Walking Dead will allow more swearing

Thursday, September 28th


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Be careful what you ask for her wish for. Sometimes. When you get it you like hello this note that's that's. I don't know what I would the rest error. Absolutely blow you all here man is innocent and that he NAND abuzz and this is forcing a popped in my head and ice artists on the you know the Walking Dead great great TV show very popular. On the doing something different this season. But not really everybody's on board of us or military guys feel about this. So AMC the network which is available on peace and cable break so that you pay extra for like HBO. Is now allowing. Two. Apps box. To be written into the script the season. To her season or two person perceives as he sets it. But but it's it is it because. It's you know and now it's being now these bad words are leaking out and two things that you don't pay. Extra for you know when it comes you know the you know put up the walls of you know protecting your children from hearing the bad words and stuff like that. And I think it's it's growing more and more common. That swear words for instance are. Being more public just yesterday on the quote. Wants. The president trumps. The guy didn't win the Republican primary down in Alabama the other guy won. And the quote was president trump was pests. And frustrated that was the actual. Quote. So there's another word I mean is this are we so politically correct sick of being so politically correct and it's now swinging the other way. References the guy that one down Alabama is the least politically correct politician ever. Come across he rides he rides in on a horse he pulls is gone out at his rally. This is who got kicked kicked off the east State Supreme Court judgeship. Twice. And now he's going to be. And you want to. He's still anti politically correct and it's going to run away and we wish you persona thing. And now it's like I'll it's. There's no convincing other kids trying to be anti politically for anything there's just no respect to filter I think I blamed social media. There's days when my kids watched just the simplest shows and they're not. Bad shows by any means but the commercials in between our lake. Older daughters tell my younger daughter close your eyes and tell you an album is either very violent and Mary sexual commercials like these inappropriate comparisons to insert between. You know of this show. I think it's actually more pollute politically correct and anything to have that F bomb be included in a regular cable network because you can't not include everywhere it. You can't just much like people you can't classify certain words says. Add all sorry humanizing the word yeah and inclusive with all these words every word. Matters. Swear words matter how poor they should be included with the rest of the vocabulary much like minorities that don't really exist anymore everybody's kind of lumped in as people now that's a career where it's hard I like to go yeah I'm we're taking the scenic route to get there but as ministries are or aren't forgetting anything ahead did that would educate treatment afterward. Any different than you treat the word love or green and read. Did you list as you sound there are probably people going. After. You all thinks it's just update about this it's true sure. That's Atlanta words matter. I guess would be able to see app where on the radio that's coming soon got a lot of being able to why do you want to be able to what is happening in her class. First for the Walking Dead staying calm wouldn't because it was a comic book comic. One of the characters that's all it regularly says anyway so we allow him to. SA at the time they are we embracing the class missed class. And has less and less flat less next wow this. Seat ice and heat got so much Citic inning single. Night anyway and seasonings like it parking dad don't watch it. A bomb those times zombies I know that that it's a sentencing and by the.