Scott refuses to admit he's too old for that

Thursday, June 14th

What are you too old for?

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What was the as my mind still mean O yeah yeah yeah. But my body. You know odds on it keep following news a little bumper gripe is that. And while I thank you and they call me CK LE. Yeah. Economic addict and it's not me not Kanye. And that. I yet it's the opposite case it think now for first for older guys here. Here's your mind soundly yes but your body's a signal us. Would you know organized. Well that's the story about the seven year old 76 year old guy. In what enlist in the appeared it falls to a bar floor. He's in a kayak think with the with his wife or next to his wife from the show logistics the news story at thirteen wham. We sat and see that detail but anyway the cat and the kayak capsized. In. And he's six he'll guy Andy capsized. And his wife. Which is super impressive and maybe that's sexist to say pat on the butt. She made it back to shore she swam like Michael Phelps. Back to sure mated up I was able to call the police and and that off duty firefighters actually from Rochester where exactly we fishing. Near where they were kayaking in they were able Lou with the help of while police officer go rescue this guy on this guy. So it's a happy ending to a scary story at that he's fine it's fine very moved far it does affect. But opposite of bump and grind it is her residents' minds only yes but his body's telling me no yeah I don't know. 76 and so kayaking in a way I already give her game a little break in he tried to get back into a kayak which if I'm and it's it have you returned your bag and the well is it Dagestan and hit a core strengths and it really is able ego thing right with you guys Blake's. There are things that you just. Can't do anymore. At a certain age and I know you could argue in your gonna argue tooth and nail that. Why why give up it's just a number if you feel young act young looked young beyond whatever. If my husband because he plays in an old man beer hockey league forties Arnold. If he injures himself on Martin who he's done really I mean there's a point where you haven't come off the give up right and things. Yeah let's say you say give up. That's not gonna cut us like no work with him gonna fly. Say retire. Or. OK or leave on a high or or you know you get outlaw is still on top of your own feet from the. You're isn't just saying immune to it doesn't work the same if you keep up with something then you're still go and there aren't things you know command there are things that you just can't do anymore it sucks you want to but to just ain't like I should go climate three. Because he just he and I. You haven't clicked this. Zobel to injury like each time is for him about it and I had you know what I ate to bring kids to batting cage. And I used to be able hit a ball I could not hit that I could not suing yeah see that video also airline today you know in this. Reasonably say I had done awhile. So if if I don't know David do with your age know her if I kept up the best time. There's nothing me you. Used it like you would hang glad now you'll be I wouldn't like hall hall on dated two dollars and eighty euros and eighty plus year old guy who's hang gliding. Not even get from the sitting position to the scene position without making a ton of noise here. I'm not an L. Laura couldn't good. Maybe it's. Including myself. The grandson.