The staggering statistics about Rochester's Opioid Epidemic

Thursday, November 30th

The Monroe County Opioid Task Force, in response to the current Opioid Epidemic in our community, seeks a comprehensive multi-sector response with approaches that include prevention education, treatment, recovery, and enforcement strategies.

They seek to ensure that individuals and families impacted by the disease of addiction, have full and complete access to prevention, treatment and recovery services on par with coverage equal to that of other diseases, thus removing the stigma surrounding the disease of addiction

Reversing the Stigma
Combatting Addiction
Real New Yorkers, Real Stories, Real Recovery

Monday, December 11, 2017
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Cost: FREE
Registration is required

Rochester Psychiatric Center
Rehab Bldg #16, Auditorium
1111 Elmwood Ave.
Rochester, NY 14620

Introductions by Dr. Charles Morgan, Medical Director of NYS OASAS and Jennifer Faringer, Director of NCADD-RA
Panel following the film representing: Open Access, ROCovery Fitness, Recovery Now and S.O.A.R.S
For more information and registration please call or e-mail Erin Egloff, Finger Lakes Addiction Resource Center Coordinator at (585) 719-3485 or [email protected].
Finger Lakes Addiction Resource Center



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I think you again for joining has to meet his neighbors in need I'm seeding matters and good friend of ours chairman Jennifer fairy injured so good of a friend and I don't even your name Jennifer fearing there is in front and see an eighteenth tee and you so much for being back at my hands and always be here this is something that I don't think we can talk enough about now. And they're still so much stigma around it and sell many unanswered questions so we're gonna try to. He deviates some of that stigma and we're gonna try to educate you and what our own the rights and I think that's at a confusing to a lot of people in the severity that the numbers the statistics around it is pretty alarming. But Jennifer before we get into that let's clarify what is NCA DT. Sure at the national council on alcoholism and drug dependence this is a program of DePaul. So we're the only program of DePaul however that works with substance use disorders and more everything education. So prevention education and we don't work with treat them directly but we refer people to treatment instead we work with kids and families. Were impacted by the addiction of their loved ones but we also provide a wide variety of education. As requested community groups school groups. Parent groups. And at anyone really calling and asking for more information on any number of issues around substance use disorders. You may include but are talking about yeah you go to yeah because yeah you. Give me give us Celanese statistics because it isn't what we once thought drug abuse wise it's it's not in. In first before giving some of the statistics I know when I go out in the community I still hear confusion about. What arrow peeling it's an OP LA it's it's the large family group that includes both prescription pain mats. And heroin. And then maybe helps people get that connection like Y used to such an increase of her when. Only it's actually a larger increase in terms of overdose of prescription pain Madson because there. Part of the same family. What's happened in so many cases people get addicted to prescription pain man's and then they can get more prescription pain mats considers a cap now. They move on to heroin and those are often folks who never imagined that they will be any and that's an area in didn't sound like each. Be in the same fan make via prescription drugs you get a from the dentist after surgery the doctor exactly and then when you think heroin and yeah. That's what I banks any age any anybody yeah and to give you some of those comparative statistics in the sixties. When we were it. Talking about people seeking treatment for their heroin addiction. About 80% of those folks had first started with Caroline and they were being treated for heroin compare that to now in the 2000. And seventeen almost eighteen. 75%. Of those seeking treatment for their heroin started in stud the prescription pain Matt cabinet 5% yet to total reversal in terms so first struck a choice. End up with the same. And using heroin and and start from the very different place. And and the level of trust you don't make might prescribe to enter my parents describe that the physicians are the pharmacy. Bill that the insurance paid for what's what's the big deal. And plus when you think that it is prescribed to. Really they resent any age as a teenager who has a sports injury to a grandparent. Exactly. So this one in particular his crossed all of demographic boundaries yeah and in terms of numbers are as high a in the city urban suburban. Across all ethnicities. Men women. Age groups although there's more we're seeing more overdose deaths from the 25 to 45. Each group but people are using and abusing. Even before that and even after. So there we have made strides oaks armament we're yeah first time when you came in and this was years ago now it was still a struggle to get doctors to prescribe less. Yes we've move forward I think baby steps and broke tourney in New York State in fact if you look at the state map or in a United States map. New York is actually in the place of having decreased prescriptions. Monroe County out of New York State is actually also in the decreasing. Number of prescriptions so we're going in the right direction. Just not be enough I think we still have some work to do but at least we're going in the right direction. And when I talk about that to give you another stat that sort of puts it in perspective. When you think of the United States having 5% of the world population and yet we consume 80% of the world's supply of toxic. And they get that sort of boggles your mind 5% of the population that. 80% of the world's supply of OxyContin. That's so and so that gives you. Sense