Suicide: The Ripple Effect

Thursday, May 3rd

Delphi offers prevention services through counseling and education, recovery through treatment services, and support through care services. They empower people in the Rochester/Finger Lakes area to make informed decisions about their health.


“Suicide: The Ripple Effect” is a feature length documentary film focusing on the devastating effects of suicide and the tremendous positive ripple effects of advocacy, inspiration and hope that are helping millions heal & stay alive.

The film highlights the story of Kevin Hines, who at age 19, attempted to take his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Today Kevin is a world-renowned mental health advocate, motivational speaker and author who travels the globe spreading his message of hope, recovery and wellness.

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Well welcome to neighbors in need and I'm your host senior writer is every week we take fifteen minutes to explore the many now for profit agencies small groups and individuals dedicated to making a difference in Rochester. Our guest today is Margie taper. From Delphi drug and alcohol counsel be assistant program director for prevention. Project coordinator the term Monroe County project aware and I found peace Kevin Hines and he has such a remarkable story suicide survivor himself survived his attempt off the golden gate bridge and from that pivotal moment. She's since dedicated his life and efforts to advocate for suicide prevention and mental health awareness Kevin is an award winning global speaker. Best selling author and film director of the movie. Suicide the ripple affect thank you to the both of you for being here today. Thank you for having asked you earlier this year it is it's just a remarkable words can't describe how many people probably. Look tears story and appreciate all Richard do we now wins all the trauma that you have been through and in lived through. I'm just what it'd be anywhere at any time and I got the live from what I did and I believe I got a live. I could be on a mission to travel other people. Stay alive I think they're we are out of orbit and it like I think that that purpose is mostly pit beautiful word. We figured out along the way. Now your movie suicide the ripple of factory inning get into more details with that because there's there's several screenings here locally but can we a little bit of your back story. How did it. Get to the point where you're contemplating suicide after Golden Gate Bridge what led to vet. You know it was the monument is not a depression paranoia of limitation to outright visual and admit I had been. Would they be yeah I gave you think were possible. All those things combined. But in what you had telling me that day and I have been that it diet out of it would tarnish all of it and it coloration that a not knowing. That that much thought it now that the color actually. If I knew that picketed mitigated problem Patrick helped but I I thought that because. My brain told that in that if I could recognize that let us aren't that into action. I've got a two ruler despite being. I couldn't stay away from utopian. And never never did in the first place but I believe it is educated I get my boys who led to a man I. I believe that I had no idea what I did was terrible day where's your line. In what year was asked how old were you. Could doubt there are. I heard that are. You hear that often with a lot of these cases the voices in my had in not everybody understands. That he grew do you think there. We view being on tour and talking more and I feel lake as a society we're talking more about mental illness do you think people are. Trying to understand them more. All I don't think they are I don't I don't OK got he's got he's got he's got these groups like the mighty unhappy. What are right I read for the mighty get your but my eight. Article on every just birdied on the merits kind hearted people who it biased or. They're out there about it. Did not know about it you know. He got in I've got I got out of without a medium. That bad news maintain. I know that and black and if he would have been different moral stand being we knew now. And now all of almost twenty now and one advantage is that. The world it is eighteen where what we're being more aware that problem about being more aware. Is east that a lot of big with an immediate. And although although the book you reporting. Mental impression is that we actually he doesn't action on the ground that. Convert it then statement did not intend as dangerous and people who are mentally and concluded that there that that love them out. Yes we're more aware than we ever have moved or were writing about it when you have or are we hearing about looters and the sport probably had. We'll be hearing and is it accurate religious propaganda. Its share an education is key emerging use that you said that all along that education is key how do you fight against close quote unquote voices in your had what. Would you say what do you do to guide somebody. Ed just situation where someone's going through some thing attempt where literally speak out and get that level of support her fashion only to help them. And it makes some sense of that so you know what I college school pet. So that we have different things that we can poll from the help us through at any given moment. Because that any one thing. Is going to be the magic effects. And so we need a variety out of tools. And skills to help us get through those trains when maybe we're getting tripped up by a late the end you know whatever that link in it can be from somebody. Whose experience seeing in somebody who is dealing when the man on how to disorder. Somebody is just going through an emotional pick up in my life via you know me Ollie at some point. Are gonna experience something emotionally. The gonna catch us off guard yen and so how do you we. Face that. Think the key then to have the great support system cabin at the point where you're standing on the Golden Gate Bridge looking over. Were you lag is that would the one thing you were lacking or what do you what do you think she could have helped Jim what did end up helping you. Well the only correct argument and I was saying you know you look at the market and help you I made a packed myself that I knew then that I come true. You think we're so hung out not only spoke English in waiting Ukraine this early date on what got me. And it and it and he might paint I would have been done but Jack is so bad. Perry used as I learned at a poetry indicated it would get in the commissioner Don well and pay was dollars one. So what was it then that actually. Got those voices out of your mind in in major realize okay Baird. I live a happy successful life. Well you know. That