We're looking for a way to help a local neighbor Dawn Do you have any ideas?

Thursday, March 29th

Dawn suffers from ulcerative colitis among other medical issues that requires her to undergo several surgeries. While there are a lot of expenses she and her husband need to pay for, the real need is for a more accessible shower to be installed in her house.

We're looking for a contractor who can help the family or anyone else who can help alleviate some stress from the family.

If you think you can help please reach out to Sandy Waters [email protected]




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Thank you again for joining me I'm seeming potters and this thing is neighbors in need in on the phone with me today I mean Tuesday and friends and you good friend and John thank you so much for being here. Yeah Mary met so I mean now. Donna and I first met. And that. I thought this is a perfect fit because. Neighbors in need the goal of this fifteen minutes and we air every week is to spotlight either an organization like the good people let the Alzheimer's Association or the breast cancer coalition. All the way down to those individuals. Who need our help. Legs the mom who discovers her baby has cancer or don't mind who is struggling and it is just kind of put men out there. Would you like TO and I noted got its very uncomfortable for you to ask her house so I'm gonna do it Florio. You and he's still a win I learn your story and you really do have a lot of unanswered questions and I'm hoping that somebody is listening ring now. In light bulb goes off in their hat and they say all kind of the perfect answer for Donner. I personally can help dawn so. John you're faced with you deeply the laundry list and that is what it is it's a laundry list of diagnosis. Of surgeries. Just of the things that you are dealing win at. Wouldn't the un umbrella illness are or where did well start. It out parted and now trying to make this the shortest possible 1990. I was magna without an escalator which means that you're evoked there is in your large and pat and common you know I. What periodically have to go to the hospital and I got really bad I hit a lot of a lot like it many many trend but trade fusion. But bulk of it was in itself in patent. It can't really bad and I kept them equipment aside because that amber and Mike is we're getting ready to go to school at that Carolina might be they're both quote the the ice is yours. You don't have time attending tech mom yeah right exactly so my ended up going and hand them on very stirred and it being in one month eight. Unlike bluntly at a losing blood after the maker prickly that they know that when they. That they had to humor me surgery in reboot the entire corner which I know it's kinda grows from people that your read it that reality and that's how. And land on my problem our shuttle hit this period of twelve surgeries. And then in the past eight years. And their whole kind of side effects of. This well and not side effects but what I found was that I have auto immune deficiency. It's not any. Of the equator. I just. Have a terrible in this amendment bike he'd attack it is now. I'm I have no tirade is Meyer spoke with I did so with aid mild form of what he I have. Endometrial. Young and he has. Insists this still this spate of blizzard which is posters in my bladder I maintained a great deal of that I came in him some. There was goes on and on and on his medication I have been. Upwards of about three doctor's appointment Kirk week I have he has. IV infusions every week because of output that I have in my. I I have what's called a dome. The bad. And a lot of people are grossed out again but that would it is union I get dehydrated even electric more than a gallon Watergate. You know I have about port in my chest because my being involved. If the now pretty much Islamic you're. Iran or invoke on the Internet struck showed Vince exists always been in 1990 how old were you. I was twenty wanted to think OK see you were fairyland young but leading up to this plane you've lived a normal childhood there were no signs in right. Known nothing at all nothing at all of them. You know there is with blood you know and when people need blood they run a doctor and Anthony did it on out in though you have alternate Khaleda you know I went manageable for a long Tanya it's by the hospital meet you want your what I am really at a Lara and you know. And they say you can't go too long without equated it or something like what happened me out and so I had a good run for awhile. And it's remarkable you and I off the air we're talking about at that moment at that time more of me you know discovered OK you have also colitis. In you were losing blood now see this everybody knows in his aware of the importance of donating blood. But this is the perfect zero. Yes I'm so grateful for the people that I used to only one topic I mean I was not able anymore but I think about the all the time I've yet. Ink four or five but infusions and laugh timing was that horrible time and development and right Panama all. We have what I'm told is that we have eleven net but I ordered her body. All eleven unit of my blood was coming out. If you illegally using at and bang home the computer didn't meet fast enough and thank you to all the donors you know. Is that that people who already don't mean never thought I'd make it different you know you know and people who don't that they event means is they will the only Al Al. It is very important. And down I know the Red Cross in May actually have an app you know sometimes you wonder what kind of we kind of bled to do I have thorough and if you do sign up for this app I think he can go through your history and any time that you have donated and help you determine what your blood type is but when she do figure out what that is it stays in the app and it helped schedule there's great tips on its if you wanna share encouraging yet. I'm anybody to downloads at the end yes you're right to donate blood because there's a shelf life to reply yeah when you donate. So now the beaten goal here you said all the doctors appointments. These surgeries that you pad. And again year you're not really asking I am asking for you know or it's really even. A money issue even though there was. A period of time that you were forced to a live in front credit Kurds because of all of this in a matter cardinals are piper not been. But it's really more. The convenience when you do go in for surgery. You're telling me leaders in need four or what in and more accessible shower in your house. Yes. Well let me start out and equipment that during its well on what I got there I couldn't work anymore that my husband was putting in many hours at work and then he and that having. Eight shoulder injury hampered by not seeking to catch though. Neither that they he ended up having two surgeries. So during net hammer home went into foreclosure that we are little. In at that time really wondered how to prepare for the people how to how he and Gordon for closure dealing. Big orange boxes than. We found out exactly how it happened in people need to be aware of it matchup because. Larry Levy Riddick in the sport that we could reporter are for the probably we've both got their. You