Sandy makes gringe worthy mistake

Thursday, September 28th


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Please. Been there too right but please somebody tell me that you have been there that blush worthy moments. That hits in your stomach. In that complete. Confidence crusher. We knew send something out for a lot of people to see. In use Ronald. Well word. If you are it's the dancing in the buzz. There instead of better I still have not recovered from this tweet then they sent out now. Do we are ready to discuss that a lot of us are uncomfortable with Twitter because it's like what is that how can only be a part of this community because everybody's doing it right. The hearing already Marty insecure anytime I see an attitude thing you know they're there they're testing doubling the length of 280. Tear gas gas went. I actually. Don't wanna see 280 characters from someone else's dream that I appreciate that I'll ultimately lower more letters to mess up and oh by the way you cannot edit yeah still even if they go up to 280 cannot you know back about you can legally that's real and it's hard to dead Twitter CEO whatever -- between that Jack counts what are you know why is Jack. He's not. Add it arts week I was shot of weird that you can add anything on social media there because I can go into like well copies of the best animals on the planet and get a million people like you're right. I can go and edit Muehlegg don't Nazis in an all those people it still looks like those people like the go or not he owns fast. Really I was one of the ranks and you don't. Yet I don't know. I don't know why but twitters reasoning is but I was thought that was super weird he could completely change the status and he people who. I know this everybody would like your loved party next Tuesday they'll go back and Jack so that when you when you set something up on social media. This is completely social reader when a land for old mom's here. If I were to make an edit change and change and face but everybody who shared that. Is their share and get that at it yes because the post is now different. That post is it to propagate so it says added it's very small somewhere either on top bottom left for Africa where but. So everybody shares the outlook puppies. Post and you change it to Nazis rule that it will take all the Nazis so doesn't ought to or doesn't it doesn't change all the shares. That does or does enjoy the I don't care NC. Majority of people that don't want the edit button because they want to pull a prank they on the end of button for the same reason. I still not recovered from might tweet from Friday with the mistake Friday. Would you tweak it would Atlanta rapper another reason you can't deleted resent it is because people are actually responding to and it's actually didn't suit steam here isn't the only freaking tweak this guy credit here. This has been re tweeting this has been lights in his. I'm like oh my god I actually went to Google post that it's like. I. Was a well. So any rapper ecology improper and I went to school where. And I spoke at a class there. Professor Melanie is class public relations class nice I was very proud to say that I was there and I was trying to make. And it's tiring statement at the end of my tweet I mean this is going to be. I ain't. And in the field. They you want to be in. I will teach you won't did you hear is my statement. To since I hear you. I and it's. Hey I'm did you see my feet I didn't out of your first true look it up pretty good enough up sleeves and nobody can look at how if I could see with the X gets the mistake. Should I following God's you can catch every it's. There's from yours at the seven figures on a Mac Lehman type style and short circuit the finest so. Here's the thing. You will never go on record and bragged about my spelling skills old guy you just I am. And now lysine in my eight year old she really struggles with spelling still must be a genetic thing I will blame my parents don't cash and a very good right off the boat into alien parents but. So I was half tweeting and half doing some digging out from the those it was it might and divided attention campaign. You just finish since peaking at Sunni Rockport and I was so proud to be back on campus and I mean I want dean to the union Seymour college union. And I prefer. It smelled. Exactly. As I recall it two years ago. And it walking along campus got their lower and I am on kinda feels so could to be. Act your alma mater and went back to that old college radio station where it all started even nine point one. Point them as a that's podshock every every. So. Home reflecting. The class who they spoke that miss professor Fazio is classroom and professor Matt Melanie and I your first or is Upton. Reflecting on what greet students they were and just being on campus hundred we'd. Excellent. They make this an inspiring tweaked isn't really did want to inspire and young mind. He's so I put a picture of the old college campus. That arm feels good to be easy. Help the kids took something away now just ask. House that I got giant felt good to be back on campus Rockport I agree you're reading. I hope I inspire the PR class I spoke to today just asked be genuine. Out. I don't know what that word. Wait well hustle and SS LD out hustle. I days and she did oh more. Oh I know I play he didn't say I accidentally hit the letter next to be honest but it I because I don't know what. Was going he felt hustle. Hustle like you know hostile to get some done hustled around to get the kids this to soccer practice hustle HUSSLD. Which is a word that does not access it doesn't exactly second you pulled a coffee feet. I didn't. So here I am and I'm happy doing things but I found out how I'll sweet man. IT in them and Gillen now with my Dana looked NN my Twitter feed in my. He couldn't lead. I stopped and then I'm going add add add it. An old suit Rockport like did this come back and come back anytime aim people who re tweet. I hello. I went to freaking Google and said what do you do when you spouse of a run on Twitter and he's acted I was gonna delete between altogether and just pretend it never right. And we would Google's and what don't ever do that. Don't ever just delete it could still out there for those who retreated and now. More attention to when you blow and a great acts in well versed later on that side of things on the congrats to you for apology. At all. Man he. There's no one responded. What's this week's again this incident. And by the pure class facility today it's in Rockport just ask B genuine out hustle hustle muscle politics missile missile. The agency out who saw you mean to say fossil. HE HUSTL. She spelled it a US and Saudi. Sunnis may be urban dictionary. And made the stupid dictionary and may be hearing how do you get off the Twitter dictionary and keep the dictionary of all the Twitter people like this is why moms aren't allowed on Twitter yeah. What is Karen so the next mistakes you made. Let me know so I feel. Okay let's we did the rock and he responded and I spilled Russell menial wrong. Oh and that was the winners today yeah. Who asset restless spelled the Russell part of wrestle mania is things right so bad and yes so you're not alone and I could easily to the rock combat communicate he's almost as it properly and I've friends the year Rochester went how did you get him to respond to you when you spelled wrestle mania wrong. You did not react to it that you didn't call it out there were apologize there delete the Tweeter now I had the look responded to I could easily to him. It's their rig that government at its branded. Branded an eternity that policy Mexico. So if I help you out Mosul today the shipment of well thank you Twitter firming your lives that much more difficult to museums. How the buys.