Rochester Twilight Crit "It's Nascar on 2 wheels"

Friday, August 11th

Rochester Twilight Criterium
World-class professional cycling on the city streets of night!

Women's race @ 6:25pm / Men's race @ 8:30pm

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Think you so much for joining me its neighbors in need and seeing writers in the studio with me today is Rachel accordion and got paid each and the focus of today's show I was going to be about the across just your twilight criteria. Thank you so much for joining me begrudging yeah oh okay so the registered twilight criterion if this is new two year old. We helped you being this is big going on forever and it'd I'll start. Sort of in 2004. And we did it to 2008. Took some time off. Amen and we got back at it in 2015 announcement turned your back. It all star is something I've wanted to do for years I really wanted to have a downtown race. A. Sir our new business and I extreme right this is. Pay TV okay. PS though. Lose or just about 2002 I guess is when inserted in the wheels turning but. It was a pretty major endeavor to to shut down the city. For a particular segment so. The thought process that I had was that it's easy to do a play Chris on the country. But he also only have corn stocks marching him so it's. A lot less expensive but what are you get out of it so I thought let's go all the way let's take it right now and some of the city. It will be very expensive to do but also would have the best shot at getting the most people and really maintenance a bigger man. In an beneath her as a certain amount as an amateur event the first year we did have. A professional class that field that day. Which actually ended up being really well attended. And from there it's off the roof so within a few years we. Can catapult up to a higher level and it's went crazy since then so. For those of you who don't. Now and it's all right if you don't presided now for today what is it criterion. Criterion is they. Its biggest of the best way to do it is to think it has its talent mascara on two wheels instead way to Thomas a one mile long course but athletes do repeated laps on. And down it's a lot of fun especially for the American spectator because you get to see these these people come by about every two minutes and twenty seconds. What most people do is stand a blocking the course backwards which is really neat because pro athletes or was coming at you. And you get to see if from a different vantage point and so people just kind of how ball they they keep walking around to see it from different sections there's. There's nine turns on this course so it's highly highly technical course it's not just don't fast on the straights yeah negotiate on his corners. So it's it's really a lot of fun to watch how often do people like oh surprisingly not that often I am. I just think NASCAR and everybody is waiting for Arabia did seem crash and I was going to masters video yeah they what they do fall. It's usually something that. Is a little obscure because these athletes. They're amazing on this it's their job. They're highly skilled and the neat thing about cycling is that. If you go down you're gonna take a lot of people with you it's usually not just one more iron on now so. If they up to protect one another OPEC is really neat because they don't want to win the race. They don't want anybody can on them so there. There pretty manageable there. To see the map of where you guys are going to be so as spectators we are we should. You know plan ourselves is it on your read say. Jay just go to Russia could dot com I can find all the info there the best place to park is the civic center that okay great job. In its right next of course you walk out of civic center and you're republic restaurant which is were the courses so. The finish line as a remote dance or barbecue. That the corner this year it's at the corner of self and court street the neat part is you go around to come over pales sculpture. Bausch and lomb building there. On the go down by you know Irving street which is very monotone offices are lot of neat corners on this course so it's kind of need that you can numb. You can walk in see things from different vantage point and it's a whole new race from that time as results start it starts. Practice starts at 5 o'clock OK and women's pro goes off at 625. Ends at 725. There's a couple running races in their home and we'll talk about this kind of fun and then men's pro I believe that starts at 830. And coast swing. About 1010 and that's on the web sites on the web site. A reject with that Rachel and Scott from the register twilight criterion August 19 and pressure we mentioned it day yet it's this Saturday August 19 look at that in your phone if you nothing going on. I mean now is the time before school starts that we try to jam packed our summer with as much activity as we catch this is fantastic. Fantastic commented taking in its I was gonna say it's a great family event to there's plenty of food trucks. There's also appeared tense or box every year supports the event like that which is awesome but. I started going to it like he censored in 2008 in the first time I attended was O nine with my daughter and we had no idea what to expect and we were just blown away blown away and you know for a parent to like we might not go downtown except it's on museum in the dark -- Harry Locke and and Alex that's said to walk the course. It's really cool and you don't realize