Spezzano's fatherly advice to the 20 yr old Hilton scratch off winner

Tuesday, July 10th

Congratulations to the 20 yr old from Hilton who won $1million on a scratch off ticket.

What would you have done with that amount of money when you were 20?  What "fatherly advice" does Scott have?

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Things are looking great for twenty year old college student from Hilton. She walked in Aramis marked police and ironically bought a scratch off. The hold them poker scratch off ticket scratched it off one million dollars. Well no he geez hold back headache ahead here jeez I'm twenty years. And I'll. Oh who Yahoo!. We'll scalp like she's probably dealing with how to tighten their college English like parents are not gonna take my insurance anymore and then she went and now. As soon denied she could almost pay off all our tuition if you two years almost that I act get. She get the classic oversized the lottery check today. We don't know her name but she has that you know on existing you have to show up and get it meant trying to somebody asks an hour c'mon. 2222899. That's not fear that is one of the note and had just teller I just wanna know what she's like Paladino does she volunteer or does she held the I don't know. This year for a awfully well not a criminal criminal what you know kind of person they seek not fair especially for her at her age because. From here on out when she turns legal when he won. Her friends are you really throw your own damn twine for five. And the money you cannot sell out. By kick it's twenty years old thing to do twenty year old self. Would you be able to handle. Million dollars let's just hypothetically say your you know your parents are in I'm sure there gonna. Does she start Torre allowed an eighteen you can do your own thing. I'm sure parents give their okay hundred as noted as this but if you head freer rein in twenty years old Nolan will look at Altria would you be able to handle a million dollars. I would know if I would have blew it by now solid begun to be so gun. I mean I'd like to think it would do the right thing and best start a business but it away notebooks. Just even invest in won't you would be a good Jillian at the time you really need to quote retire would you be able to live off of that further. Once you get some the bears a six to 10% interest rate. You're 60000 a year and La and its annual essence and you derail you what you do best is never talked are. And retain key Los Som he'll go to college still live your life. Fidelity. I would not don't rain I would not go to college I would stop my bunker you gonna tell you party did that I just. I have a million dollars no I didn't. But it turned out OK so on how geez if I can won a million dollars. I had out with a fatherly. Hillary isn't as in oh fatherly advice you can give your side as he goes to get egos to the words that Arab Muslim in erotic way to get in the big check. And knows let's just him that's just pretend that's the ticket cash is just gonna say give respond because it carried into a bank as an up he walks out leaders into the banking used but today and he. He has a slip in his down says one million dollars and we know taxes but stop missiles is a fantastic burger. And it goes dad. What's next. What you say what's this is an off fatherly advice then. Thought long and hard about this I'm trying to be adult and mature and brotherly. I would be. I be like let's did you get that. He's ninth inning happened a few things he's trying to gallery yelled at. He would not he would kind of you know. And I still like 101000 or so we Eagles yeah. And that there for a couple weeks. I'll bring it will bring in one of our favorite and reggae artists wherever they perform for us of me in cash. That those kind of plays their own medical marijuana John just store I. I'll. Bet a million dollars on. You know given that I. I'm ready I don't mind nineteen year old. Congratulations to the twenty year old until Tim Collins it's not yet named giving her tickets. For a million dollars from your city like every day it's problems apparently on the.