Sandy's husband refuses to say this one thing she wants to hear

Friday, November 17th


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They not giving is it time to be faithful right. And to tell the one that you love. Thankfully iron and. Even met you should be able to tell their wives how thankful they are now while it neck and and I don't know if that's the question that I had me on the seven figures podcast today and it is up. I thought would be a good idea to bring in my husband's. And and his his partner on this or expire. Thirteenth attack and death not known seemed to tag is like a money guy you know. Let's talk money really. Yes he is sports and money he's awesome with his money so he brought him and his wife imminent danger and in in me and make that if we. All just talk about how we manage your own finances and Google her own preclude. Us. Goods receive financial success and learn from other outlets all of the ivy I guess you're right but when you get personal I mean generic information is actually a better option I think we're talking money for most people you at all that. Because I talk about my credit score to 703. And my income was 40000 dollars a year. And my everything else in between. And makes people feel uncomfortable you're right yeah. I don't know why that is so we tried to break down some walls and really get just honest here here's how we run things on the podcast do you guys view your husband yeah his partner and his wife I thought it was going to be a great idea. I mean just let's just be honest let's just talk so obviously there's something and are hoping he can pick us senate seat in all light Sheen. Tends to be a spreadsheet guy and I can't handle spreadsheets but that's how it works for him in. Has been to just tell you facts. Facts facts or they well. This and that and take back through grass it's true honest facts and then you tell me. If what I wanted him to this day. It have been as much of a struggle is that is that wise if you wanted him to say are expected him to stack both kept. Fact when I first met him he was 151000 dollars in debt backed McCain. When we walked down the idol. He was zero dollars and that you can. Previous relationships to me. Put him in that position of 151000 dollars. In debt that addition to his own bad choices of what Tim buying an object that. That's all I whining team to set. He's on Q I would be lost without all my gear that's all the money because he did nothing. He didn't come to work every day he'd sacrifice things that he likes. I say that's but. If I were to do I and so. Adamant about this and he will fight mean I was so disappointed that he fun in the podcast if I were to die keel over. I'm dead. It would have no idea what even the past burdens or what accounts when he's happy urinary. And had no big deal here's Gail I think what we're doing how me guys can't admit that. Not it's admitted that is not true what he needed a minute you. Husband died of danger died I would be completely lost without him. I would be just a disaster. Quantity to hear him say. You know all the past or how much worth I'd done it down and minute by minute basis you'll cross that other has him because of his skills. He wouldn't be lost value because it's just Max. It's just. Could probably survive I will survive Audrey oh you do laundry now and I got a new California yeah I guess cooking cooking cooking about groceries and listen I everything mom moms walking his. I live this is always mom. Did vote for Mike a live without it after but. Did he have. Happy your spouse say TU. Whether it's really factual. On paper facts really gonna happen that you're going to be lost probably now we all can survive but. You expel us needs to hear that it's huge. Yeah but. Participant in the heat heat it it's it's understood it's it's it's a silent. Well confirmation did you AB Thailand now I wanted to hear the words out of his smell of Sam what ya you saved to me I would be lost with what he did so well we've faced putting. Melodies and that's that and the developed all right we disagree you think it's true and it is the wanna admit I just don't think it's true. I don't think it's a big if he gave you some credit. See you want all the credit you want to I'd I'd be lost value I would have a checkbook you don't know what to do what is the current I guess I don't know. Yeah. A lot. Of. I found a broken man and I passion on Jesus with a dollar bills all around him. Dollar bills and duct tape and glitter yeah. I don't know how seven figures podcasts. Trying to pry out I'm lost without you know from my husband it's up live on Rochester does stack come meet you get it wherever you get podcast and thank you so much to our friends and family first credit union for sponsoring packing.