like without there's a hill going up and and guys like is busy up it on their bikes and you know so you can pick a writer you follow them as. You know you see him once and then you go for little locked to see from another banished poignant look at and it's it's just it's it's amazing and people you know one thing we talked yet. They come at least come from all over the world. To compete in this in this type of race this level of race so. It's it's really big deal it's big deal on cycling world and that we can watch them and this close mean that's the other thing like kids and then it'll Mike Ashley that was right literally right in front of me at my feet don't step off the curb and or you know. Some of my right over your toes like that to the action. So it's really cool and it's free like you can't you know. My message your pain hundred dollars for a seat that close to the action now so it's it's a great time really is it your kids are involved in sports I mean this is true athleticism. To expose your kids to this via you know. When my favorites is I hear from people all time about the cement and when my affairs is somebody will say like you know wounds in cycling so let's not see this but her husband's not into it. So she takes her husband and her kids kicking and screaming and then she'll tell me later like I couldn't get them out there. So it's a lot of fun to watch people who they don't know what it is another thing I had no one's been blown away like while this was incredible men and eloquently and there was one thing on him. In two because you know like it could say that it's going to be beautiful and clear skies and learn Rochester and you never know sold last year the weather wasn't ideal. It was a blast it really was like. We have some wrinkles sag and I was talking some of the writers afterwards the girl that won and she said I looked out at the crowd and I just the feeling that I got the energy from the crowded every when cheering me on and they actually kinda like it keeps them cool you know but it just adds to the excitement of it so. You know but just for people to know spectators rain or shine. We are writing they are writing you know it goes on jurists I mean only if there's there's lightning and it doesn't brag scientists even. Writing on wet roads get their athletes say they've trained for. Yeah dead it's it's amazing that we. We know their lap times and speeds they do on like men's pro they used the average like that 29 to 29 and a half miles an hour for the resonance of super super fast. In the rain they've backed off about a half mile an hour OK so there. There's skill levels and crow so they just they're used to the stuff and and we are doing a smaller country and all around the world view this event happens and Ottawa. So what else can we take in that day because they know there's more than just that. One of the fun things we did this year and it's it's all about safety too as we hired a company out of Massachusetts to come in and do full course barricades. So basically we you know we ran two miles of their case to Koreans and outside so what that means the spectator is they're better protected. Because you can't cross the rose except for the cross marks the other nice thing is now have a full enter your garden. Though both the wayward senators I have to imagine yeah are not well dressed as a if anybody can say you know now walk the old course for a four year kind. You are tethered to the little beard and I only had a few of minute and they were very well attended but now I think people a lot of the things that appeared to walk the course it don't have to. The word. Let's talk more about the grand Condo would at best I did it last year so Psycho talk about the experience of grand fun though. Is a fundraising elements on and another way to get people in the community involved so that. All the money raised goes with the house on a Children's Hospital on and it's a 100% of the money race there's no administrative costs. John Haller and accounts financial is the one who. Was the brainchild behind this and with his sponsors. Is underwriting any administrative costs so that we just. Participate by there's registration the and you get I would. Great date experience and really VIP treatment so you pick what links he wanna ride ten miles 3050. If here. Really really I'm enthusiastic and love deride there's a hundred miles he can do. And you get out there everyone's starts at the cross arena. It's a great visuals were all wearing that same Jersey. Take off write your course come back have. Nice dinner catered dinner at the blue cross arena and then great VIP seating. If you have someone who wants to come with you but they don't ride or you just won a common have VIP treatment at night. You can register for dinner and get a T shirt again great place to watch the events that night. You know if you want talk a little bit about the history Scott of program fund known where that came from it's it's you know another way to get people involved to make at a community and and. Yeah Graham fund though it was on it was this time around designed in Europe and basically what it was was you have people who were. Watching the Tour de France really into. Different bike races and come they couldn't do the race because they're Nona at the professional level. So with the organizers decided to do as well let's. Early in the morning will have people be able to ride and then magically show up at the end