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Thursday, April 5th

Delphi offers prevention services through counseling and education, recovery through treatment services, and support through care services. They empower people in the Rochester/Finger Lakes area to make informed decisions about their health.



“Suicide: The Ripple Effect” is a feature length documentary film focusing on the devastating effects of suicide and the tremendous positive ripple effects of advocacy, inspiration and hope that are helping millions heal & stay alive.

The film highlights the story of Kevin Hines, who at age 19, attempted to take his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Today Kevin is a world-renowned mental health advocate, motivational speaker and author who travels the globe spreading his message of hope, recovery and wellness.

Learn more about Kevin Hines and Suicide: The Ripple Effect

Screenings of the film: https://gathr.us/screening/22546



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Thank you again for being here is neighbors in need in in the studio with me is Margie taper from Delphi drugs. And alcohol consoled the assistant program director for prevention. Project coordinator Don Brown County project. Aware thank you so much for coming in again do you see and saying yeah. So we have a lot to discuss today and. Last time you Wear in a few months ago. We only scratched the serve press over had to try to get in a little bit deeper. Kevin Hines. Who we had gone with us the last time that you were in Margie is coming back to town. In his story is so remarkable he is. An award winning global speaker best selling author filmmaker now which we're gonna discuss in just a second suicide prevention and mental health advocate. He himself Kevin Hines survived. His suicide attempt off the Golding great bridge. He has just menu and I merger were talking before we ran the air he is going all over absolutely. Just teaching people awareness education because that's really key is meant. Great he is he as I'm out over the United States he our travels to various countries just really. I'm sharing your story telling his story. Bringing about hope and inspiration and letting people know that they're supports and resource as out there. And I think you know every time here arms beat there's like another little gold night and I hear and the one that's popping into my hand right now. Is. You know when he says. Letting people know don't silence your pain. The fact that you know we're having opportunities to. I'm present these conversations to let people now whenever Pena might be and don't silence that because there's people out there. I don't listen and how can I don't walk with you through this. You can see the light. And you have been working attempt by in this. I mean Jeff I you guys too so much but in this particular niche. You know suicide prevention and mental health awareness for how many years now for how long. I've been actually working in the field here in Rochester. And a behavioral health field arms in 1992. Specifically my focus with teens have been adelphi three years or eating. A federal Korea where we teach youth and a house first aid. Which is similar to lake CPR at the three year certification program and it's an eight hour course that people hate to. Gain more education and awareness. Around. Typical adolescent development one might be some potential warning signs of an emerging now out disorder and really had a he have a conversation and which they used coming who might be presenting. With an emotional challenge and the biggest pieces. Knowing what supports and resources are in our communities. So that if necessary. The person can do a warm handoff of their youth. Choose somebody that is more appropriate. Level of support them. We do what they need throughout these years you been in this for a long time from day wine tin now. How is it changed. Is that he means. Well. I think it's a field we've become more educate. Me and he and understanding. People I think the world Patton. More complicated. That mean it more challenging him on and some environmental factors there's just giving a conversation with a colleague the other day and we were talking about how. You know when he 25 years ago people weren't really talking about now trauma. You know so when I started out it was an out residential program through Park Ridge and it does not Rochester regional. And it was a residential program for youth they were in seeking treatment for substance use disorder. And so you know Lleyton Hewitt talk a little bit about manna house but it really was like a drug treatment program. Com and now the language that we use you know are really being more mindful of language where. We're looking at our aspects respond when that might have a substance use disorder you know also taken a look at what might be a co occurring disorder with a man on how. She challenged I am with their trauma history you know kind of taking a look at whatever's going on for them the plan. Have they experienced and their life that is brought on to at this point. That. It's impacting their life and an O in a way where there. Needing help and media and so I mean I think we've gotten a lot more educated and ice are into the impact of Mal house. Drug used trauma a membrane. Looking at it has more. It's a disease. Not something that's among cars. Okay. Now do you weigh in on this research. In in every day there's probably new research in 25 years from now we'll look back and be like all back in the day we use their right. How much of it is. Just the way your brain is wired in how much of it is that quote unquote trauma that happens in your life and I think it's really kind of. Breaking down what's going on for the purse and about one of the things that research has shown is that. I'm trauma. Changes the way one's brain function OK and works seen others various parts of the brain and how that's our function and and be able to attend to our daily tail off the man. And then people can go through. Traumatic experiences. And it actually alters. The way the brain functions so that someone who he has experienced from. Mean that is under certain things and only one who he. Says China. B of but just to your upbringing in maybe it was an abusive relationship at home to. Two runs it could be LA on anything from. Yet exactly an abusive you know experiencing some sort of of abuse. You know going through something that's life changing. Sue you know what the students have experienced in these schools with the school shooting in knowing me. It could be anything from something that we've experienced. And our own home our upbringing yeah you community by a Lance. Huckabee get ahead of that is there any way too when you recognize. And and there was. Severe trauma in my life and it has changed the way I feel and think about myself for people around me is there a way to get handed vet or may be. Reverse that trauma are now or do you learn how to live with et. People who have gone through