Scott says you should never ask for a raise

Friday, August 11th


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When you look at your paycheck. Do you look at and think. That's what I deserve. That's exactly the dollar amount I would pay myself. You deposit slip birdie. He recognizes. Where you get anything. So much and see it I deserve more money. I'm too chicken Casper raised. That's the founder of the seven figures podcast today time Rochester buzz dot com. ITunes Google play wherever. And you get your podcast. There it is and that we think are frantic Stanley first credit union for supporting us on the seven figures podcast. But I I don't know about you. I am the worst negotiator. Ever if I am the worst at bragging about all that idea. I'm just not very good at it at all in this in this podcast is he does he give you tips and tricks and how to ask were yes no I insulated. Any you know her and you probably do because she's well known in Rochester Melissa Campos. Easy. From the DO Carnegie. She's a master trainer Dale Carnegie column she's just. Listening to her speak it's like. I who. Should be doing. OK am I taking notes you have to have. A certain. So word for a confidence in personality in order to really. I mean you could you can do it but if you don't feel it when you don't it doesn't backfire on you. I don't think. My personal opinion is. Never ask for a raise ever ever ever mean you never once asked for a race actually know. Not my entire 35 plus years in radio. Well com. Because there's two ways to look at it if you don't think Jamaican enough right leave. Somewhere else. Because the more you pressure them into paying you more money the more the target is on your back to get rid of you. So you'd have an order that along time ago I got I've never think it was hurt anybody. It that way never asked her race if if they wanna pay Morgan anymore they're never gonna wanna pay more. And leave go somewhere else that's normal meals or hop and job to job because he can't that the judgment to ask for a raise adjusted on the job is more. The company. So I mean you work for a company that it's just an. Automatic. Living increase rate percentage whenever 1% to prevent them. Times times they're not going to come to you with money you have to say yeah this is what I do. Is there an opportunity for me to make more now. William on the way. You never asked for yes I have no I was gonna contract negotiation once I can't and the like now. Okay and for that man and I never asked another race. Yeah how much could you be making now if you did it ask for a raise a song here's the way here's the thing. He's a great example yesterday and saw you know Elon Musk Tesla billionaire mad scientist guy. Ilan mosque a billionaire. He's assistant. For a rename but twelve years she worked for a never asked for a's then asked for a race fired. Policies that she didn't listen to the podcast because Melissa capitalists. See explains how you need to ask for a raise and there's a right way and a wrong way to do. An often times do you get emotional win that one time that you did ask for our race. Did you get emotional did you go when their confidence. And I get emotional I Aggies take it personal life saying no to me. I ate and she says you cannot do that there's a strategy there's a way to sit in the boss's office. Riches so intimidating man and you have to black and white lay it on the table. This is what I did for this company. Black and white here's everything. All of my accomplished what I did my ears how the company benefited from having me here. And then you put your hand and they give me mom I'm not knowing it. You when you open Joseph box or that that the peanuts and the thing peanuts he shaken in the and you open up the snake flies on action. That's an happen to me I laid out how much money Amy for the company they laid out. Hum what the accomplishments work yeah I laid out how much if I wasn't there yet would have made. Based on rates and advertise any still and so right now. Well you know wet and I she did tackle and it it he laid it all out in the podcast when the company says TO. It's not the budget. How do you respond to win your boss says it's not in the budget really listen to the seven figures. Cast doubt not just survive dot com on iTunes. Google play. I think you get to our friends at family first credit union and thinking. Easy for coming out seventh it was as any and the guys them.