know we brought it up for closure but that we and then that downsizing and I hope that we live in now with open ninety at the Evans. Okay freeway and the way. Far right are battling through that and you have a feeling how many kids do you have. I we have read it together in three grandchildren. Which we adore it meant another name you know I can't do everything that I wanted to deal with my you've been granted. Because of that but. Yes we have a bathroom and a half. I have bathroom is not airs in the world with a shower is now there's so when I am they can have surgery. You know I need to take helper and it's not accessible. From up there it's where I am when I am really ill and have you know had surgery so. You know we've been looking for awhile for contractor anybody knows who knows about how hard it grant to have that done that. What ever that he maybe it needs to be ripped out and when he arming and to create a shower and now they. Okay. Are its and then this is where we need this is the need it right here is if anybody has advice on your rate not for profit agency your group that helps individuals. With something like as. And I came across a couple of phone numbers but nobody compact car out candy you know it's just how hard you know. Obama doctor's appointments and everything and and please I you know what you that we are not we have never been that point if you ask for any help and it is because of gracious of abuse whammy that. We are given the opportunity to put our story out there and you know I do half the work part time to make up for. You know we have eaten up to put on the table and we wouldn't be able to that I what payment of purity that ability you're allowed to make a certain amount you so I worked very part time is there option at but it is. I don't know long. Going to be able to do that were we you know have a mortgage like everybody out there and I am being disabled and trying to keep up with everything is just not on and I want to. You know to relieve my husband someone of the responsibility is now. And you are doing okay now we're doing everything right out you're really trying your working there you're not looking for that handout didn't cleaner. What we've always. What we've always done yet and at the part that notebook computer Stanley. It didn't so much as and the mile over the whole time in my husband that Arabic is while working full time you know I'm a Mac there. That girlfriend how political are there any lunar program while I would not let all the men and that is well. So you know is the big thing for him as well I think it's here caretaker or me you know. Your husband good man good man you're gonna help him out of anybody heads. Advice sir if anybody knows of contractors or can donate to I don't know anything. If you're at the light up again is going off in your had and you know the way to help John in her family. That don't really need is this bathroom so makes it more convenient for John when she gets home from surgeries and and if anybody has any idea of how to help reach out to me at one Ed. I'm sure he'll be OK with people reach out you've been I don't know if that's a little awkward straighter so I email me and our jobs are now. You handle that and we'll sit around talking to each other OK you know like and have they been. And god. Which I do have a lot of it I'll we've got a group you know where we are now. And I just think everybody even for listening and you know. It's it's an education thing is well with knowledge over there. Lot of people just don't understand if you look buying from me out I mean hundred it was going on Iranian side and how much pain you actually have now. Am think they're only cash absolutely silly CND at Rochester buzz dot com if you money email me directly and find out more or you know about don's story and there's never really an you know people are gonna ask me if there's a go for me page setup there's not a go find me page setup but if you know of any way to help out Donner you want to. Reach out to mean will will figure it out but. Done now when is your next how are you feeling today could they know this is a day by day with TO senator. I mean oh lead and and you press were at issue that helped me out by giving up apps that work on it you know a week. And they're taking so you know trying to catch up with. It ain't never yea I do have it take medication. Could I wake up and how much. Changed every day and follow the muffled and I probably adhesion on the twelve surgeries I never hernia I've had multiple hernia surgery. Because they're good in the everyday I am. In between a Ford expects and pain when I wake up and I just skeptical about the days you know assessing that constantly and it's hard. I have to work and taking pain and I'm going to work that is that really. Make a lot but I do what I have to do now that we can provide you know. So it's a struggle but you know I always help people there are people that are a lot work off I mean that can't even get up and walker. And it you know and it has you know therapies so. I always look at as well and I am grateful for what. God has left of where and I but I know there's more and Dora no you know he has great and coming for a so I don't think it'll. You are only guess thank you for sharing your story and the here and you're such a positive light that hopefully. A lot of people well. Will reach out Khamese alike can help you and we all can help you I should say thank you so much. Leaders spoke gracious they really are. You know Kanye brought over a hundred delegates cart brought them to. I notice there are a lawyer is anything he did a lot of flack on the show in the morning but he didn't eat or down on her. And he's now especially for his state is Ellen firing have wondered why is it as if our inept ME and you guys. As a whole are just wonderful yeah wonderful group of people saying you know. I'm very glad that you called into the show that in indymac even though I would man and I know what our. Full disclosure don't need me for his jacket or do you ever at a record straight about. It did a story editor on her trip there was that there ailment there. See I know is one of those people don't let me see this is night you're you're an I thought he is. Everybody is and then when you are telling them all your problem solving is what it. And a lineup that can happen between me and Kanye the other days no in my corner rocking sharp he. Eating when you add that well up in Oprah eating a little bit different thing I. You automate how do you feel uncomfortable that's perfect perfect way to go to at. All done years such as special person and I really really appreciate you being so old being an honest and candid when. Yes yes I am very open about some people may you know little broke out of out of commission says that like bad you brought out it's been handed down. Number and I wanna hear from them home plus. Thank you so much for doing that and the Red Cross says it is one of things we learned today the real need for blood donors and if anybody knows about contractors some way to get this. Easily accessible bathroom and Don house would be wonderful Sandia register stack comic and my email Don you have a great day mink you know. Andy you'd hear your memory means it.