Stop working scared instead start 'Bossing Up' with Norma Holland

Friday, September 25th

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A lot of our listeners have told us they want to know more about investing, so today in our segment with our CFP Erica Cummings from The Harmony Financial Wellness Group at RBC Wealth Management we’ll explain the difference between Active and Passive investing“No Dumb Questions”


How to 'Boss Up' Your Own Life and stop working scared Norma Holland joins the show. What compelled her to walk away from a 23 year career in TV to take on the new unfamiliar challenge of digital marketing? She’ll explain it all today.

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We end the show today like we always do, we’ll take Today we had parents ask their kids- What is compound interest?We’ll see what the kids say and what advice our money expert Susan Beacham founder of “A Seat at the Kid’s Table.”Money Savvy Generation has for parents. The best way to teach kids the important lesson of compounding.

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