Should Your Finances Stop You From Getting Married- Jill Schlesinger

Friday, October 18th

I have read so many studies, we’ve talked about it on “Spezzano and Sandy” (the morning radio show I also host) Why is the marriage rate on a decline?

Everything that I’ve read, the listeners who called into the show all point to one thing. One of the major factors is finances.

So, today we invite back on the podcast one of the most financially savvy people I know Jill Schlesinger.

Jill is the CBS News Business Analyst, Host of the Jill on Money radio/podcast show and author of the book “The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money: 13 ways to Right Your Financial Wrongs”

Jill Schlesinger breaks down money and marriage.

Is finances a good reason not to get married?

Should you help your spouse pay off their debt?

Is it best to combine your finances?

Plus, she reacts to the listener who is planning on getting a divorce in an effort to get more financial aid for her kid. Does that work?

To learn more about Jill:

Cheers to being a financially confident woman!