Sandy's One Take Sports Update

Monday, November 13th


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We knew money comes around. To the processing fee. It's still since there's that in you couldn't care less about the conversation. And Freddie and counting turns do you see the bills game. There you are stuck in a blank stare with nothing to say we know but now we've got you covered. I'm in semi sports fans it's barely informative. Accuracy. It's just enough to get you through your Monday it. This sandy waters 1 take Monday morning sports update. Sabres scored early in the game on Saturday against the Montreal Canadians right in own writing. Right you know by at least score the only buffalo goal unassisted in the first period Montreal ultimately tie it up in the third and then scored the winning goal in overtime buffalo lost in the wine in savers superstar. Jack I go is now in a career high eight game goal. Eight game goalless streak. Moving a little closer to home before high school soccer teams claims claims the titles over the weekend. In the grade boys beaten half hollow hills of west 60 to win the double league crown. In hearing great shape to possibly end this season in the number one spot for the entire country. A weekly in child like girls spot for a well deserved win against. Whole end. Against poll. We hope you know you are probably. The wildcats were granted their second street ST title but B 32 in overtime. And finally both the expense report in at minus girls have to share of their titles with their opponents but aren't happy to do it they both ended their games against the opponents. With eighteen to drop and now for the buck the no males. The bills were destroyed. By the saints yesterday 4110. If you heard all the cheering at all it was written one of two reasons number one. When Tyrod Taylor was replaced whipped up backup quarterback Nate Peter man. You mean immediately hit dead Dante Thompson for ten yard reception among the right sideline. And the second reason for cheers from the buffalo fans field stadium. Quite possibly can during the best ride in the game the right thing for the same door bell they came from a man who jumped the barrier and rain delay. And ran the length of the field fully nude. Kid. Big guy we do this streaker who is ultimately caught by security lucky guy can hold off the field most people on social media are calling him the MVP.