Scott opens up about trying to have a baby

Wednesday, June 20th

The more you talk about the difficulties of having a baby the more people come forward and say they have been through it too.

Scott opens up about how scared, anxious and excited his is to join the "IVF group"

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Doctor Julie. Currently heads into. Yeah that's. Hit it's. It's it's in the schools and a household word we were doing in vitro thing my wife Jill and I are have been trying for years. And all kinds complications. And shook her arm. It's just it's really hard for her to produce anything. You know so legal help. So were grow on bags this whole thing it's weird it's weird it's so. Like you know like you said when you and your husband or try him in just turned into like a job. And yet it's just them Romanians were right out this is where there's there is no romance involved it at all we don't even have to. Well Billy romance or is is this wrong with a video in it that I have to go to tomorrow morning. Who took effect for the love thy neighbor lob by itself. So this is morally college course that we don't want to fail. This is kind of like what it's like slate you know measuring doses and shots and in sharp containers and syringes and in. And it's almost like an out of body experience it is worse than it nags dazed at what it is an inside in the laboratory that it is the fifth pick it up it's a ST. Typically going through the motions and there's so many things you have to like you said get right in due in me it's almost time frames and I think a formula that you got to follow Wright and his cheeky even be apart of which I think she why can't she be a part of that first process with Theo. She will be under tomorrow as her heart and easier for her husband known to have their life part of that problem no comment on that one. There's certain options but you can't. Okay tomorrow because I there's no option tomorrow that there they have to put seriously because you know will be looking at pictures of his wife in that room on shore and his wife only. That's right that. We don't have. No because actually when the legal and Carter says the eggs they've they've put shoot under. Yes it's an eagle do you really think if this comes at lake if this happens right. George yeah. Got excited. From this woman ME DOC different picture of that woman to say she right part of this property is just what you're here because of stormy Daniels and let. Yes I hear me. That would true that means Donald Trump would be responsible will review his case but never even knows every day. I think guys have knocked through issues Thurmond. Becomes I. Didn't baby courtesy of Donald Trump comes with a courtesy cage to what I can accomplish it yeah. And yes I don't know that I. Does this give her away from me as such there is this output and orders. Yeah me out if if you're I was just curious because you know we have a seventeen year age difference I am older Bernie had two kids this is her first. Do and seniors is about people waiting longer you know that period in a parents are now waiting ought Walter getting older now having kids. Yeah I know you don't like an idol. I don't know if there's hard statistics I'm sure there is bad because so many people are so focused on their careers for restraint on their side hustles and their. Not rushing into having a baby like what our parents my mom and eighteen and doesn't knives that this is happening in my medicine doesn't happen but that's not the norm. Well it does happen but it usually happens that not like your mom and dad were like together and it was planned and it was like young and back then. But arm what's curious what's the age difference. Between your youngest kid in your oldest kid. Because some people have you know all the senior forty and you've got miracle baby that you were planning on unlike us were trying to you know give America get a miracle baby. Because that would be. New between three year difference. When he forced it to babies born this year it would be too when you for years older than my broke my youngest sister. On his tongue 21 years younger ones yeah. My sister six year Christmas. Who were to Dubai as he entered this it is any. Any guide I just don't I'm and there's a lot of fear is a lot of unknowns is lot of questions there's a lot of anxiety when it comes to making sure Dave's going to be okay because. You know doctors said you know as women get older to it makes it more difficult and then you have more you know possibilities of things going wrong war ever. Thus there's a DNA test that you do. Which com is very costly. You know and I guess nowadays you have to worry about whether you're become pocked or mom are not. As you'll do one. You did you get that choice yet as we do that Pia how. Mohawk gosh she is. Right moment or babies or something it right writes I guess she lay was well off its. Let's see chemicals and Emma. Did the aides say OK so what or how you went a cap that's what number at what number will you be that option unless it's it's like when you go to wegmans you buy a dozen eggs right how many years wants. So that's at there that's kind of like the same things as your assets that they ask you RT if you have eight embryos do you want it eat you don't want eight embryos. Planted now you may want to and only one takes or you just try one. We just one right now articles coming how the buzz story and thinks you're calling Yemeni tomorrow. At all. Actually. It it. Out. That. I. Like it right. Much. Dead yes I do that quite often but ultimately now to anger and later yeah. You can't have already been through that point I didn't choose cat did you say OK we urge is getting an app for a right to write do. And actually then we did and and what doesn't. And is okay would be saying this but we did have a miscarriage we actually didn't realize you touch of the flu which went into urgent care and the like you're pregnant. With. Ya. Yeah did you know. But down in but then that didn't work out so that we're just we're back to this and now it's the next step if you're reminds me of the book the secret where you pitcher. Your intention on something that you take your attention off of the and as soon as you look away it happens it's almost like relationships and you stop look and you find someone so yeah. An amazing mailing you start talking about this there's more and more people that have the scenes story. It's crazy thank you so much appreciated. Wish me luck in this stormy Daniels from. F. I. Please enjoy what time today Regan are now all mental. Amaro and our being that's going to matter. Eight year. I if you can't please lie broadcast never. Defoliant. You know my phone will be and you used to that. One in the buzz thanks for giving me some advice here on this. I yeah I'm just kind of let you know that. I had a hospital and I the F what doctor Q. Doctor clearly is the bass. TNB back yeah and how we get the whole crack or be dead. Back to back inking. Embryos. We did that PDF. Is that the debt DNA test. That they had it DNA test just to make sure they're genetically sound can be had a lot better than the path that while. Yeah hit a deadly trying prospect. I have an eighteen month old B baker all. And act. That she is I mean they know I. That's just want to wish you got a lot. Yeah now do they didn't doctor Q askew arm once they test the embryo can still know whether it's a boy or girl at that point cracked. Did they did did you wanna know. I didn't while we want to know if. We had how many blank and coming girl he had an end up being all girl. Someone viewed that they are all the same we didn't find out until we get a gender reveal. Even minute wait a minute if Theres multiple aegs and they do their DNA tests rang and they say okay various. Three boys two girls and do you have a choice at that point which winds actually yes so now you're really kind of gas. Well it depends cute Bailey to help the F one that when that book about. The only candidate he would get a pretty Derek shares in I don't know it depends on what you want a bit with my husband jointly what do had a point. Guys aren't that I think I think there's been a lot of guys think that. What would you each slot and Kenny. And I was is a boy you will be yeah and I understand and I I you know you I only got to listen from a man's point of view. The last thing he wants is his daughter to be exposed to the scoundrel that he was when he was a kid. These are things after that I don't offset made an Israeli and learn that. Yeah that would break my heart of my husband's like boy. Well it's I. Obviously going to be happy with healthy is obviously I have this actor just don't tell me just you do any meaning Manny now. What the doctor Chu who yeah. Well. Then I guess we're just gonna keep keep going and see see what happens I guess right thank you. Okay think you buy.