Scott has hook worm

Friday, September 22nd


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Maybe nine abuzz as parents to be OK I found out I do officially. Have. They have to passenger. In my body and you are get votes yes I am. They hit it Dan. I brought him back from Jamaica. And his name is. JP. JP did you make a parasite. They feed off of you right. Parasites feed off of view yes so no wonder why beyond I don't beach full of people. Hi I let status Catskills and I guess I picked up baby. I picked up hook worm in Jamaica. As say. Put a couple of events that happen over the last week together in Bedford and went August 15 to 23. It's been almost a month low. Importantly mentally and a man as you know messing up so it's been a month in just a week ago. Electing yeah this finally started to get really like violently ill. And I was like and in all Friday Saturday Sunday services like on my back and I mean true flu like symptoms like burning fever sweats. Shakes. The and I could use your guy for the year of bowel syndrome and I could Wear it doctors say did you get it went in yesterday I got right in and she sits me down and she's great I love her she's like. And let me get my book no no the doctor goes to their book that means. Something they haven't seen a long time or thought I don't think it's common not really does have an answer yet she says usually happens in the spring when people come back from. From Florida like snow birds. And people who are telling. Yeah. And so if you told me get a so apparently somehow some way in my Floyd I have this. Red line that goes and he squeak lead random circle around would lead to Lou open around the corner. And I'm like this inches and it feels like yet in all a like a blister like like you know how Micah Micah poison ivy blister is. Training but it's it's like it was this long trail comic book god she's. If the parasite eating. You from the inside that is disgusting moment. So. It's a runway I don't know are disgusting thank you but you. Living in your gonna kill and are your wants to please. And to do with it just for a little guys wanted to leave Jamaica that refugee come not a country. Dreamer make its way to America and something of a design because he beat he he started out as microscopic now he's here now is you know organized there his little bigger. And eyes during her will be as good deported. I only a total viewers. Why are you party and as we speak. Sign guys to customers like I would just conceding good data the vetting process righty newspapers. He has had it's a more mature support and yeah. The armed Yasser right take these pills right in from the inside you know gets driven them. There's she'd actually blasted with cryogenic which is a cold blast it's like liquid nitrogen as cold air and what console is was captured and you know I. Yeah I think yep and yes as your job but I pizza yeah. I. We'll have cut a look now. As act everything your husband would be so turned on right now. Speaking of significant others and my wife was on the road to another city and I'd caller McLean listen this is what happens she goes. And I got to catch it he had. Is paying. It's like not like it argue is gonna go into your heart or your lungs or any of your organs and kill you know she never asked me that person she asks is like is it contagious now in all I can do the little guy what I don't laugh. Try it just is journey to Rochester from Jamaica. And Gergen and it just like that. Be right it does sound like a movie that's you know bush is a little parasite JPG becomes a Rochester. Larry is leave mad that's just not as Jack and I am gonna make it. Every Bible quiet. JP's spent his entire childhood dream of yes oh my gosh. It's. As beautiful a place food with wonder. And opportunity to ask so many places to eat and look look. Lots of books at least a long way from his home theater not island anymore you're in Rochester. Jobs would GP thought he'd never seen Rochester. A man named Scott's present who changed his destiny. At dance foot or so large so fat. Are it's my own accounts from the makers of Finding Nemo Disney presents you'll meet in Paris. The voyage to Rochester full month. Well. I'm feeling kind of full and wants what's happening. Yeah yeah that's the ball is running right here there was blood yeah. Get used to that it was Eldridge a lot much every night with Jimmy comparison. It avoids the rush to history you theaters this Christmas old thing on an island school of allowing the not the full five foot dome through. We are we.