Turn up the AC or turn down the AC

Friday, May 19th


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Sometimes I mean it's the start incidents always he's right isn't it. Lol it's. If Leon correct or not it's that even the good. This debate here now that your gloating about it either way now it's evolved into who. Does it more all right so when you know yesterday was another hot steamy one today's we're going to be like cooler head today can turn off BAC right. In the sixties today so you turn the C. And you say OK I turned on the air right turned down. It means that means the it's going colder your house. Now it does not yes it's. What do you say if you look I think if you let us to be colder. Do you say turn down the ACR do you say turn up the AC so if if okay so we have. Actually new stats here in the studio if if there were pretty yet if it's too cold in here when he Tommy do. It's too cold in here too cold in here yeah. We are right if you own it's who warming here. Turning up. See you routes around it sounds. Death is not a good so when we went to this Dziena CBS recovery drink it we go every week every Thursday we pop into an office in and deliver practiced yet and you can go and Rochester Brezec come and register your office I got that job from yesterday yes we we're at wet yup we went to go see everybody at. I can to get the official name now the Clinton crossing internal medicine you of art yes. And these I mean did you bring it up. I did not bring it I brought it up and they say you're wrong you a lot of down the error if you wanna colder why would it said it rog the rest of us agreed. Whether it's tactically right Iran and the majority of us say if we plotted to be colder in a room we say turn up. The he turned down crates you know duck and do you say to teach devises a number and I don't know how you save your house but. It ever ever been and anyone ever tell if it's too warm in that in the in your pet be it turned out there are you crank up. You lot turn it down turn around our area near Portland cold air. If you're in the car. Well of course and former cold air and that's why you turn right turn and that's where you turn it down a teacher in the heat the heat down the cold down metered don't lie and if Phillip a balloon with AC. You pump more rain. I so. Keep me more turn it up wait. You can't feel a balloon up there I traffic to give an example on network manually and the best example I if you turn it up if you go up the stairs you go higher if you turn up the. She year temperature go higher right I think a lot of people. You would on this. Whether. It's technically you're a writer not I don't now if that. I would we will fight tooth and nail it and neither of us certain vacancy of its start on his army but couldn't. What do more people say about turned on there is now you have to take it into the worked the strike is in your house sold you have one way of doing it right. We have to really take it into the workplace and ask co workers or somebody who comes into the studio this morning we have to say Hayes tickled near she returned. Opt the air or down the air and sea. Neighbors so. We're not argument the fan speed because. About that speed or in the car you to eat you turn up the fans speed. From the NCAA you don't the air conditioning is done in its act it's not cold enough seat churned that up. That's is that that the force of the wind blowing at you but if you wanna colder you turn the air down he turned on the air conditioning. Nice manners. To do to buys here's how she don't have nothing and speed by the buzz categories and questions about your ringer hi U there. Good man so when when it's hot in the house and yet I usually am at central air. In your way as funny it's too warm in here are well. There are circulate round and round. Well definitely yeah he's on you mobile telephony and it would enter the data initiative on the back. I really have to agree with. Let that little bit yeah you know why do it because. You're stuck on the whole aspect that hole goes down in right. No old temperature goes down. Temperature is up she'd turn it down each and on the air. But the way your angle is you know when when when given you'd turn it. You see up to get cooler you're saying no anchored down whoa hold. Go down. Yeah. So he invited. Her to eat out. But in actuality in their. So let's term it if you want the placed it over you turn it. Again majority is says that this when you're two you're talking about the fan speed. She wealthy and speaking of lesbians be just. Turn up if you after a year or hit the up button and it would get warmer here. Etc. and do the emirates and ruler of our top. If it turned out and it make you cooler in the house 222 bugs Communist angrily he called my house I push of important Kenya is concede it's. Will be just as residents and majesty to state my case of when my wife says Dave it's too hot house. All right and she doesn't tell me what to do I go and I look for the down button and I turned down on the air. That's that's the way I did I get the tees on the other way you say entered opt the AC. And then you push that down and. Bill. I. I've had. Okay turning down the air asking co workers today and it imply that room in the line of building in the office and say he may even teared up these seeds he would be. It. Things that brought me. Hello. They're all right your own way it turned out error but you're talking about the that the air are now. We are up there. Yes he teared up eternity and maybe that air of doubt and a bunch because you think that's right now we're nets got the right now we're. Debating if you're right or wrong were debating and what majority of people sent do you say in the high it's it's about. I'd I need to eat and now implemented Karl yeah. Did you undergo another call high the buzz do you tune up or down what he's saying. Well I really wish I. Well actually if you're absolutely wrong but Lawler numbered a colder again number the only. In your house what he's saying. You've had a stone cold in there or turn it up yeah you want to go there and turn it out. The irony there ago thank you. What are you seeing how high the buzz what he's 'cause I was setting your house houses hot right now easy to be air. Where both of us there you go out nice and neutral on guys get a. Some little bit yeah. Eric. I I don't well I hung up. Yeah. You must be teacher. I an unpaid data and the debate that day giro but it it. I did was sandy she's a scientific. Explanation and likes science. It got into the air conditioning. Well yes it's. I don't do it it is an. Air. Current. Error out you really get. I am going to do that and argue that target temperature you're trying. Our our. Rights and turn you down there. Now where our program and actually our room. Temperature. Air conditioning to put up more. And more. Colder. Temperatures down into town and there aren't on she. Well at. The temperature air coming out of your op in the bank. It turned on I minister judgment that I'm about why aren't out pictured it. Don't actually working out there. Are bound. I see target values target value target temperature water. It is I did not know getting about a. I'm here at target temperature. And air conditioning unit working harder I think up in. The ninth so it will be more on the and turn on the Arab and our dear all here we go oh. You just refuse to say. That you're wrong that you're in a mine or thank you mrs. Einstein you grief yeah. This so you know because I'm a man. I sure that you're sorry not air. Paying you you have a great morning thank you go. Out.