The Fine Print of Investing with CFP Erica Cummings

Friday, January 3rd

The Fine Print of Investing with CFP Erica Cummings

It's 2020

You may have said it to yourself that THIS year is THE year you are going to take control of your finances.


Yes, at first it might feel a bit daunting and overwhelming, but no worries we've designed these podcast episodes to make it easy to understand and follow.

The first Friday of every month CFP, VP at Morgan Stanley Erica Cummings will be  our guest.  

Erica has been in the financial business for well over a decade. Her passion is to educate people, especially women about finances.

Lack of financial understanding leaves you vulnerable to the people who are pitching a product or selling you their "perfect financial strategy." 

Sometimes it is a good product or strategy. But how do you know for sure? When is it too good to be true?

This month, Erica focuses on the fine print of investing. 

From basic savings accounts to CDs to investing in the market here's the expectation.

Cheers to being financially confident women!

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