Problem Gambling is the "Silent Addiction" You Might Not Even Know a Loved One is Struggling with

Thursday, June 7th

Problem Gambling has a solution…YOU!

Gambling may be just a game – but for some it’s much more. It’s an addiction. Because there are no physical signs of a problem it is often referred to as the “hidden addiction.” Problem gambling habits can lead to financial difficulties, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. One in five compulsive gamblers has even attempted suicide.

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Thank you for joining us again it is neighbors in need I'm senior writer is an in this studio would mean today no stranger to the show Jennifer may ranger program. The national council and alcoholism and drug dependence and CA DT think so much. Pleasure to be with you as Ali's we Lina knew lost. Spin misses a topic that's. We're finally talking about. Yes it's the silent depiction. And there's I mean there's a lot that you guys do it and CAA DT all lots and that's why you're always audition because there's so much that you guys cover by today's specifically we're gonna talk about. Problem gambling. On in this is nots in will give into this a little bit more air. In the interview that this is not just a problem for adults right. Which is the scary side of it exactly. Everything outs next families parents where to restart his this is like the silent and diction is. Yes it is and we called the silent addiction because there's no there's no smell of alcohol and someone's breath there's no trap marked them on the arm. It's all internal. So what you got going on his guilt and shame about depleting your family's resources nothing outward so you know silent depiction. And then makes one that's. That's having a problem especially when you get the point of having. Gambling disorder. You get to the point of considering suicide you know to my need as many as 20% of those impacted by this addiction. Do think about suicide is the only way out of their financial. Circles. And we know it to be true I mean study after study shows that finances. Just weighs heavy on people I mean as is the number wine one event. That the tops dressers in our life lessons among couples and just individually so when you are in really. You aren't a lot of trouble with finances because of gambling. Yeah SE so it impacts even more selling in typically the other part of the in silent from the family does maintenance is going down. It may suspect that they might not really know and find out that their house suspend mortgage. We markets and we markets non that the car in the same thing bank accounts joint bank accounts depleted. So it's silent in many ways. And and gamblers that are now in recovery talk about having multiple accounts and malt O post office boxes. They have. For example their credit card statements coming. Different spots to from PO boxes to kind of keep it didn't he that that a issue because spouses don't know. Area often there hundreds of thousands of dollars that it if I'm more. Wow and you visit and CH DD two wonderful things create the awareness to the conversation going and you help these individuals what. In talking with all of these recovering. Gamblers what is the aha moment for a lot of fan. Mean that's that's tough and I think it's different for every one so we're at the council we don't through treatment and counseling we do more education awareness and support we hosted teeing gamblers anonymous meeting. So I can tell anecdotally what I've heard from from. Clients who were number of people that are seeking treatment or are seeking GA support. That they've just gotten that same with the predictions are sick and tired of being sick and they've lost virtually everything the shame is test. Astronomical when you think that you've taken. All your family's. Support systems. And gambled that no way. Knew when he get to them. Point you and you don't get to that point very often quickly you know it it's it's sneaky like every other addiction and it starts may be justice gave me and just an odd. And this and that. You talked to two gamblers with the worst thing that happened too early on to the worst things that they win. The big win give you see the Aleutian myth that went that next big or bigger win is just around the corner and you're always teaching and it's attainable. That's the illusion that attainable in India it is all around it is it is it's. More of her her face of known and any time you figure we just recently changed our New York State constitution. To do one. Expand in the number of casinos and casinos. In New York State's. It's only optical expand the number of opportunities to Campbell it going to expand the number some of people that. Campbell socially but also the likelihood of the spanning the numbers of those happen with him on the road. Now how do you feel. If you feel comfortable telling us your opinion on as we knew look at the lottery. That is. Government I mean that's all about all of this is gonna help education and yeah you know they type in the educational actors so it seems like I say we're given back. Right right but that's part of the Aleutian and the dollar in the dream guy everybody knows the Collard greens and I. And when you start what we try to plane noticed the statistics. So what the lottery in terms of a huge billboard advertising for the jackpot is up to. So many million but when you look at the odds in the chances of someone winning it's really. Tiny tiny thing yeah and you can do it once in awhile for fun maybe yeah. Which can be cured yet so where we explain where we get to see more. People having an issue or something simpler the scratch. I'm going in when we start to see shift may be in ten years ago in terms of the number of women increasing the problem gambling. Area and they were being introduced by the scratch some good at seven all of them and convenience stores. And what's the first thing you see and check not one to three the absence. Of check protects retro yeah. And then that becomes too something that make you share with your your children or that becomes. Rent holidays. An appropriate. It's the skin after Tony give birth and then get ready birthday gift in the new sentencing thalidomide doing what kind of messages from listening to my kids and family. This is the good thing to do. We're just setting them down the road to. Engage in that more and