We talk to the girl named Alexa Seary

Monday, March 20th


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Yes it has. It's both of them it's does that answer any and advised her name is Alexa series yes. The two most saddened names in American households. On the Amazon act on the you know the Apple iPhone once called elects. Once called Siri. And this girl in New Jersey as refers to last name. Of Alexis Syria in the foreign. I Ariel. You will power you know you don't I don't wanna see America's. I and I kind of feel bad do you see an attack. Bad typical naming Tony seventeen these adult. I say. Can you just say aren't you need to say let me check and that she's a I've been that since that he's I think I'll be back on the. It is sexy Syria yeah yeah. Yeah limit the robotic. When it OK so when the original series came on your last name is SE a RY right. That's that's not SI are high but Siri on your last name is what what's that after what ethnically what is that it does that like irony your. It's so weird like I feel like I really well and that he just like he cannot kind. Yeah he's like yeah right yeah it's like windows. So yeah. Name out there to the name Alexis Siri I'm sure is getting a ton of attention he is it. Profitable at this point yet are you making money from your name. Real lap. You know let me check on that right off. Yeah that's a practice that Syria are excellent at bat. He's a pace Siri I'll eat there's an interview where I think a reporter said that this is the a locking nightmare or something to have this name is. Now on my phone started off. It's just been. The stereotype is so yeah. Isn't that true. I I really in adult weeping nightmare and it's. I. I think really made it well but I I don't know I I mean up out of what I at an end. I don't know where it but the two other puffing in there is another on. It's funny out kind of in the bottom on the I think Larry is. Yeah young that's why if you're like a sixty year old woman dead and she would probably be so annoyed yeah. This is this is probably awesome that you're gonna and probably most likely generate some money I know your name is Alexis you. Let's I. Alexa have you ever considered getting an Amazon Arco. You know I really thought about it in on about lap. When I was around two run and I had my mother. I am not talking you less time here. My I think of an imminent it. Yeah it's a you don't know whether it's answer earlier looked the Amazon Arco right now you are or how sad battling with bipolar frank Reich you barriers split personality do you. Thank god they are at the scene and they use. News pace Siri he. Say what you want or need for the first solid theory come out nearly all that's funny and I what are the chances. Finally when Alexa gear after war really what does palpable move them. I'm into like I didn't put it together right away and then. One my customers are starting pay network and then. And my other and I manager Bonnie yeah that's not like how do I never eat. You can never remember this is it ironic. How old Dario. I'm running on OK it's a year and you're doing in their multiple jobs part time here in there. I asked hopefully you will be the face of either Syria or allow access someday soon you don't have to working day in your life to finish I. I'm waiting ran then and Apple's street that yeah. Every today and here is based carried it out. They series I love you you're though and when I was. Yeah. It's very good bad. Alexa and the next series. Congratulations. On and all then the best name would ever. He made a lot of money from a business and make your mother by the way. I I've been back in about this and when you respond to me. It makes it rather dangerous at times yeah. Thanks a lot about my.