Shocking price for Bills tickets

Thursday, December 7th


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It feels like it's fast you can okay. And. Who or whom you have feeling when you buy something in Japan. Like the next day you see it go on sale for like hardly anything. Buffalo bills' game against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Rahm you really good seats against. This and is the Sunday he'll always get really good seats right to pay for them yeah. Last week. Patriots bills giant game my wife for my birthday bought two tickets on the fifty yard line eight C eight rows up behind all mind of the bench seats did they Anne and I and an operating and and and I was a total surprise and knows what to leave none out of the joint account. But they were 400 dollars apiece. They were not the word she's dropped 800. Dollars on I'm too I'm just a green and didn't gain yeah link defiant Al. It is pretty big via it was in seen. On Sunday yeah ones. Saying there was intense hundred dollar almost another hundred forward third seed as a add on because she couldn't go on camera. Our guys are out of civil guard as it is or resale rights you can buy them from like the box office it's I don't know worship how she got your muscles animal Beagle that highly. On the ticket price. It's just twenty I was like. I was twentieth row ended did the face value was a 132 dollar. Can. Pull the Ali talent thousand dollars for game they've lost. Yeah not miserably McCain did in its court touchdown yet and yet there was that whole my god there and I need to have gotten immediately we like that in theory for this mine. Tied tickets for the bills game this week this week okay four dollars a little break Obama. Yeah. Hundred. Floor. I would imagine not the same seat belt let's go low as four dollar and sorry I had done some tickets are going for six shift. All I. You're up for grabs eighteen dollars. Odd thousand dollar this that improvement there. And yeah. I've actually paradox is just the runners but their numbers out grads aren't like us secondary two groups on the vivid seats we knew. Say you go to the mall but hash tag shopping iron in the next day you see the sale. Usually typically stores will honor that difference in the price of the daily you know what you were okay thank you for being a customers here's the difference. You can do the same they. It's a vocal. And it looks like going to buying a pair of jeans that comes with. Cashmere top rights and that's a thousand dollars a day for the sake apartment and that pair of jeans is the bills. And the Cashmere top as the patriots as a result assailed the next time is for a pair of jeans and a tank top put cotton tank top smell like cop. It got tanked up is like. And that there's more public you know. Cut off but the but the dirty pair now. If you love to tailgate this is a game ago drew teams' seeds. Might not proof right there aren't happy.