of how the numbers to sheer numbers of prescription payments that are out there. In this isn't about. Eliminating prescription pain methods you know when you have the surgery. You want to have access to pain medication the issue is. Dick is is the more it's a movement toward a more. Conservative. Describing him so instead of getting what we used to see the 8090 OxyContin after a minor surgery. To take home with you. How about three or seven days and seven days is actually the lot now in terms so describing. There are extenuating circumstances but the movement is to get. Just driving less prescribing. At least the most conservative amount you can possibly can't get someone their primary care doc for follow up and then looking at. None of the united followup or alternative therapy file. You know for chronic pain that actually might be more helpful. And it's true don't have medicine be decode two and doctors are. Rethinking their wavy prescribed to me we are okay they are they really are again I think we've got a grip both got a wonderful group of docs I don't think I never thought that this was a situation. You always have bad apples who but I think. All in all this was a huge. Pot but it's a planned attack by big pharmaceutical companies to. Provide this huge misinformation campaign stood medical community. And kind of move that whole way we look for pain hence they thing when you go into your docs officers in the hospital they see rate your pain. From one to attack you on pain is really subject of how do you assign a number and to really an artificial number they actually the pain society in the United States. Created an artificial. Vital sign it's a fifth by the side. So the American and Caribbean Madison are trying to now pulled that back. Because it never should have that in part of a vital sign instead. A position should have the conversation with the patient or patients. And that conversation with your physician men you know is there another non addictive and less risky way I can respond by pain or. Howdy you know positions and patient how do you respond pain might be very different and yes the remote and I some loan pain threshold right pain threshold he could ask is it interfering with your work as an affair with. Elected to the future and you know have a conversation. Find out people's tolerance. Two ports pane. And I think he pumping in of the advertising from the pharmaceutical. Companies makes us believe. We should be a 100% pain free society it's it's just. You know it's sort of warped our way of thinking that we respond so differently and we would have twenty years ago do you think it. They'll ever be held accountable for. This can I tell ask any of it took forever but yet yeah there's movement there's several states attorney generals that are via filing suit against big pharmaceutical companies. And then to institute a mid October. Sixty minutes is a huge acts Hussein on those big pharmaceutical. Distributors. So this is even beyond. Pharmacy that supper companies and they were showing numbers like two examples they use this little town in West Virginia 500. I was having something. And 151000. Oak Hill late prescription opiate payment shipped into that county for pickup. I mean it's obvious abuse that they axe does say it was so around. The FDA Drug Enforcement Administration. Having essentially lost their teeth inability to respond to them. By passage of what we call the Marino legislation. And so I know senator chuck Chuck Schumer and others are looking to hold that back. Because as we can give the DA permission to seek. Now those pharmaceutical distributors that are shipping these massive amounts of opening its across the country. At least were. Weaning him after we are probably will be a long time before it will be it lumpy it's on a quick solution with this one at all. Now let's look into. The resource is because there's a lot of resources especially. Local Lisa yes yes so the good news tolerance I think we were paving the way in Monroe County we've got to Munro Connie openly task force. We started that the council. Early 2016. Who are redeemed or second going into a thirty year that. And what we're trying to do is spread the word about the resources so one of them. And this is there's a standing order to get our canned an Americana is. Drug safe drug they can safely reverse and hope you're right. Overdose so if an individual have someone in their family group or appears circle. Or anyone in the community I'd encourage them to check out. On several of he per providers of anarchy and training and there's there's there's multiple. Making call us for more information or they can go to their pharmacy because he's a standing order buyer. Public health commissioner. To have narc and available at the pharmacy with only your co pay. And the smoke does finance and then again at Jerry and so if you go to one of the training providers you get a kit free. But anyone can walk into the major pharmacies and say I'd like an. America and can. And then you pay according to your co pay with your insurance that there is a state and came up. And that paves forty dollars toward your co pay so if open is forty dollars you may still end up getting it. Are not thinks that that's important is that out is broadly this week and to. Save a life because you have a window of time he come across someone who's overdosed. On my one month first but then if you've got their kids you can minister. And when nine on when EMS comes. They'll have another coastal transport hospital they'll have an average another dose in the potency of heroin it's out in the street you may need dose 1234. To be able to reverse so point used to respond as quickly as possible. It's a side note to their heroine isn't what it once was when news you know those statistics from the seventies right this is more potent. Much much more important so it's cheapest is cheaper it's more available and it's much more potent okay. Stoner now. Is there any hold up. With that every EMS. Person now every ambulance every fire frightened they