Royal Wedding Gossip

Wednesday, May 16th

With every wedding there's always "drama" and it's no different with the Royal wedding


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As any good drama unfolds there's always the villain. Rule who's the villain the dead American Michael's father. He's still in trouble for not thinking of those paparazzi shots he's been causes you know I did some research. It's okay her mom. Who's a yoga instructor actually. Thank you for that little kid and this is a learning her name is Doria. Bring him back and she okay dancer ex husband. Hot it's coming together he's been reclusive she is. Holy is the guy Agassi's how they found him drop and a potted plant your door to open the stories trying to make good. He had a heart attack a mild heart attack last week generated. As badly this media here so yeah. He's undergoing heart surgery today in Mexico. So he says he wants to be there but he's not going to be there and of course the queen is Blake. Extremely upset. Livid about the fact that he hired LA based paparazzi a guy and tipped to take candid photographs. And skinny sold them. You know all the had a type and people are so pissed that they are taking. It's taking the you know that the shine off this message god given event. Enough to stick him in China. And I think it really is that. Big event is Lindsay he is any at ex dad pretty much right because he was out of her life. And a half sister is also causing trouble. You don't get paid to talk on T insists that's as Sudan as you can well didn't OK if he is not in her life. Pretty much grown up this is like the Justin Bieber a dad tang and it's the only other. Celebrity father I can compare him if you think of a batterer on the may now be flat. Adam is out of her life and then all of us in now that there's money. Now he's back in OK he's war right well yeah. It kind of happens. And at that's what happens to all along he's been kind of a round and now he's trying to cash. Spying on come time. If I just feel in your dad Kanye you know that you have told us the stories that he has been in an ideal really Nat. As much in and he would rate Ryan struck out great he told the sad story of you on the front doorstep waiting for him to pick up on a Wednesday. And Sheila. So now you have this big zero that's thirty. Your debt free Jamaican money you got your life in order straight your finances are Iraq in. Has he can reach out tune in if he did would you be upset would you let him in. Me to borrow money just in his life. Last time he came to Rochester. It was a disaster. He brought like eighty dollars total for the whole weekend when you know those of bills game and bill's boss involved. And it was a weekend of having five and doing whatever we want you brought eighty dollars here you mean morning. It didn't last the first half day. He yet how multi if this financial com climbed keeps going going and going and you know wind up with a bill house with a barrel pool and bill vacations they'll probably try to get out in on it and I am I let them you will want to. I didn't I usually enjoy his company he's the person you know I mean he's not like. Here's where it ends though if he tries to tell me what to do or give me advice or something that's like a stranger doing it. Wonder is there because a lot of people I mean we've. We have those friends or family that we kind of just lost touch with the we don't agree we're not we don't see I I yeah dropped them the butt. All set win everything's going great in your life they wanna come back inning you're gonna let them yet but I don't. Yet the sake than for being a piece of garbage because. Debt adversity made you who you are mean if you don't if you're happy with yourself and you blame your parent or ever been OK but if your if your. Taken but some in a way they don't actually think dampen the way you can be easily let it go I think because if it wasn't for a struggle or two along the way. He may have not canal. The other end is as great as you are. Some of the most brilliant artists says performers musicians come from. You know a tough time in their lives. I that you're bigger person and I am I don't think I could know now I would be there apparently if I found out that and I am. My mother my real biological mother gave me up for adoption because she aided kid's room. I don't wanna see her she gave me up for adoption like I met I don't understand. It. Thank you since you've in my neck that they don't understand people who do bad seek out there theme here invite beaming back into their lives but it's just not ninth. Dame I don't think right now is. Years ten more tend to lean toward zeal holding a grudge bird having a job. In a garage and in the context of that's what there'll always be. Assume all mud just because I met Hayley in I hold a grudge yes that and saying that yes. The tee aims do you happen have a really good memory. And the pass on the negative. I. Until we don't call it holding a good Brian what do we thought we call it. I only invite people in my life who are in a better man posit this also my dad was in around. Him around now that I'm doing fine. Like Maggie and Merkel Markel whatever the big its royalty missed royalty of America I don't think she should let her dad back. Well she's very upset arm because says drummer the queen mum is subsites in the in all the lords and ladies and stuff through there teaching descends. Way you can. Often does had. Dan on CNN buzz.