the podcast joined us today millions and millions and they. She is definitely a good financial role model. Next week on the podcasting what I would tell my young south we invited Erica Cummings. VP at Morgan Stanley B creator of the women well an empowerment series and Jackie from Ernst and young to share best of their mistakes. That we probably can learn from them. Thank you for subscribing to the podcast and telling a friend about it scrolling down a little bit on nineteen to giving us some ratings and a review of safety to our sponsors and family first credit union. And enjoy spoiling dad this weekend just keep it within the budget. To kick back and great weekend that I did actually.