have very quick tweets and bat right yes there yes most. Are PPI believe. Is relying on. Ambulances to see responded they'll have gone on board but no penny sheriff's department all of their officers have been trained. Pounds many of the town's. Have gotten trained but private individuals that the point is anyone can get hold of this now which is awesome we really need to. Increase the availability. Love that album mystery. I won a point to to our website at WWW. And CH TT dashed very dot org. There's an area on the resource page the specific to heroin an appearance in it gives you direct links to local state and federal sites. All specific to this issue. No time to go to each one of them. 01 and one of them is on the Munro and the oak in the past forces brochure. Which he used to list of those Smart and providers locally it gives to. Information about appealing it educational training gives you. The recommended recommended conversation that we talked about before having a conversation with your doc. And it talks about the 911 importance of calling 911 in the puts American law. But it passed on the cover an important. Service for its first of its kind in New York State and that's called open access. And that's a place that time 350 university avenue it's staffed by multiple treatment providers. And its goal is to get to the 24/7. Truly open access. What it is now this Monday through Friday 4:10 PM you can walk hand. Police officer if they come across an individual who sent leads help me you know one treatment not have a place to bring someone. On Saturday to Sunday it's actually open from 9 AM to 10 PM and again the goal is to get when you for seven. So open access is not scandal owners separate treatment agency it's staffed by treatment staff. Multiple agencies intention is to get an immediate evaluation. I know what's the appropriate level air for the individual. And then help identify the first available. Bad or treatment slot that individual. Negotiated me insurance barriers. Negotiate any transportation issues again getting them. I treatment soon as you possibly patent has no longer are we wanting to except. On their response. When someone calls this I need I need treatment a you'll have to wait for three weeks yeah I couldn't. May we may so when you get to the point of saying I need treatment is needed now it wouldn't do that with a cardiac patients you would do that with a dive or any other disease and we got to stop doing that. With addiction we need immediate access. So open access is one attempt to death. The other attempt to see increasing treatment providers who additionally. Have walk in a valuation times so that would accomplish thing thing be housed with an treatments site. And they are Catholics and the sun earth and new north and location. If they're Doyle and Villa oh and I expect by January wouldn't be read do. Herman wrote county treatment provider list thing that we'll have even more at that have stepped up to offer. Hours since they specific days the week where you can walk in and get an about a nation again same detective if somebody attempt by and get them. Into treatment decisions. Do you think that some people don't. Actually reach out for help in fear of what what's gonna happen comic going to be and get in trouble for events or what legal ramifications. So this open access makes it comfortable for people to watch. It makes it comfortable I think at that point it's not so much they would be worried about legal implications. Though the pull of the truck is very strong post they have to get their point. Where they say enough already like I can do is sending a car. And you know the in in you've got get short window of tile name PM before the pull of the drug because you figure by the time they're addicted. There's actually been kind of a flip switch in the brain. That it's superseding all rational or lifetime tied in the drive to get more of that drug is so strong. You've got their in the brief window of time in the acidity. To get someone to treat. In the treatment is possible recovery is possible absolutely and we got and also in our community room lucky to have some wonderful. Grass roots recovery organization and so the other message out there is no that this recovery resources that this is beyond the standard. Twelve step groups which are. Raed Al anonymous narcotics anonymous. There's a growing number of specific Harrell an anonymous groups that also got the link that listing on our website. There's foreign now in Rochester that from zero a year ago so that's what. Amazing. And the other things rock recovery fitness over 1035. Duty. It sent program that believes. Did to kind of work with people in recovery and a variety of activities. Whether strenuous non stress tests and use everything in between support groups who some moms grief group there meditation. You know they're I think they're gonna shine they tell you because you're on the board great yeah Rick I am yeah I'm just about you last and they were and they're wonderful I love I love that group. He also recovery. And now is another organization they've started a program appear engagement program indicates town home. It's called gates to recovery on Thursday evening and then one can go in. And if it is to talk to someone else who spent threats of any recovery for the suns who talk one on one. You know I've I've been Marion again the objective would be to say try to get them folk that person over to open access the sort. Into treatment in and brought covering fitness does something similar on Tuesday an earthquake. Right in the heart of where all measles disposal is a spotless and are are happening in Clinton. We'll find your path may detect this. Tell all these brand new kinds of things are happening and a community in terms of when I came the word out and getting people help. In this suite. Do keep getting the bird out and Jennifer Farrah incher and number one place to start if you have any questions is B and CA DD web site. Which is NC ADD dash. Bork thank you so much of pleasure as always thanks in.