What does FASD stand for

Tuesday, September 12th

This week we sit down with Jennifer Faringer  Director at NCADD-Rochester https://ncadd-ra.org/

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term describing the range of effects that can occur in an individual exposed to alcohol. Effects may include physical, mental, behavioral, and/or learning disabilities with life-long implications. Disabilities due to prenatal exposure range from mild to severe.




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Do you know what as a as the thank you for joining us its neighbors see me dancing waters and Jennifer Ferrin Gerri is back in with us from the and she's ADD. Talk about as safe as dean. How Mario a lot of that peninsula born daddy have pledged to be be back. Still FA SD stands for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder yeah right now I think Jennifer. We should play a little gate. Myths and truths so you tell us if it's a myth merger of these are questions that we've all heard me ball asked out loud when we were pregnant specific like having one or two drinks during pregnancy. Is OK I remember Michael lot in my little godmother would say. It's just wonder to drink she'll be fine. Myth that or trip then certainly in no one knows. How much is too much with FA ST there's no exact science at the same message here is even to drinking small amounts during pregnancy can cost Portman damaged. So bottom line here is no safe level and to consume alcohol. Or any other drugs during your pregnancy and an old school little Italian pin and hit this kid isn't just a lot of cultural things that are around this. Okay miss Steele. Mitt pitcher with it do you use alcohol or other drugs early on in your pregnancy. There's no point in quitting later and that's certainly a myth that the truth would be if you stop any time during your pregnancy you improve the chances of so best scenario is not to drink during pregnancy at all but say for example if halfway through or are later on in your first trimester you get he message from your physician from your primary care of beach UI and you know it's really not a good idea. You can then seek treatment meant that point nine and so at any point in time you can stop drinking during pregnancy kind of pan. That much and out. And fine though it's okay to drink beer or wine cool there's during pregnancy because these substances are. Are not as strong yeah. And another method that truth here is any alcoholic beverage is as tempting so going with something that you perceived to be less alcoholic. In percentage is not going to be particularly helpful another myth that's out about is the myth around red line. And somehow a healthy help healthy for you or. Helpful for. Your well being. And certainly that's not the case so any bottom line here is any help on average and can be harmful for him. Okay. And and CA DD you guys I mean you are indeed go to winning comes to. Any addiction alcohol drugs gambling. You're a great resource for our community. And today we side Jennifer and I thought that we would just focus on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. But if you have questions about anything else. Go to the website name absolutely go to website you fear contact paint it as a Contra happened email. What is at ASD's. So we've learned about a few of the myths and truths but really wipe. What is it so FA ST. It'll look of spectrum disorders is really an umbrella term and when you talk about in it plays such an author disabilities as well now for example we don't talk. Artists and we talk about Hutchison spectrum disorders and life. Because someone can be Meyer leave moderately or very severely impacted anywhere across the range. The medical bag or one of the medical diagnosis is under that umbrella. Is a term that you might have heard more frequently and that's FAS fetal alcohol syndrome a cut. Forgive me for my ignorance here does it depend if you have just a little bit of alcohol during your pregnancy. Ten minute the impact to be the same as a woman who drank for a route her entire pregnancy knowing certainly. A Mallon to you know it's the amount to drink per day after per per week certainly we'll have a greater impact. We just wanna have a clear message for women that there's no such safe level of drinking and no safe level throughout their pregnancy. Or drinking but. Obviously the person it's been just drinking. The person that has a problem without posting in part too much is going to have that much more likelihood that their child will the impact. And as amend this will be your first lesson I guess as a mom how you have to take a backseat. Right. To your child absolutely. Absolutely you have she would ever it takes. Had to get to help him to ensure the best possible outcome. Yeah I know mama I want to say to that no mom. We set out to say I want happen child impact yet so often it's a matter of not having the information. Knew that hero either theory clearly from here probably two and hearing from the mrs. still aren't in the community in here this stuff that you could confuse. Or you have a problem with alcohol and it's very difficult this. You know sad note two for about woman for whom meth that's hard to stop it treatment is available that a pregnant woman will have priority access to treatment. So there's hope. And you guys will hold our hand rain helps healing process and that's what you're here for a turn when we talk about at AS. What are common symptoms from a child could I know the last time you ring we touched on and a little bit and you what is. It was so I was in aware of the decide if facts and just the littlest bit of alcohol you can have an pregnancy. There's a variety things I think when people again think of that they asked the medical diagnosis. They think about that Kara characteristics. Facial features. And because they think they're so focused on that they they lose. Or they might not be aware of the larger majority of kids that they may have not had any facial characteristics at all. And it might be purely. Impacting their brain and central nervous system their development of he says so typically what. So punch shows is they're usually smaller. There you see I'm smaller in height and weight. There are more impacted in terms of their development and progression of say you go to your pediatrician. And your child isn't meeting what you would expect that town to meet at a certain age to count and or in the classroom and very often concerned even diagnosed story you don't even think that this might be the issue until I get to the classroom. And they're not available or they're not able to self regulate. What does it mean you know that they have problems regulating their emotions they might have sudden outbursts. On impulse control it's a really tough one for these kids. Earlier than that you might see some sleep problems are some. Some twitching and nervousness and again because it's a spectrum can appear. When their model year or very severely. Most of the parents we have our opinions he parent support group talk about their kids. Not being able to forget them both believed that the night they're always going it's very often confused with ADHD. Because their eye and they're going ninety