The Biggest Surprise in Retirement with Steve Hausmann

Friday, January 17th

The Biggest Surprise in Retirement with Steve Hausmann

For many of you, if not all of you, retirement is a goal you are working towards. Some people have an age in mind of when they want to retire. Others, are all about growing their money to a certain amount where they feel comfortable walking away from their day job.
We all have a picture in our minds of what that day will be like. Is it what we imagine? Freedom. Minimal stress. More time.
Today, we chat with legendary broadcaster, a close friend of mine, Steve Hausmann who just retired after 51 years in the business.
Steve was one of the very first people I worked with in radio when I first started at age 18. A very fun guy. A guy you never thought would retire.  
He candidly talks with us about how he decided now was the right time. The biggest surprise in retirement. His biggest regret and of course with age comes wisdom, he'll give his best piece of advice for anyone who has a goal of retiring someday. 

Reach out to Steve or learn more about his new business (I told you he's a guy who will never fully retire) Haus Calls Productions

Cheers to being a financially confident woman!