Start a new rewarding career in the field of Criminal Justice

Thursday, April 19th

We talk to Dr Rich Martin and Dr Frank Colaprete about the Criminal Justice program at Keuka college. 

The program is designed to fit your needs and lifestyle.


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We'll welcome that it is neighbors in need nine CD waters thank you again for joining us this week in London found it. From Hugh good college in the criminal justice program we have fringe mark and me and frank callebs Heredia thank you so much for being here thank you for having her. Some watery environment like with the world that we live in now and again I hate scenic as it sounds so. Cliche but. Do you sense that there is more interest a renewed interest in the criminal justice program. Well I would hope that we would see it increased just because of the complexity of the world we let him now yeah yup it's no it's no big secret. Society just continues to get more more complex. And where that the challenges of criminal justice continue to get more complex. So I would hope that we would see more more people. Pursuing degrees in criminal justice. In the individuals who have an interest in this type of fields you know the fields of the first responder and they are special people they are the people who are. Running towards the gunshots in towards the fire. Those people turning the gun barrel account of one part of the whole field of criminal justice and overseeing. That kind of diversity in our student population actually. A lot of students wanted to get into the parole or probation aspect. Which is kinda after the fact how many more geared towards that rehabilitation side of things dose not just the people better and certainly was a large need for those people that are. Are willing to be on the front lines in the first responders. But a huge need in all aspects of the justice system particularly as we start focusing a little bit more time I'm rehabilitation and less incarceration. The program does cater to the adults that when I go back and pursue a career in criminal justice what is the program look like. Well also week we were. Created around 2000. And it was kind of an extension of our our college's founder George Harvey ball who had a vision of providing more access to education. Are more what we've. Found out is that. There were a lot of working adults who wanted to go back for their degree. Are many who were party working in the field of criminal justice and I just couldn't because of all the responsibilities. So the program that was designed was designed around allowing the students to earn her degree while still be able to. Maintain a full time job and take care of the fairways. In all of those other obligations that they come what being an adult. So the programs are our resident run during the day and spread out all all over the course of a week. Students global literally attempt class when 1 evening per week. I'll take one course at a time. And are much of the work is done outside of the questioned by the student facilitated by the instructor. And they can get their their undergraduate degree. If they come in we've we've an associate degree didn't get their bachelor's degree in just under two years. And a master's degree in eighteen months and all very much geared towards working around the adult. I think well one is a bit around still think he's seven between policing in the moderated five point two unity government education and I thought it numerous colleges and one of I'm more considerations that if we bring to the table. Colleges are gold upon traditional. Teacher didactic strategy evolve. You know all of the current view and want. As far as fifteen week course small colleges you know number Europe are going on back is over the side of the global accelerated format. To address the needs of a gulf spill salt there was more we're gonna pick traditional program content to balance the mystery of tying. That's more global for the individual as a job controlled what and when the moment commitment. What this program uniquely does what all of the programs you went there was that it takes it one step further and really focuses on post them as well as specialized maravent current. Of careers that they wanna vote or give them a lot of flexibility to be able to vote but to spot it. So instead of which are seeing him accelerator programs literally across the country and it keeps you know Collins and upon numerous colleges or mutual policemen were. It's. You know bird formal one Linear driven model was very open. Volatile all systems and also open I don't gonna learn a ball pleas court fractions spot. The I really wanna focus on the corrections side I wanna focus on the community corrections I've and that's been very very sick gospel across I can give you can't mope and only examples Putin's who have. Are going on further darker to specialize in particular are developing programs that the state while all people want as well. It's a joy for me to see that happen. Nobody gets an opportunity to pick their own path. And and support that. Do you feel like that's where the shift is that's good that's the big need to rain now we is. Like you said not the traditional Linear approach ten attack education. All of wife and you know we don't with most of it on purpose of the given to us and I don't we now. Navigate that field analyst we try to you know world purse one professional and are alive and so. In all of that. How many there was this country have the opportunity to really going to enjoy a college education entry in you know we all have rules and we're trying to overcome them and I'm. I'm a nontraditional student has money are quite high school and decided that. A little later from the moment when you know earlier in my twenties whose political back and the hope and applaud all close and controversial people aren't quite immigrant rhetoric from my doctor. I don't know it's because they as a person Normandy region amendments that. The uniqueness of this program look at the individual student as a postal cookie cutter. Yeah yeah and our group we all have childhood dream and order a stockbroker. If lawyer drops are. Are going to try to professions or trees or recovery and that was childhood dream of mine that I was able realized by going to community college and actually I'm a product that looks or a program that was an armored columns and actually. Actually. And spearheaded this report comes. Well in the joy for me to go on to and all the collagen view of the foundation upon doled out there. Yeah and where without rich and frank the criminal justice program IQ can college. Gosh I can only imagine how hard it is for an adult students is say I'm gonna do it I'm gonna take that John take that leap of faith and and brawl would advice would you give. Well it certainly a million reasons why not too and because of a plot stroke responsibilities as adults are trying to juggle. You know there are a lot of reasons not to sort really comes down to a personal. Our commitment to DePaul oneself. On those personal goals and frank talked about you know they do want to be a police are actually one of your probation officer or. People or working the professions are ready that want to know more about the post but feel that they're dedicating her life's too or advance and get promoted or or. Expand their opportunities. You know so it really comes down to the personal. Choice. To go practicality and and that's were what frank was talking about the individuality of of the programs focusing on the individual student in what their goals are giving them control. As opposed to that Linear approach that he mentioned. Where the students can focus on exactly what they want to direct them towards your goals that they had. How hard was it frank it would age did you say OK I'm good I mean do that some in and get my degree in criminal justice. Well we. Just critical point yeah animal