miles an hour. Oh era and I was just missing out these little characteristics that you described her. You could brush it off his oval he's just a kid or can't just a boy Harry and broaden that a user she will brought a decade. Yeah and that's what makes that it different piano so if it goes symptoms are more severe that's when you start to get very concerned you know it's disappeared just. Cognitively. Not all kids are affected in terms not being able to achieve in school. Most often known their behavior. That we've seen and it's again somehow a perspective that he was impulse. And it seems like if it is the case that it's just. You know during the pregnancy if it's rewiring their brain per say yeah nothing you can do is connect she can't reprimand them get punished enough and because us and now cannot control. It's more than you know and in addiction we talk about the brain being rewire. And when we talk about what you end. I get treatment and you can actually rewire the brain this is much more significant. If I could show you slide which to realize this but the actual size to the brain is much smaller with a child with I think ST. Be the brain actually looks if it. Totally and you can see why. Communication is so difficult with these children even just by looking at the brain you can see why for example. Left and right hemisphere of the brain are even mostly if I'm mean there's severe. Physical impact on my brain and that you don't get back that happened during the development of the child and you drop. And that he can pack what you do get back anointed discouraged with my influence might hit the doses it can do anything about it. If he can diagnose this earliest possible and you can put into place support surfaces where that child PM so please don't start to develop. Secondary disabilities and secondary disabilities would be things like. Mental health issues. Trouble with the law it's adolescent or young adult. Addiction themselves because they have or impulse control he would be more. And they never to diagnose early so teachers. Parents everybody can understand why the child is doing with the child is doing and you can. You know. You put guys in accordingly and you have support him in place via so not to make slight different it's it's tough. But to have this much support in place for that child's that they may be the best they compete at the past I'm doing keep today diagnosis. I say yes child is acting out class in May be a teacher. Listening to this to bring that up what parent is going to admit. Drinking during pregnancy ID so ashamed I will be dead. There is that in certain leaders sat on by M makes the assumption that every parent with a child with FA ST is their biological parent. When we know thanks certainly there are parents who are incredibly. In shame because they know that they're drinking during pregnancy caused. The British child is that now. Very often though those parents have given up those kids for adoption. For example or just give you one example we have to run for over attack and you can feel local spectrum disorder parents support group. And it wasn't designed this way but because of the numbers are so much greater for the adoptive parents. And adapt especially adopted out of country. So kids are. Are adopted by parents who are seeking simply to adopt child they have no medical history. A particularly men there's a few countries where this is very pro prevalent that the likelihood or whose children. To be impacted by out of this it's totally unknown it's not apparent in any physical obvious feature and their topped it yeah as soon in the first few years. Parents realize something's really wrong here. Skinny kids grow up and be able to function. If they're guided correctly throughout their life. And again it depends so message here is is diagnosis its earliest possible. Early intervention and we do have program and found that does both diagnosis and provides early intervention services so. Again what you unity can change. Physical impact net child then that you can potentially prevent those secondary disabilities from shipping. They're more error. I'm. Case is reported now because there's more knowledge or awareness I think so I think Sonya it's a relatively. Mute. I dosed senate disease is certainly a fifth suspect around as long as there's an alcohol. But in terms of that being recognized this medical disorder Utah in mid seventies early. 1973 okay infamy. Thrown yeah new hair it the encouraging thing I'm finding is more and more physicians are including their conversation. Okay in. In their dialogue with a pregnant woman you know to make sure tobacco has been clear for awhile. And now my hope is that alcohol the risks of alcoholic drink during pregnancy are ask there. And and the numbers encouraging with women. On cutting back and drinking not drinking when they're pregnant and those numbers you know we don't have good numbers that is the frustrating thing. But what I can tell you statistically. Is that there's a range about two to 5% of women. Are in impact our the end where children are impacted with a yes the it's been some let me be like a huge percentage but that is comparable to those impacted by this. Sometimes even more but you know we're much more familiar with autism. And when I go into educational sessions often have people not anticipate that such aside my child. Who has not this impotence have athletes the so this overlapping overlapping symptoms it is and how you defendant if we find out. Again sometimes than physical disabilities sometimes it's the seventh in knowledge of moms drinking which appear adoptive parent. You may or may not have that information. But you can make that distinction. But there is there is overlap FE ST sometimes. Systematically it looks a lot like I've had some looks a lot like includes he eats eat but it's much more profound profound and may be much more severe. But the schools are they starting to. Build awareness around the schools amongst the teachers and fast somewhat somewhat I think we need to do much better job I think it schools. And the disability organizations are much more familiar with the variety of I saved more well known disabilities. Mean this is why it's important to get the message out so accused soon for example that the child in your classroom. Is acting out because they have optimism or oppositional defiant disorder or writing these symptoms. And you work with that child based on your knowledge of those symptoms. And then you get frustrated because it's not working. Because why because you haven't recognized that there's this physical cognitive impairment. Yes you have to do things if you have to be aware that one FE ST is in the mix and then you have to be prepared. To work differently that it's time now if you had to learn more about. Asked a asked. And CA DD is let's say to go to NC ADD dash our aid dot org. Jennifer ferry injures thank you so much for everything that you do getting the word out and down. Hopefully someday when you come back again and say. OK we get the word out enough where this is not as much of the problem I would love to know whether it be great it would be one but yourself out of a job with them like oh yeah. Thank you so much thanks Cindy.