Stop the Stigma- "It's ok to ask for help"

Friday, July 13th

Stop the Stigma ROC (STS) is an organization that seeks to promote suicide prevention and raise awareness about mental health, specifically in youth (ages 10-25). As a youth-led organization we hope to do this through education and by providing a forum for open conversation and dialog. We feel the best way to prevent suicide is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Through conversation barriers are lessened between persons struggling with suicidal thoughts and needed professional help. We hope to connect those who need help with those who are able to provide help. The STS organization volunteers will not offer counseling services. In all cases for counseling we will refer any and all individuals to trained mental health professionals.

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Her thinking is so much for joining us again I'm in senior laden is and this is neighbors in need. OK so good today on the phone with me if somebody that you prevent them luck and thanks. Among she has done so much and I gotta get my act gathers the fifth. May you have done so much already and you are just going into your senior year at the airport in high school may read thank you so much for being. On the fast track to having had told you we are you rate now. I am and nuke earlier in New York. On a mission trip. He kisses and I'm talking about. You order still in high school and you're already. Helping out so home many people so what are you doing on this mission trip. Comic called me to work camps okay. And it basically going. Neighborhoods and communities it's low socio economic status and it could not home. People with disabilities that are in the military. I'm just making improving their lives with their home and also making connections with the evil in the community. How many of you guys are there from Rochester. This morning for about making him are you are so fantastic okay let's talk about the real reason why we brought you land. Stop the stigma he need to learn more about this how did it start what is your involvement in net. So optimistic in Iraq and say nonprofit organization with you leadership. On that seeks to promote suicide prevention and mental health awareness and use. And we focused specifically on people aged ten to 25. Is mainly because they felt like and where you've flag that's our expertise yeah. We know we're in that world and meet Kimberly has. People of that aid so about. But the way to we were created. It was about. Two and a half years ago my best friend died by suicide and in most ardent nearly. You that they freshmen that airport. And after her death. Her friend that NRA we Wear are obviously heartbroken and were grieving but we also there's an added leveled about it. They community just wasn't. As willing to talk about it as other armed take it that I had witnessed a few years earlier. He didn't at airport died by cancer. And their response that we got. In my friend that compared to this summer and it died I can't terror or car accident was extremely different. Erin blamed placing there was. Morning to keep it quiet and move past the very quickly. Whereas in other didn't act that Tibetan. You know very memorialized and they were put on a pedestal and remembered and wanted to celebrate their lives and it was then there's a huge contrast there. People just did not wanna talk about mental illness and suicide. And that really really bothered to labor like this is not okay this is not how we want. Jordan legacy to be lack. So I. Feeling even in these short two years. We have moved forward do you feel it that we aren't talking about it more. Do I think it. In Iraq is Eric in Rochester doing a lot of good things to. Start conversations. And be more open about talking about our mental wellness. It should be we should talk about her mental element just like we talk about a broken arm and our our diabetes. About a critical help they should be it's both medical condition. Shouldn't be. This and shouldn't be such a gap. Expected. Inner. And it that's really that's. What that. Gap of acceptance and did not around the topic of an element. Is really what often people from seeking help and without seeking medical help counseling it's really hard at helping yourself. You know it is so important that we as a culture. Try to reduce the stigma around the topic. And talk about it more openly so that people who are struggling don't feel so ashamed to come out about it. Now when he. Keep it respectful third Jordan. In her family in all of you but can you. Tell us a little bit about Jordan and then in were there warnings signs what was it that. You know. What was the store what was her life like what what. And got her to that point. Clay court again I think it's important that we talk about him that so that. Other people have that awareness and their lives and the people around them. So Bert from my standpoint and a most people on her life. We did not see warnings and at the time I'm looking back now now that I know how much more I see them but at the time. No one was on the catching them on their I would say that. In her. Case. She definitely. Talk about. You know being depressed. And struggling. With school. So those were some time and very little help this team. So those were now that I'm looking back those are signs that contribute at this side. Before my friend died I didn't even realize there are and what it taught that mental illness was a contributing factor to suicide. I didn't. Yeah the lack of education and I didn't even when she said Allen aren't depressed. It was I was not something that I was worried about are even came up and I am thinking around that. In I think a lot of us at the same thing like we all have our depressed d.s or are. You know especially when your teenager when your kid you're already dealing with so many hormones in meat mood changes in your body's changing in. In your friends are changing in there is so much around you especially you guys today I mean what. When we group we had it tough for you guys haven't even more with social media and in all these news stories just it's constant it's constant. Either negativity. Or ADs heart breaking stories. In your right it's easier to. Brush it off and think OK well that's fine that's normal. But you are right in Indy creation of this stop the stigma Iraq is. To say hey listen maybe it is not normal taken extra step taken extra moment and ask the right questions. So what advice would you get to. Fellow teenagers. That how that friend that say the same things that you heard from Jordan. Don't be afraid to ask the direct question. And all the training could have gotten it they'd that it is super important to directly. At a cure for your at all worried about them they're not gonna you're not gonna put it in their head. Aren't they may be a that would you earth that act better than them not being here this after a direct question are you thinking about taking your own life. You can't say are you thinking. Like he can't