Update on Tide Pod dangers

Tuesday, January 23rd


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Kissinger Colin tide pods now. The forbidden fruit. That he now advise is harassing Indian actors PSAs out right now. On the iPod thing. That tide is actually putting public service announcements or social media warning the dangers is content at. Matthew right Miami Dade. Their name has been associated with. This huge danger others have been at least ten deaths have been linked to detergent pods in recent months. Say. How old those kids there with the deaths and if I had known to contain that info it. It is scary social media is scary there are. So many long it kids on social media net jazz they don't seek out these type of videos but they fall upon them like my eight year old. Discuss when she watches or Barbie videos but these other videos will pop up you know in the image cure whatever is not. It's a Coke and only human and the we talked you about this until I can see you call it lake Sealy who would read it tied kind of stupid what. Ares aren't adults that. We're talking about these are young young kid. Funny now that'd suck tweet yesterday it's like look what you animals have done they've locked up the tide pods the soul like Wal-Mart Walgreens drugstore chains are now putting him behind the glass doors or in. Plastic cubes like like Casey go to pits for wegmans right in eagle on the special section. And they had this plastic cube. Within a truffle locked up in it because it's a thirteen hundred bucks for like an ounce. They've got that locked up but tied odds. Razor blades. Tide pods truffles. It makes incidents the younger kids and it did they're gonna grocer shot and how everything. Still uncle put up on the adult up to contain a written Stalin's cocktail yeah yeah. They're crazy. The American association of poison control centers has issued a national alert warning people of the inevitable dangers. Of ingesting the chemicals in the stupid tide pods and and a talk with my arrows about it. I didn't began to never that we don't even have to iPods in the house. I didn't like it can't cash it in GAAP. That's science is indeed you know spring leafs powder is yeah. It is it is really out of it Atlanta Braves it isn't like these are generic there's a danger for that. Yeah may not clean clothes all the way it is a dangerous. And that blood want to share. Because because we're putting a guy so I'd say I had haven't just going to be guiding your friend. And you know lining your friend is the idea of trying mean no don't. It's a you know I have seen some your kids are you serious I mean is she kids their late you know 1213 1415. Is that what you cards are about young kids. I think that it was teenagers but correctly from my I don't know that the ages of these kids that fell victim to invest. I'm assuming it's the younger kids that don't understand the severity. But I don't know like I remember being a teenager a young teenager and a sleepover in all the kids were playing the pass out game where you are less frantic kind as you up against the wall all and your throats and tell your ass out okay very. I was a champion girl who always a gotcha now would always Neely I mean really just a plot or we were like in law of how fantastic she could spring on Wii's. Your answer you give her short game. We would hyperventilate. In the and so on gives a bear hug me hold her bra now how we were doing cat and equally as dangerous to put up against a wall the hander and you throw back at. I never did accept you scared to chicken. That yeah we did stupid stuff from her kids I don't know is there anything. Well yes sure I mean animal. I don't know the exact example but OK so even hairspray used those probably dangerous for the environment ended hip hop community putting grills like the metal stuffing her mouth piece I'm sure none of that is perfectly. In hell are safe but this is probably the most extreme effort not in the long time. Recently by the railroad tracks and train came used to play you know chicken with the train you probably got that idea from a dumb movie probably. And that's when that's YouTube is for these kids my cousin my little cousins thirteen years old and there include either completely invested in these YouTube shows and blogs and videos that. They can tell you these guys these these these characters these superstars whole life story this vs buddy with his brother because he he hooked up with his girlfriend three months ago and then he stole his product and and his crew. Mike Jackson. It's so now if these U2 wears. Ire. Are continuing this you know and I mean they're feeding into this. Then age should there be punishment because there isn't video on YouTube and my daughter discovered yesterday in. All my eight. And this she's a young girl her south 70000. Subscribers than a hundred in 111000. Views on this video. And I was in shock. What she was doing with these type. So today's video I'm going to be showing you guys I made this DIY animal. Nontoxic tied pod. It's really hard as a parent I mean please somebody else tell me how hard it is to vote I can tell by the think this is just me. It's really hard to. Watch every video that your kid watches on YouTube or social media and an all these experiences. Is like the generation of DIY DIY sly DIY stress balls TI why squishy is DIY everything. I'll be that you have no idea what ingredients they're putting in their stuff since I don't know we have containers upon containers of slime. In the experiment with adding new things I don't know what's in all of them. My dad I probably should now and after discovering new video I can be more on top trying to. Well we were driving home from gap clothing disease Calumet and the crew act deck plumbing business. But anyhow. In my daughter was talking about. That's bonds because Kelly. But some bath bombs for her you know she's doing that for charity idea teachers on a maker gift basket of more stamina finding new idea so she's and it YouTube just scrolling through. DIY ideas in to get second make. I can make pods from. The and at that. The odds. On guy the couple get caught up in my element and news. Girl dumbing it have to talk girls Emma thirteen year old. Was hit two knowing that's not right on May you're notes note. And Donnie tied tied. This used to our who is seventy. Thousand subscribers. Who will let a 100000. Plus people are watching this DIY tied tied it. A cold front this video. I'm going to be showing you guys I made this DIY Hannibal nontoxic hide behind me to make this he would need to packets of Knox gelatin. What pack I don't believe jello. One pack of Orange jello. And a pack and jello white chocolate or Vanilla pudding and. And this is something. Right now. She should be run. Something in choosing young girls she sounds young so. I don't know I don't like it I anyone else CNB. Okay. You know I think kids know the difference between bad and good when you talk to them about it and have a talk right. Real detergent is bad for you it will make me saying inches and making the double ones is kind of a novel idea. It is now. Why doesn't she just to make a joint to teach the kids enemy could be that guy or non toxic jaw you a lot of wiggle it states kids. You see here's a guy. You know I have idle and Kerry whatever but bridal party inaugural womb and then there's there is. There's lollipops that are in the form of their there chocolate but they're made in the form of something at those are adults is not into kids these videos that. Is a kid herself. I don't know I'd. Why are. Incensed commitments right. This is obviously an alternative. To the terrible detergent to putting your mouth. So therefore I would suggest showing this to every kid in saying that was the bad ones of these of the good ones. And then he gets in front of the it's like a break back in the old days of the old plastic doggie doo thing that you got from the story you put it down on the sidewalk in free to parents out. Hilarious bit stranded in an effort it takes to have like grass on the. And and and stuff like that he knows like specialty cakes and it's not every day I mean. Kids if your kids that dumb I'm sorry to tell you that moms are that's not gonna say if your kid is dumb enough to eat soap. Our purpose. Without swearing. He is son you. I know you're not judging the parent who's like did I got this great project to begin GO. It went afterschool oh let's make tied pod like me and sold to high iPod cake right now do you think they can make in the cakes to keep up with the demand whom. Or what's wrong everything about social media. Pacman let's start a copy you'll get in my will mass produce and will give mound is so blue American him for Halloween. Why does this to be fun.