more more you can think about. My seat at the perfect transition into this is not just a problem for adults. When we talk about youth gambling in that. Is it any mayor surrounded by that with our sports teams they go out and sell squares or whatever it may be what can we do is. Parents I think he got to be careful with kids the whole the whole new element that's coming in is the Internet online gambling and that the gambling happens right and the spark on. So when you when you talk to kids and finding find out how they're being introduced very often at the end. The online gambling. It's extremist turn out as online gambling evening area and tip that. So what's gaming what's the difference gaming it's typically no money involved but you start off and gaming amp. And after you experience a number of winds very subtly in the wake her corner usually pop pops a little icon now if you only have. Money to think how much you would have won so a young person. Go find a credit card. We'll be fine craft is the big nod to first on mine crap but I hear dad is. That's dangerous. And I'm not too online into to either write to accept for a minute forget how I am feeling it's more of teenage boy she's. I'm sure theirs teenage girls who do it's even more air with that group and did. We were talking about it on the air 1 morning and there was a gentleman who called up and he said. Somebody he knows takes a class now that the person that he knows is in their mid twenties so grown adult takes it class. And how to manipulate kids. In. Taken their money. You know how did. Just mining yeah boggling to me bed and adults will intentionally manipulated child moon and try to take them but when your money. When you look at the gaming apps that's exactly what they're doing very often they're using are two things that attract even really young ones. So they're they're gaming enhancements. To their just aiming at are blessed. But they don't teach the connection between him and does gaming transition to gambling. And how subtle that him being you know you're getting it there. The motions of camp leave the arena it's money via start is he money. And it's typically not the young person's credit are in just come. In on current and you know and Peyton. Speaking of conversations we have to be diligent we do. Their laws so roundly what is happening is their money being set aside to help this so yeah so is so part of the arrangement with expanding the number of seniors in New York State there was the percentage speaks at the side. It deeply devoted to the treatment and pension problem handling two very tiny proportion. Some casinos are. Being more responsible partners. Filing. Absent a problem gambling person. To actually sign a statement. That. They are self prohibiting them selves or to gamble at that facility we want you. But. But it's a self exclusion. So those forms are. At some of the centers you know that's that's one preventative measure. Getting the word and dangers. Talked to people about the difference the difference beat needs of ambler and when you cross the line. In this opinion might be someone who's. You like and could go to the casino but I'm gonna go to see a show I'm gonna cut the dinner and you know what I kept this roll of quarters but wouldn't roll quarters is done and then you know you go beyond that you borrow. You don't chaser losses. You know. Looking PM add. This huge wind it's like the illusion anyway you know. Family members you know you have a limited time and a limited amount and that's what makes a social implement different than a problem gambler. And when you become a problem gambler you've crossed that line. You're you're adding more more more times to put it in on problem gambling man when US patent search everything colored. Where how when camp. So how can we if we suspect ourselves or loved one and is crossing that line. What resources are out there a Khamese Sierra. So you can check our website and see TT dash Ari or we have a whole page on problem gambling minutes. Primarily focused on youth and parents. But on net pages while our resources such as. Gamblers anonymous meetings there's counseling program would simply be too down immunity. On links are also on our web site the there also is in wavered now. At treatment providers. And so to treatment by herself and have this wavered with and it means is a client would. Self admitted into either an outpatient. Athlete coming center or inpatient at Norris addiction treatment center. Coming in with their primary addiction with gambling. Prior to the waiver peek available somebody has to. Show up with that causes secondary diagnosis with your first diagnosis being drugs are so that was habits of really important shift. That someone can come in the front door with them being their primary so ethnic ME center restart. On Clinton in north Clinton is one of the first outpatient go this route. And there's multiple ATC's addiction treatments honors our local ones and don't panic if there are some resources and it up but some. OK well moving in or Heredia I guess we absolutely care. And the youth could decide project let's spend some time I yeah yeah so the New York council on problem. Located in in Albany. Issues micro mini. A year and participating in the years project. And it's the intention of focus of that is to raise the awareness around home media manipulates kids are just what we're talking about earlier. Around problem Galen what are some messages you're hearing. And how is this really be on manipulated to encourage you to him more so basically understanding risks. And then it takes it one step. Further to kind of mobilize the energy and a lot of youth are experiencing right now is how can I be socially in Phnom. So in terms of this project youth decide what do you. Decide. It's it's allowing men and giving them the tools a look at what policies aren't or schools or community site. You have events for example. I'll gambling even subtly and if so do you wanna work on policy news or your school or your community group whose shoes. I include having gambling expert here. We're having. Gambling response included that your drug. Programs so this is an opportunity to reach out and if there's any use out there aren't parents of their they would like you anymore. Check our website. And TV. It's very hard. Perfect thank you so much for everything may you guys still in so welcome pleasures always.