"Tough Love" That Will Propel Your Success

Friday, January 25th

We show our kids "tough love" well, now it's our turn to recieve it.

Our guest this week Sitima Fowler the Co CEO of Capstone IT is going to tell us EXACTLY what we need to hear to propel ourselves to greatness.

Sitima has a great money story to share.

In the 6th grade, Sitima and her family immigrated from India to the United States. Establishing a life in America was a struggle for the Rana family who had limited resources and little to no money. This lifestyle instilled a fire in Sitima that was and still is her driving force to succeed. Sitima developed a relentless desire to lead with an ongoing pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Hopefully her story and "tough love" advice will motivate and inspire you.

Cheers to being Financially Confident Women!