would carry your lap either I Libby went to undergrad and even I Honolulu stations on visual. Through cracked open arms. Very division I has this but unable to litigate them we get around mood on this and it because I thought about it because of hey. Well it is the most died battling it that mode the military now learning. I don't care who people that love me the truth. And if you're really does it mean aren't there yet of the I just lost a great friend a brother and a hero of mine who's. I use the man. And here's EU. One very top reserve bank attic is our current NATO are aware that I like I I I I recently spoke. Him on the boat where he where he told me that. My story out into the light and I was less than a month ago. And I and I imagine that you responded last night and conquer ever. At did they get if it broke my heart you know and edit as oh I almost went that place where. You know blame myself not quality without our. I'd be in their warm bed. We don't Olympics or at play call in the first place. This place Billy says yes it took it you know who that took his life. Not written terribly reliability. And we understandably. And I and I did it came on the radio there a bid to broker and a but I want I want is their rebellion not yet we gave back. Actors acting and so terribly sorry we Peter measurable walks. But it is good Juliette my best friend include. That the fight never has. There's been eaten at Hillary does well there is New York. Oh is that it is backed Arab 400 or her provider I have got to work I wrote it my bring out the well being. There that never happened to me about you know. You say it to Margie just being genuine with your loved ones and when you recognize somebody is struggling via. Cabin my thoughts are with you as you lacked through vest. You know and it makes me think again this is another opportunity to bring to allay. You know Mal house is no different than any other disease you know we have cancer out there were real people that are fighting. Delhi. And then journey to find wellness and cancer. Some people me jet and finds health and healing and some people don't. Man how suicidal idea Asians they're no different. So it's really about. What are we doing to get. The support and the house that we need and I think it's also being mindful. About. You know when you said like the right some pore. Not getting hung up bow and that there is like this just one right support and ray support can be a variety of different okay. It could be that I am like. Pin and then this un peace based. And you know I don't have anybody ready here to get a conversation wit but I walked out in the community and all of a sudden a stranger approaches me and said hi how Oreo. You know and then moment is making a human connection with a another person and that could be a level of support late we never know what their support. Is going to be the other thing I managed to save. Was the it's really import and view I am being mindful that we're not placing expectations on people in our life to be our support. Because some trains people are not capable of giving to us what we need. And instead of like hanging on for dear life going they're just gonna finally be there for me to realize that we need. Other people we need our team we need our team of people. We're going to be either for us because you know one day I might be going to stump than a miner reach out to Kevin Harris late Margaret's. And they're not available you know he's out of speaking somewhere at some other country. So who else am I gonna go to jail Oakland and and and she realized that. Not expecting especially her family and our loved ones they see people get caught up in man. Does so desperately whining. Those people they love to be their farm and realizing sometimes people are not capable they're not able. The good resource is Delphi. If you're navigating through Tesla Delphi is a resource as far as we have a substance abuse outpatient treatment program. The national crisis. Or the national suicide prevention lifeline yeah just 180273. Talk. 825 I. You can I also got out and buying take a after asked peed out toward the American foundation for suicide prevent send a kind. Men broke how neat who is started a coalition partners for suicide prevention and and there is gonna be some information coming out and man as far as a web site which it's not going to be a service for people but there's an NB. A website for people to go to. To get resource is in our community OK I would say if you are is looking for support sway doubt I. You know heading up our FaceBook page you know we're always. Posting resources and different things on their in the community for people to go to and as far as dove face concerned. You know about the taking use my house first aid class yeah you know learn how to he had conversations. And gain the confidence. To be older approach somebody that's going through an emotional challenge. And Kevin Hines your movie in it. To find out more about the screenings in the movie Delphi the FaceBook page is a great. Resource for that as well for what we have locally and then they gather site yet HE HR guy USG. HT HR dat you ask. For Kevin Hines suicide the ripple effect of screening for that there's. A couple screenings locally and I know. Possibility of more screenings to be added to the list so keep checking out there. The Delphi FaceBook page fourteenth it regal in Greece at 3 o'clock is the one screening cabin you've been a town so many times and we are so grateful for our. All that your doing in your coming back in July adhered to speak in Ontario county. Yes that's right that's really in the so be it it's been in and around the area. Many many more times and eagle I know these darn big items I'm always going to on the so you gotta be available by that term and what do I think we've got now people that if they encourage right now. And and many don't talk you'd rather immediately. When I think you can do is Eric are you where he and the Q are. Isn't that. You didn't question. Are they realized and that and that and that and it ended and realized RV EU RPM 01 and all warm and inter conquer conquered your pain. Conquering your beat you outside. And talking about double. If they had yet you are simple example in the current pipeline. We are able to track on our act and that is edited it is pretty amazing tool. C and Q are text that to 741741. And and somebody will reach back out you break. It's here. There have been a bit what is it about a bit you know if you look right back out where are you ready and willing to Mossad you. I met and that does not respect it actually. That is really good to sometimes you need immediate. Attention so 741741. And taxi and it Q are. Kevin Hines thank you so much Margie. Mean you guys are welcome back. Any time. A and. And.