I'm have a VIP seating type of arrangement where. If you it catered to in it kind of was known as the the Rolex right because it was very expensive to do. And down lot of fun and that kind of transferred over to America and a lot of people are to Graham on those now so the whole design is to have that sold it. You don't have to be a bite prisoner but you enjoy riding him by and then you get this really amazing experience. That's very Yankee oriented. So burger causes well yeah yeah and it's supported all the way there's you know rest areas rest stations there's arms and cars helping you out via a flatter or anything like that like any other ride. But it it really is a nice experience it's beautiful day it's beautiful root slash ID fifty miles. That was enough for me and he didn't you know what do we really we had a great time and again you know it it wasn't ideal weather. We did they carried out terrorism ends it's beautiful route. And then we had a great time at night and then there's another component too yes. So years ago I want to have this idea of having some running through this event. The idea was this is so high speed I wanted to add high speed running so. There's lots of five and ten k.s every weekend that people can do which are wonderful. But I kind of wanted to step away from that into something really fast so we're doing a one mile. And in order to register for this you have to submit qualifying time in his qualifying times are really aggressive. And the whole idea is that we didn't want a ton of people to do this race we just wanted to really really fast it was okay. So it's men and women there is an amateur component of that to where fewer off fast enough and mature men and or man or woman. You can raise that then right after that there's. A women's elite race and then as a mentally so. It's kind of like. Almost watch and a like a college track race on the road super fast so it's gonna that'll be overplaying but it will be. Amazing. Rosser has never had a person I ever run a sub four minute mile. So were opened Rick that the switch him enough so. We'll see if that happens but there are some people come in and that have broke a form my own view him so. We'll see with the cheering him on the spectators that it's a tough course because there's an opulent downhill. So makes it a little slower than like a flat course but them. But that extra adrenaline you know we'll see if Britain and get some objective if that four below. Now attendees excited that's something we can watch him. Yeah absolutely we replaced a right in between the women's pro race in the men's parade it's okay since these races only taken a five minutes to do their really really fast. We're just haven't fire off really quickly with parliament's pro come mountain in two of them the last cycling event of the night. Everything's about speed speed speed speed speed gas and you know one thing we didn't talk with sandy about yet. They're really helps enhanced experience for peoples the announcers. That are there's two right place on the course. And days so again like the first time I went out there I didn't know much about I didn't know anything about professional cycling and watch you know the toward front sometimes I TV but. These guys are. Literally walking the course in between writers and in this case the runners and you know telling you what's going nine or appear at one point. You wanna know who's coming up the hill. They're back and forth so it's really cool I mean you know you have these announcers the whole time. Telling you the action telling you who's in the lead. I'm telling you with paces. We have this one gentleman named Richard freeze which is. He's a world and on announcer in the cycling world most people consider and to be the best at what he does which he's. Really high energy he's on the ground right where the athletes are and down he comes every year just amazing people. Don't actually knows named them under the crypt but they know we as a man Mel asked me it's on the first investors expect from a Mac. I guess they get so pumped about Billy got it approached me back in 2015 and wanted to come as banner ever senses franking Andrea. And frank handrail was he was the captain of the US postal. When US postal asylum more of the proteins that. I'm to the tour France with Lance Armstrong so he was OK Lance Armstrong's teammate for years and an amazing pro cyclists himself and he's. But it commentator for Universal Sports unions can and different. And he's out there but on becomes an every year he's he's fantastic and very professional and just amazing ounces so between the two of them. They bounced back and forth than they do it's fun. It's fun to Hannity it's a big part of. It's all up SP they tell us they want yeah. And you know your right there you're right they're CNET there's also in between races there's vendors. Wouldn't be an event without some vendors where John sample mean I was trying to think once again peanut butter last year and then some sports energy drinks you know between the food trucks Gonzales on FaceBook. About wraps are Chris and you know we'll update everything their tips so I don't you see the weather does look so great collection of I'm slightly lower on the floor and you know still have to. This Saturday August 19 it is being registered twilight script all the details on the website for more time well. Arthur could not come perfect and it Facebook's Rachel Scott thanks so much thank you.