The psychology behind saving vs spending with Dr Sarah Fallaw

Friday, September 4th

Today on the show...

Term or Whole life insurance? Which one is better for your family? We’ll explain in “No Dumb Questions” with our CFP Erica Cummings from The Harmony Financial Wellness Group at RBC Wealth Management

Plus, What’s the psychology behind spending vs saving. Are some people just "wired" to be savers? Continuing the work of her late father Dr Thomas J Stanley, Dr Sarah Fallaw, co-author of The Next Millionaire Next Door and founder/president of DataPoints joins the show
Here's the personality assessment test we referred to:

We end the show today like we always do, we’ll take “A Seat at the Kid’s Table.” Today we had parents ask their kids- What is a budget? We’ll see what the kids say and what advice our money expert Susan Beacham founder of Money Savvy Generation has for parents.

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