The Steps He Took To Pay Down $200,000 of Debt with Rob Giumarre

Friday, April 19th

When you have the weight of debt hanging over your head it's hard to think about anything else. It effects your relationship with your partner, with your kids even with relationships at work.

Today's guest is on a mission to help people, who are struggling with debt find their light at the end of what seems to be the never ending tunnel.

Rob Giumarra, a single dad of 3 boys was in $200,000 of debt just 4 years ago.  Today, he proudly says he is almost completely debt free.

He does admit, it did take a lot to put aside his ego and file for bankruptcy. But since then, he has readjusted his mindset about money and his budget.

I truly hope this episode inspires you to keep yourself on track and focused on achieving that amazing feeling of being financially confident!

If you need any help along the way feel free to always reach out.