Top 3 Things You Should Know When Starting a Side Business with Mona Ockenden

Friday, July 24th

One thing that may be holding you back from feeling confident about your money is fear… and a little bit of embarrassment to speak up and admit that you don’t fully understand what's going on.
This is YOUR money. You deserve to know what’s going on with it.
That’s why we start the show with “No dumb questions.”
Our CFP Erica Cummings from The Harmony Financial Group at RBC Wealth Management joins this part of the show.
Today we explain why so many people are loving the ROTH 401K

Top 3 Things to Know When Starting a Business
Mona Ockenden founder of Mona Moon Naturals is our guest.
Mona Ockenden, a wife and mother of 2 created a side business in early 2019 inspired by her sister’s breast cancer diagnosis.  It became her full time gig in late 2019.   In its first year of operation, it shipped to over 26 US states, Canada, Germany and Japan and in now sold in 7 local boutiques.  Mona Moon Naturals’ lip balm is currently included in the Clean Beauty Kit subscription box that highlights all clean natural products created by woman owned businesses in the US. 

Talking about money with the kids can be tough sometimes so we end the show with "A Seat at The Kids Table"
Susan Beacham the founder of Money Savvy Generation joins this part of the show.
Today we talk about allowances. We'll find out what the kids say about getting an allowance and then Susan will give us her take on it.

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