Retired from Shoveling

Wednesday, December 6th


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Everything kind of buys. So one guy buys something yeah. One guy his. Yeah I think it's time you know if you don't have a bye nationally. And when I don't mind out yesterday. And move them to. One that just won't die its head missing for years in this classic. And is dated states the most sturdy. So no it's the flat one that I got to that I got on the scope there to curb one. You know what the scooby one. Like being you push you push admin still curls off of that and now he is there any of us snowblower. Yeah yeah I tried I finish them off way or the other walkway in the news Obama are wary of the shuttle blew. The best day ever when word she might have. Then came home Monday with. A shovel. In and a little baby channel he bought a shovel for visible far and my second kids any thought he had the biggest smile on his face like. Here you go family. I shuttle for real money in his Schiavo for use we'd art in my Neil Diamond so instead of per Sharma. My Shimomura back in your face Hollinger. Bush let me treadmill in a blunder. Wow. Idea schaeuble. Family shovels to go. So you're locked Malone. And so offended wait. Does this treadmill and a blender again seek is it directly insults. What you look like gore earlier habits out but still bullish is contributing just habitual purposes well. That's an insult thing. So Graham jurors aren't unisex. This guy Jersey girl. You'll never cross streams right I've done my time in and you know. Dublin the drive when I'm done my time home so that means and is on my drive dumbed John Cook instead of time do you start. I don't she went into over there but I have done my time I used to show at all. I read your every other week tired shovel her. Would you ever think to buy him out like a grill maybe for Christmas our founders say your birthday my move. An apple and so now why and what do we get an at a they are biggest so it's so different but it. If it is these are things that need to be done a treadmill doesn't need to be you can go only as fat as you lot is split. When you announce retirement from something. All you have to pull yourself out of retirement you can't have somebody like your husband fully out of retirement to ask for help. Wonder what it is what formed a on those hockey league's knock a little doesn't have no I don't kill you could we have a high deductible plan nowadays that there. Two weeks of the naming this winter where he's out for six weeks which happens a wow wow what the doctors say six day weeks just to stay off your backer of pure heels injured leg or whatever. Yeah and then probably a neighbor was saved the day. I'm kidding either tenor Richmond probably saved the day it was six weeks you're almost zero and taking your. It based a neighborhood where Reggie teenager a lot of contrast with the snow trust her robe is so important part about just push it. It's too dangerous so how do you even start that even our Scioscia retirement or has it as we're again machinery under age I'll. Being going against child is on where's the gap between underage in retirement. Where my husband is. The working age. Are you younger than him. Yeah. This town there. Out retires Rotella stuff down retired 45 unbelievable I don't know Irish lawn Democrat got.