Scott's wife gave away his winnings

Thursday, December 7th


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He's got a nice little Christmas story for you gather around and eat in the parlance I yell Satan. Costly on the floor and top stories here's a little Christmas story yeah. Nice husband trying to buy Christmas gift for his wife. Oh wait a minute I get again. My blinking into Chile go online and doing some cocoa. I'm in love with the glow. So this is husband was trying to find. Really interesting and different Christmas gift for his wife Kathy not a role like last year. OK so this husband had a great idea. Because on the refrigerator. I was a little ticket that came out of me slot machine and tell Largo casino. That was worth 100. That was never cashed in before he left the casino. So this take it 114 dollars was on the refrigerator and well plus they always get pissed him off the refrigerator. And it's gone. Anyone Geneva. And I. Ask his wife. We're always did take. The del Rocco slot machine. And before. I answer what happens to a this brilliant husband got email from del Rocco casinos in saying this Saturday. From 10 AM to four. You receive a free MacKenzie Childs Christmas ornament boom exclusive tell Largo MacKenzie Childs had a MacKenzie Childs store. There in the casino. The first you know while supplies last free. So I was gonna take dad. Going to the free world and go to the MacKenzie Childs store and buy time for Christmas. Well as it turns out. Ali why. Gang that can't get Julie's side. It's the story. Trying to buy it's beautiful is like. Business you're money did you separate innings and don't share your winnings and I'm winning at the casino a chair when he got we were on the winds early and the wind drew is like let's not an. Israel has only assault and this amendment was his idol hasn't. Passed. There does not okay and ours we imagine it's solid all the sudden and our. Intentions suggestion or weddings and so are your winning. Ortega. And I gave it to Johnson and she was Gordon Syracuse and systemic ones just don't cash and don't play just cash interviews a morning okay she never did. Man up on her furniture and then you this email. And then you're segments cringe I don't her head hit the free ornament my head and then I'll take that you don't find your. Whenever I'm fourteen dollars and I don't know they Weis asked them against John McKenzie chat she does it's her favorite. Do you see yourself parade in the league's last week. Thank. Bill. What did he strike back to the drawing board and I guess acting yeah I'm writing down not now do you see. Don't know I am very generous yes it is very generous with that money here. But something you just said right there something on this great great Christmas service is going to be an instant classic here. Many admit to maybe issue where suit tomorrow as you might have a special seat tomorrow. Around 7 o'clock hour tomorrow's Shell Oil. Even when he's setting that Christmas story when you're from New Zealand as. Judgments on tomorrow. It does and my clock got coordinates yes. It's very thin. The NCAA would begin next on the radio this is enjoying nor were they less. See you tomorrow morning and the judge. As saying. Johns homer he's on high ten Rochester Illinois under for the you're known as and when you bring there has their offices in delivering donuts and coffee cup from Duncan sometimes the other.