Is Sandy pronouncing Crayon wrong

Thursday, August 10th


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You're really out Walton family. Wal-Mart. Exam Walt he's a 102 we still like. 452. Billion dollars. The richest coming in the world. Richard important. 52 billion dollars that's a lot of money is great stat the 63%. Of people who work warmer place. Nicholas and 25000 dollars here well. Which is possibly why. This turned up and there of their life to rob man as a big groups. She Walken Wal-Mart and go back in sports and leisure department incident signs sports and leisure. Anders fishing poles muses rocked cardinal you know plastic case full of terrorists awful rifles. Right right like it on guns and I'm Mike Jones Omar. And right above that says all of this school year like hero to a school in points or down. Yes it does. In. It. A sign reading all of that the school year like a hero was pleased directly above a glass case field with the rifles guns. And it spread like wildfire and salute media. Well well wait at those signs all over and it just so happens to be over the gun display or was it in an intentional. Paid back to school shoppers are. Done everything is so war on David's David Gergen we'll guns no glue guns for back to school down there went. Rifles a long long handed you know long rifles. And handguns right. The company said Wednesday it was working to identify. Which and how many of its stores put that exhibit. Yeah local do we know of any local store is anybody go to a Wal-Mart sell guns up around here I don't know I don't pay attention why is there. The I'm. Maybe it's because you appeared. Employees lessons we've tiger and you're gonna care. That is obviously grow oops if he yeah others there's. Nobody that has not guns on the back to school because you know yeah. You know done everybody's back to school list why. Think the majority have in the house. That you're forced to buy. Brand new just because I don't know why would that even isn't really any other parent renewed so when nearly when you have a little one in elementary school and what is on the list to same stuff frighten glue sticks me racers. Pencils amber to transfer it. But and there's always like. Twenty glue sticks 400 pence mean ridiculous numbers that you're like my kid is he going to use twelve B racers you have that. We called the art cart the little rubber maid thing with three drawers in that and it's full of school supplies. That came back from schoolers slept around. You still have to buy and over again. Five eraser is sitting in the drawer and I said okay here used these. For back to school and my daughter looks at me like I'd just said I swear word forever but acts. Can't bring don't see the but every new lines and long are you kiddy pics. Do you go to the store any moment you know as bags of those who label the stores won't go on a you come back and all this stuff in the meantime your down the basement filled up to bring out your car you bring up back the next day. Our school supplies. Gap and a last year's trans. Two QT. A full and anomaly. I if you need. I can't I can't believe you're one of the most people. One. Is complaining about an unassuming that Connie Campbell and powerful want ads on now. The one of those people. You realize where you say crayons. I think black crayons. Crayons and it's crayons crane on Crayola. France to try out its brands its grip on this programs that crayons. Or that in these type of gender. They could be protests and their. The Pacific. So conscious about how I think France crayons crayons. A winner crayons. Coming out the new color of the Crayola grants now Rayon. It's normal don't think it's slowly bad note teacher goes plug your crying on existing and. Orange juice wants to be cranberry juice it's Krantz. They transgender and not the guy in normal I believe my favorite part. 11 right. When I got those as a kid is further for next paragraph just a statement now here's a statement I love the sharper than the crayon sharpener in the background Korea doesn't know is a sharper in the background you know me from drains is not a thing and that's apple juice identifies as. So. We are grants grants and radeon home might cap is. Where you from. Rain rain just rash or things. Doing an anchor at a supermarket to be an architect isn't unique brands. Claims. To be glad I'm not act. I maybe shall we shall work with a few you know regret if you want to greens. Picnic at a little war with north Koreans to. The with fire in theory. That could you put that nobody knew about until then that's occurring in the who's who's errands and.