joke with them. Sorry you're not thinking of hurting yourself are you you have to be direct and act and that question if you are. Concerned and they are chilling warning signs. And also just to know the warning sign I did not. And looking back if I had known Mumbai and that I made weak credit. Told her mom or hold a counselor something because the warning peg where there I just didn't have the education. To keep them. In the mission of stop. The stigma is just that to create the awareness. Yes I am we have how we've been around we've been doing ethnic community or. Two and a half years that now we started our for the our first at bat that kind of got it started as an organization. On what that stop that did not awareness conquer Rome and just had her third annual one. This pac ten. So it's it's very exciting that the community has banned though. Respected cadet that we've been able to continue for three years now. And the main goal of the first Martin just all of them my best was this to raise awareness that we have this. The base line tool kit for all of us have so that we can watch out for our friends and family and make sure that. Everyone's mental wellness is un intact and that this be a safety net and that support to compare the people around us. And you said that you know you're going on your third annual at that time when you guys you and your friends are creating mess. Wish them the motivation because nobody was talking about and you know memorializing jordin like they should have been isn't it amazing to think now today three years later did you ever think back on day one. Now we got into it I called upon my friend. That where. Turn Jordan and had a feeling the same bank and the bank of Rome and started talking about it and eight I honestly was kind of like this for the little. This is a little. Crazies we're trying to do this this could be ambitious that did not gonna act. It might not work we planned in about six weeks I think Lou. So we started and it was in bay and 2016. And started in May. Our community really needed that. And again this year. I feel like it was. Also necessary and good bad timing but good time and time are content this year was the week that. I'm Anthony boarding and keep aid to around my. Arms so. Terrible timing but also. Very appropriate timing that the community is you know in shock and it's kind of very unusual. Culture the whole culture of greed and really because they were figures. On then kind of addressing the issues. And having an event for people to comment. In theater. Questions and it clear up any confusion. About. It's almost. Comforting an educational. I was thinking at the beginning of the week comic rushed and we cancel our event because all of this happening but that I was like no weak hand this is. This is why you need the narrow yeah. Do you feel like in the school system because I know. That the educators are trying to really wrap their arms around mess and and be they air force students who are dealing with mental illness do you feel it do you sunset do you notice a difference. Well I think that we have taken it very could that New York State just passed a law that there have to be. Mental health education K through twelve and that's the new mandate. That's one step forward I don't know how that's going to be. Put into place. At least there's you know it's mandated in all the public schools the right direction and yet the right direction I'm very happy about that and I think it. Teachers. Looking at that student as a whole person. And whether it at any adult looking at it. Kid that I like the whole person and being concerned with all of them I think there's so many pressures. And our culture right now I'm used you have to be back athlete. Backed it and not be social you have all these and if you perfect at everything. I think that we also. Behind that we need to look at the person that's there and all the pressure how that pressures affecting them. And understand that people are not one sided there are not welcome everyone and disrespect back and tried. Relief some of that pressure that I could cut. And that contribute to a lot of people armed struggles is that. Everyone's expecting so much to them and they don't feel like reliving not a and that yeah I think that that's gotten worse then on the recent years I don't. I talked to my mom and she says you know like it's definitely the pressure that are aren't kid now is much greater than it was and a zillion. Absolutely in a new wave though the pressure is there because what you guys see. And the instead Graham and and listen to me a McBeal late on me and step Arianna I have yet but it is you look. You always just put out there your proudest mound and Eric you know the best picture viewing your perfect little family. None but email. Alongside that though I feel like we are talking more about embrace failure. Embraced the non perfect and that is another. Cultural shift that hiding grow up where I had to be perfect and if I was imperfect I was in can even take the risk so. What can we do first stop the stigma rock went what support you need from nots is it. Contribute donations is it help you who you know fund raiser volunteer what is it that we can do or just spread the word. Educate yourself I mean obviously. Donation they're great. And helping volunteers are great anyone listening today want help and volunteer. That we have a web site is it my rock dot org. And get on there and learn more about us. But it's really good method that I wanna take away at it pretty easy to educate yourself about warning sign. And educate yourself about every course for the McNamee have been so many resources and art community and I don't just mean. Our organization pop the state of Iraq there is a huge. Array of resources in Iraq that are we have. The universe Iraq if there is huge. I psychiatric. Facility and organization and that and that's a great resource and there are dozens of other resources and that it is important to note owed. So that you can help. And I think so and the thing that I wanna stay at any kids they're listening or any adult and listening is that it's not on you'd take care of a you that you can't. Helped them on your own you're not a mental health while you might be but not amount unprofessional. And you you're not responsible you're not. Solely responsible for taking care and into green out it is patented and very importantly it used as well because. You know you're back and struggling you feel like you have to take care of them and they don't want you to talent but he. So that's a little bit of a struggle right there a conflict. It's not argue that he has and that those difficult to have a mostly. Your hands yes that's something that I really want to take away is that I'm human it's important to know. As if you felt about things so that you can't help. Maybe that read it was such an honor to talk to you today going into your senior year at the airport and best of luck T you know. And thank you so much for being done. Think you have the credit is right.