movement. I think it's also providing that the academic structure our colleges haven't really. Understood that Transocean and market we're geniuses of that and I mean everybody has a long way of approaching problems strategies one not. Well what happens is you BP you know. Mine suddenly the economic minds two when obviously Socrates and Aristotle. But it doesn't really. Adjustment. To try to do was they fifteen weeks and put them a five person or a model. Colorized I'm. But he you know you can do that what curriculum a trip that also support structure and understand what the spoons can accomplish that which. So close there's there's several different strategies that are open to that have an understanding of yes I can get. The end. And only make him pick the first stop well but that the program adequately Mabel accomplishments. Don't ask me about on backward doctorates and I want it. You know you can't pick the best school of law school yet support the school has a good reputation there are decent reputation but a program that you can actually get throw just. Yeah he can't he can't get new program going and it's impossible for her rhetoric of the hour now. Right and you guys sit down and Cuba college sit down with individual like you've been saying and customize it. Four is there needs for their lifestyle and make it work. Are how to make it work. The question yet we have Bob wanna go back in mind was just was looking at. As we Henry policemen of ninety if we're able to pick because credible academic. The GE U commissioner of a local community college or local community college about him a number of opportunities but some but to your turn in the summit on court. You know what happened as a very real a sudden has to be a different way to warrant different way to be able accomplished does anyone know. Penal. If I'm lying quicker couples who ultimately acknowledged salt and ability economic what sort of payable by the moment more important. An enhancement what. Yeah and you know this is. You know for partial or spark elected as perhaps we want reform and a lot of it can only personal successes but the but that this accustomed professionally with the individuals and event that the wise and added opportunities real pot and I got story and top story there are no we don't this format hospital walls put spoon from Conley got gradual postgraduate degrees promotions and main. It's just wonderful what have them reach all they got this walk right he has all of the curriculum and release all these focus in on an area but I wanted to socialize them. Can you cite one story in your most favorite interview I don't know targeted to order a problem predicting we want it or some inspiration send it has a lot of people that are listening right now have may be that similar dream that you had in just need that little nudge. What it's if we have dual degree recipients. Which is one example where they have they they've gone back it up or bash the principal Wallach and actually don't act. And Bono likened to a masters. I haven't been told programmatic what is news is that. Early seamless quandary at the graduate tolerant side that the experience doesn't change it rolled it gets harder but it doesn't change you know all functionally. Good to. Kabul great examples in different spoons ones and we have a suitable degree recipient was certainly one of the police departments oval was. Arm's stayed close for the masters program maybe I'm a parent of course occurred time has master's project. It was you decide you wanted to reorganization was in the wood because you're an aside that particular immediate picture that many assault. He had the opportunity to be it would do all they have an opportunity to be able pursue was Eric occasion he and bill consult professional. The battle led him to a roller running internal affairs knowledge abrupt retreat and the police department didn't. And your credit you know that you know a lot of the older warrant that was able focused and I. The thing that I eat a learners and individuals involved which is part of a bag tactic strategy. In all of period restrict those kind of ball on him but we're trying to teach people what they need to know. They argue a point of view or quick which is. Two students are working almost corrections in the and one in the polling numbers that works and our observer along works its auctions on the ball from the side and there were going to or pursued their final Richard project correctional restrict. Product mentor. I'm all. Now only advanced within the system salt 11 from parole officer as senior patrol officer and she acted basically the role that you have to object impatient as the role of the target real prosecute cases and parole violators. But I know Carolina bureau shoot the dollar won't instructions worked himself open from. There bowl on a committee right literally as we speak productivity right now over. That. Is developing as they went about our program for points. Yeah I communal. And I don't want to dominate the airtime but it does it excite at a although we bring it on but we get a win an employee when our colleges. That was the student loans or ship or undergraduate degree in education. And if she decides to pursuit shouldn't. The notion wanted to do match is management are masters or someone else's administration had a couple talks were there should decided that there are more brown. She focused all first buddies and higher education when the president goes on. And literally while the ink was dry and under the bridge it was our record owner or prison project. Who two I school diplomas and then. I don't the ball drops on them when the New York State the public art so I eight Iraq. Those are couple's story of the hunky possible you want at all. General wanna Dominic here I am but expects get a very excited about this is our job is that do watch it. We lose focus on our role is to develop people. And they have them go on an avenue bridge quarter of human ritualized. Look for new directions and maps would wonderful component of the might 31 years in the field. There's a couple points different rate of one of whom was believing that you can do it and he talked about that the transition from the underrated or greater program. And two adults by and large second guess themselves on that yeah. You and once they get in they realize going dude there's no secret to let and you know the excitement there frank talks about a club teaching in developing students. You know is true across the board and our programs. And hurt our you know instructors take a personal stake in the development of the students to help them. Believe in what they can actually do you know through and through the programs but actually built into what is developing their efficacy or self efficacy to believe that they can be successful. Yeah you're you're absolutely right it's it's heart it's a hard first step to take for Manny but knowing that you guys are dared to say yes you can do that. We're gonna help Hillary GAAP wood is out what is the best way to reach out to you and find out more information. Certainly picking duke go to our web site dark Uga dot edu and search for the accelerator programs. We have certainly that colonel just system and so all the programs. Obviously want to reach out to me correctly you malice simply are marking a Q could dot edu and bound agent called my office phone at 315279. 56 or five. And you know we can certainly give him a hundred. Was somebody that can help them enrolled and I can answer any questions they have earned her my colleague would would make it seem off of everything with the you know just already. Ups and all you varied duties. You've heard he usually with the same thing I'm gonna lost ark but if we're gonna be a more advanced. Frank thank you so much for taking a few minutes the best today and neighbors in need and thank you for. Everything that you guys still. Thank you for having us and it.