trauma are thriving in their lives you know so I mean. I think that's one of the things that we had apparently Kevin Hines has smashed it is in a recovery is half Obama then and there are people. Who are very thick rough but with their life who. Com have been able to kind of move through that in America and the trauma in a better understanding of how it affects some and development toolkit of how to. You know moved through those. Adam experiences when they start to impact one's life. So you know I think the message that there is hope and that people do you heal another wanna cabins slogans as guest can't hold outs he'll. And so. Really just being aware that. Someone who has experienced. A traumatic event that may be impacting. The quality of their life today. That no matter what there is hope. And Ayers he's out there in which weak yen. Which they can get some or I also think one of the me. In response to your question again around it is really bringing more awareness to. What mental health yeah meant that it. I am is not anything that someone should be ashamed not that there is mom help out there. Hands. Because in saying that you can men. You know you can live a happy. Successful life. But you have to be aware you have to recognize you to have that support around you so when saying that I would feel that it's even more important than ever more crucial than number two right to have these discussions. To recognize it that. The earliest. Stage rate. Ray. And one of the things that you know we're trying to do with the youth now house first aid. Training is really educate lake the only person someone who's not trained and man how can be apparent India. I teacher pair professional that works in a schooler. A scout leader out cultures in my networks and Iraq's banner really they have a language. That prepare somebody to be able to him a conversation. Because one of the things that we know is they. The more. Adults. Safe adults that'd youth he has before them are in their life. The better chance they him of moving you do things because they feel like they have a community. Or people. More than one person that cares about. And it's really import and that we're reaching out to people on one of the mess that we really tied it just Powell is they act. If we see somebody who's not okay. Or if we feel like me either struggling yen to if brand comfortable with asking that question and it's not gonna be harmful in any me asking the question you know approaching somebody just say how are you feeling very you'll. Okay that's a good point what do you do in those situations where I mean maybe. If it's uncomfortable for you is there another being maybe you know maybe saying are you okay they're gonna look AM like. Why are you asking me I don't know raised its. Is there another resource at at the that we can go to wire. Well I mean I think he can hands like it depends on our relationship. I'm gonna say they used because that's a primary or email focused but I think it's really just. And it can be anybody. But how do you get them to the point of OK you know something doesn't feel ready co worker to your right to in the schools or youth our neighbor. I know something is often what. Can I say to guide them. To seek out to first recognize right breast and open up about it and to seek out the resources that are available I you get. And to that stat. I think for me it. May feedback would be is just to be off and I can't try to force any comment and just see what comes to your I mean I certainly been in situations where people are rights that. You know. Let me answer your question and don't feel obligated that we have to have a Amber's the nation but I'm just really concern you don't mean like yourself. And I just want it and knowledge they act if something's going and I'm here if you wanna talk about. Another example is if you know. Beyond apple and an emotional someone's going through an emotional challenge. Is that if we have a sense that someone may be suicidal. The best thing we can do for that person. It's calm right out and day are you thinking of killing your. And coming and we talk about that and yet as part of the youth and a house first thing he's not first a curriculum. If asking that question can save a life I'm asking that question is not in me somebody. Follow through with a suicidal. Bet it's just the opposite that it opens the door up for a conversation. Could be somebody that word that we're close to that we care about. Me and say you know I have to ask this question. Because they don't wanna risk losing new. Are you thinking of killing years out are you thinking of hurting years yeah I am. And what Ed does is it opens up the opportunity for the person eateries and man. Yasser now and what researches found is that more times than. It's the door opening that people. Look at it and he gave him that and say yeah and I'm and it Rana. In we can reach out TU and the Delphi FaceBook page and there's another website to go to to gather dot US so it's G-8. THR. Debt US. And those are two good places as well to find out more details about Kevin Hines in his movie. Called suicide the rip. Bowl a fact a case so let me just clarify they gathered GA TH hired ID US says the slight that you would go to. To see where the screening tests oh thank the ripple effect are and where there's you know but. Theaters have tickets available okay. So. Have and has been in the process the last couple years. Creating producing this documentary suicide the ripple of act experience by hearing it's hoped though. And again its intention is how to reduce the stigma men am removed any shame that me me. And and either someone that is giving suicidal aviation has attempted. Or even their family members or loved ones around and a Wii at outside a language tree of hope counseling are hosting co hosting. Two showings of suicide the ripple effect. One is that Greece regal theater an April 14 at Austria. And then the second one is at the Webster theater and me timed in at 7:30 PM. We're also looking at the possibility of doing a third screening possibly in June. At which only all of that information and updates on any of the screen that Al ties hosting. Timmy found man off hydrant copies but paid my and I'm so again it's just about bringing people to gather. We're going to be distributing resource is community resource. So that people have access to bed and their means and because if we're gonna be having conversations with people. It's really important that we know where he can. Yeah direct people to who indeed. More support and what we can again and it's not fool ourselves into thinking that we can either be hours and hours. There's overlap professionally trained media. Wonder. Marching Jaber from Delphi drug and alcohol council thank you so much and again if he wants you find out more about the screenings of the movie Kevin Hines has recently sent a ripple effect just jump and that adelphi one FaceBook page. And didn't gab third. Dot USG AT HR dot Hugh Max and human energy. Ink piano.