This song will make you smile. It's science

Tuesday, December 5th


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Where everything all the time here in the Reppas buzz right at all throughout the day you know we don't refuse Sar starring in nine that's a great feature of us. There were also sprinkling it will be Christmas music here and there the holiday season blossom in good songs. Classics. The ones we love but now there is one. A new song and you know were very protective over Christmas music. But there's a brand new. Sorry I don't hear that has Antonia Hernandez and indicted open minded here aren't they should use our hour we'll be right back. I saw this in Boston yeah okay listen let's try to top the classic via. Yes actually he is at the Boston Conservatory he's insane he is a doctorate is in his doctor Joseph Bennett doctor Bennett is a musicologist. If you actually how cool I am just. About that mom I'm an Indian music intelligence. You came my way one day they can put in my song on the radio so. That woman on the radio in the put it down before she hears that's right when he wanted to do was he sell off. YouTube to right it create the perfect. Christmas song so we studied lyrics. Come bowl. Mobile timber like all these in the musical key of 200 of the top Christmas songs ever god to figure it out. I mean this guy ran he searched like crazy. Words the psychological policeman of words he used words like Santa snow hole. Home. Peace love all kind of stuff. But especially were Christmas itself. It's very effective. The saarc meeting to be in a major key in need to be an average of temple 115 piece from I mean he worked this fail proof. Formula of these most perfect Christmas aren't ever my. And here's didn't work on May say but our highways and join a waste all his energy and efforts to may Rio committed. Shut and adds a using all of this DA got. And the lyric writer for Mariah are around four. Brittany spears. He created and engineered a song called love is not just for Christmas. Which he says is the happy this Christmas song ever noticed. I was an ambulance he uses as a kid who. Actually in a good mood if you haven't come in morning you've got in this news davis' gonna make you ever heard before. Doesn't mean it. Okay. What do you think we can devise. Yeah thumbs up thumbs down and we thank you didn't put everything perfectly and to a Christmas I don't know if me and my. Feelings occurrence right now my heart grew three time. So isn't the next stop all I want for Christmas is you as the next jingle bell rock. New York Times. More than the next what's the previous unless they still play Dominique the donkey now the complexity out baby it's cold outside. It's inappropriate. Yeah an inappropriate. Get your placement here right. For Christmas. Like unless the new. Standard like his every other artist goes I wanna make something that's just mediocre even. And present now. I'm glad you know like genetically altered Chris. Merry Christmas again it's always use a.